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Diddy Kong Racing

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Posted: 17 May, 2017 19:45
Last Edit: 22 Jul, 2019 21:18
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Created 17 May, 2017 20:45 by

1. Diddy Kong Racing (USA) (En,Fr).z64 / Diddy Kong Racing (U) (M2) (V1.0) [!].z64 / Diddy Kong Racing Rev 0 (1997)(Rare)(US)(en-fr).bin
RA Checksum: 4f0e07f0eeac7e5d7ce3a75461888d03
CRC32 Checksum: EB759206

2. Diddy Kong Racing (U) (M2) (V1.0) [o1].z64 / Diddy Kong Racing Rev 0 (1997)(Rare)(US)(en-fr)[b8].bin
RA Checksum: 511833a46be4e00d1b3655c88e278422
CRC32 Checksum: 36C92D99

3. Diddy Kong Racing (U) (M2) (V1.0) [o2].z64 / Diddy Kong Racing Rev 0 (1997)(Rare)(US)(en-fr)[b10].bin
RA Checksum: 422fd8833f865c4a6c17fcac4450a69e
CRC32 Checksum: 17EF30CA

4. Diddy Kong Racing (U) (M2) (V1.0) [T+Bra_EmuBrazil].z64 / Diddy Kong Racing Rev 0 (1997)(Rare)(US)(en-fr)[tr pt].bin
RA Checksum: 94d81d14a2d768dd0eda3a845afb25cd
CRC32 Checksum: 7DAB6850

5. nus-ndye-0.u1
RA Checksum: e00c0e6bfb0ce740e3e1c50ba82bc01a
CRC32 Checksum: 9D2935A1

----European Versions Currently Incompatible, Unlinked-----

1. Diddy Kong Racing (Europe) (En,Fr,De).z64 / Diddy Kong Racing (E) (M3) (V1.0) [!].z64 / Diddy Kong Racing Rev 0 (1997)(Rare)(EU)(M3).bin
RA Checksum: 0f0b7b78b345fbf2581d834cb4a81245
CRC32 Checksum: 4A13323C

2. Diddy Kong Racing (E) (M3) (V1.0) [o1].z64 / Diddy Kong Racing Rev 0 (1997)(Rare)(EU)(M3)[b].bin
RA Checksum: 542fed7864218156ea90050013cd048e
CRC32 Checksum: 417C71D7

3. Diddy Kong Racing (Europe) (En,Fr,De) (Rev A).z64 / Diddy Kong Racing (E) (M3) (V1.1) [!].z64 / Diddy Kong Racing Rev 1 (1997)(Rare)(EU)(M3).bin
RA Checksum: 6b2bafe540e0af052a78e85b992be999
CRC32 Checksum: B1E87639


Posted: 23 May, 2017 21:57
Alright, set is done. As always, please let me know if something doesn't work.

For all of the time Trials, you MUST use the default vehicle for that track. Otherwise, they will not work.

Posted: 23 May, 2017 22:52
I'll try to get to testing it soon, I think a large part of this game is really difficult for me tho.. XD

Posted: 24 May, 2017 00:08
Last Edit: 24 May, 2017 14:53
Wellp... every single Time-Trial achievement popped on-load...I'll remove them from my profile when they're fixed, otherwise if I remove them now, they'll just pop again.

Also, might want to let them know that you need to get 5 balloons in a single-playing-session. They might not understand that if they turn the game off or change to a different character, they might lose their progress.

Otherwise it looks pretty good and the rest are going alright.

EDIT: I think the main reason it pops early is because you only have ONE Requirement on each Time Trial achievement. Even if the game didn't pop them on-load, a downloaded-save-file would easily do it as well.

Posted: 24 May, 2017 02:19
Last Edit: 24 May, 2017 02:22
I love this game. I was the shit at this back in the day. It's almost torture that I have to wait until the n64 emulator becomes available for everyone. I looked through the achievements, and I was wondering if you can add anything for beating the adventure 2 (tracks in reverse) mode (which is unlocked after beating wiz pig the second time if memory serves me correctly). Also, achievements for beating T.T.s ghost in each level would be nice, but not as necessary since I think beating him in all levels is the only way to unlock him and get the five balloons with TT achievement.

Posted: 24 May, 2017 20:40
Yeah, I already have one for beating all of TTs ghosts in getting 5 balloons with him. I didn't do Adventure 2 because I have no idea how it works in memory, and starting in world 2 the coin challenges are nearly impossible. We might have adventure 2 achievements in the future, but for now, I think its fine. Especially since to even do everything, you have to beat EVERY track at least 5 times.

Anyway, Time Trial achievements seem to be fixed, let me know if any more problems arise.

And yes, for each character, you must get 5 balloons in one session with that character to unlock the achievement.

Posted: 24 May, 2017 21:24
Well I haven't tried to GET those time-trial achievements yet, but they definitely don't pop early now, very nice.

Posted: 25 May, 2017 02:13
I actually completed adventure two back in the late 90s. I particularly remember having a difficult time with the Frosty Village coin challenge.

I would still love to see at least one adventure two achievement for collecting all of the balloons and beating Wizpig the second time, but there are still lots of great challenges in this set to revisit.

Can anyone shed some light on where the n64 emulator beta is at? Will it be available soon? Should I throw money on a n64 usb controller now?

Posted: 25 May, 2017 17:17
Last Edit: 25 May, 2017 21:17
Hello everyone o/

Only one time trial doesn't work for me, it's Haunted Wood.
Otherwise, realy good job for this game <3

Posted: 31 May, 2017 19:56
If you've had trouble unlocking achievements, you were probably using the wrong Rom/version. Please use US Version 1.0. All other roms have been unlinked and linked to a different entry.

Posted: 23 Jun, 2017 23:49
Alright, Wizpig achievements should be working as intended, as well as added a new achievement. Have fun!

Let me know if they're still broken.

Posted: 24 Jun, 2017 02:27
Thanks a lot for the Adventure 2 achievement! Hopefully I can still do it!

Posted: 27 Jun, 2017 00:29
Just got to Wizpig 2 and the emulator crashed... fortunately it didn't lose my progress, but when I tried it again it crashed again... the error message said something about graphics, so my guess is that the default plugin can't handle either the cutscene prior or the actual course... any advice?

Posted: 27 Jun, 2017 00:35
If your default plugin was Jabo, trying using either Glide64, GlideN64, or "Project 64 Video Plugin". They all run on OpenGL, whereas Jabo and I believe Rice Video use D3D6 and D3D8.

I usually have to use Jabo because of the Overlay and the Emulator causing a lot of slowdown for me because the Overlay uses DirectX, and OpenGL ... somehow... causes slowdown between the two, I guess. I don't know how it works. But I will say that DKR is one of the few games I can run in an OpenGL plugin without having to lower the resolution of the Window-size just so it won't be a slideshow. So if you have to switch plugins, and your computer was anywhere near as bad as mine(which I'm pretty sure it isn't) then you won't have as bad of a time with it as I normally do, but DKR somehow doesn't use much resources anyway.

Posted: 27 Jun, 2017 02:41
Thanks, I'll just try that and... OH COME ON! Okay, so you know how you're supposed to click "Apply" to save changes like this? For SOME reason, it just resets everything to default instead!
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