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April 4 2019, 7:50am

The old icon was outvoted and replaced, here it is for archival purposes:

July 2 2019, 7:45pm, edited July 2 2019, 7:45pm

With the set cap gone, each set will be re-scored, proportionally to other sets using the new scoring system.

If you've played or mastered the Donkey Kong 64 set, or have a good sense of it, you can help by entering how you feel the set should be scored. How you score it, along with other users, for this and a number of other important sets will have a big impact on how all sets are scored in the future.

Here's a link to the scoring sheet:
Donkey Kong 64 (Nintendo 64)

Visit this thread for details on how you re-score a set easily and effectively.

Joined Feb 10, 2020

July 9 2020, 4:53pm

It is of vital importance not to turn on any Cheats if you are trying to do the coin achievement as the coin numbers will get bugged!

Joined Feb 10, 2020

July 9 2020, 6:36pm, edited July 9 2020, 6:37pm

I have used a glitch that I can not reproduce for some reason.

In order to get all the No damage boss runs except for King Krool, you can complete the boss run taking damage, and exiting the battle before taking the Key that spawns and joining the same battle, again.

This should be done of course in the fairy menu.

Last time I tried to reproduce the glitch the Key did not spawn after the glitch.

Could anybody help me to reproduce it?

Here you have a video of the

I will paste a video where I get the key and where I don't at the end of the battle.

You can see in the video that the first time the boss spawns a Key and later on when I reset my cheevo, the key did not spawn anymore.


Be Aware if you use some of the cheats in the menu, the Coin Numbers will get bugged and you will have a hard time completing this Achievement!

I suppose that the achievement should be marked as being able to be missed and clarify that the coin numbers will get bugged if you use the cheats menu.

You should have in total 814 coins, but I have more than that and the Achievement did not trigger.

As seen on the video I reached

241 + 162 + 161 + 241 + 241 = 1046

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July 10 2020, 4:04am

Done the bug of the No Damage Boss Run with damage, I will post the video soon! ;)

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July 12 2020, 5:12am

This is how to unlock all the No Damage Boss Run taking damage.


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July 12 2020, 10:20am

You really shouldn't be posting videos on how to bypass achievements like that, going directly against the achievement creators intentions and telling others how to do it. By doing this you can get untracked on the site, see points 1 and 2 here. I would recommend removing your posts telling others how to do this and to instead create tickets or send a message to the developer so that these can be fixed instead.

July 12 2020, 11:21am

I got the impression he was doing it more to try and get my attention rather than trying to tell others how to cheat. In any case the issue has already been fixed so it's not a big deal to have them posted.

Joined Feb 10, 2020

July 28 2020, 4:10pm

Yeah I was trying to get the attention of any of the devs, I actually reported it long before posting it here. I just did not make the video, just the instructions and it was not enough, or perhaps my instructions were not accurate.

Anyway, as it can be seen in some of the videos somehow thee keys won't spawn all the time.

Anyway, thanks for the heads up Searo!

And thanks to all the hard-working devs for their incredible and responsive work!


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September 5 2020, 6:49am, edited September 5 2020, 7:12am

Rescore Plan

Boss Cheevos: 10 -> 5

The Secret Place The Secret Place (10): 10 -> 5

Jewel in the Crown Jewel in the Crown (10): 10 -> 5

Freeing a Kong: 5 -> 2

Life on the Nickel Life on the Nickel (5): 5 -> 4

I Believe I Can Fly [m] I Believe I Can Fly (5) [m] : and Jump Up, Super Star! [m] Jump Up, Super Star! (5) [m] 5 -> 10

Don't Rain on My Parade Don't Rain on My Parade (25): 25 -> 50
Spoiler (Click to show)
(You have to get everything in the game, which can be time-consuming, then you have to do the final boss which can be pretty annoying)

Old Score: 550
New Score: 502

December 30 2020, 9:08pm

The old icons were outvoted and replaced. Here are the backups for them:


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June 17 2022, 4:37am

When creating tickets for this game it would be immensely helpful if you could provide a save state when the achievement should have activated (ignore the whole "might need to change areas" on some of them).


Joined Apr 21, 2020

September 26 2022, 1:17pm

I went and linked the tag anywhere mod if you're going to use it there are a couple things you should keep in mind.

1) Speed mode isn't explicitly banned but by using it there are several achievements that either block you outright due to the save protection or have been modified to block you for the advantage it gives you (For example having 3 melons against the first boss = blocked). Tickets for these achievements not popping up will be immediately closed so use it at your own risk.

2) The Hideout Helm speedrun leaderboard bans Kong switching outside of a tag barrel to keep things fair between versions.

Any other issues with the hack feel free to let me know, as always save states would be greatly appreciated when opening tickets.

Joined Mar 8, 2015

November 22 2022, 2:23am

Thank you for linking the tag anywhere mod! It made going back to this for the banana coins SOOO much easier


Joined Jun 8, 2020

January 8 2023, 6:10am

Minor Rescore Plan:

The Champ is Here The Champ is Here (50) 25 -> 50

Reason: Similar to Witch Exterminator [m] Witch Exterminator (50) [m] where you have to beat a multi-phase boss battle without getting hit once (this fight in particular being longer). Rescore is based on how that one is scored.
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