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Mario Kart 64

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Posted: 21 Apr, 2017 04:11
Last Edit: 15 Jan, 2021 20:17

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Created 21 Apr, 2017 05:11 by AuronHardCore

Mario Kart 64 (USA).z64 (BigEndian)
RA Checksum: 3a67d9986f54eb282924fca4cd5f6dff
CRC32 Checksum: 434389C1

Mario Kart 64 (USA).v64 (ByteSwapped)
RA Checksum: e19398a0fd1cc12df64fca7fbcaa82cc
CRC32 Checksum: 2BCEE11C

Posted: 27 Jul, 2017 23:53

I am not a good programmer, but I can recommend some achievement ideas for this game. I would love to play it on here. I have been a MK64 fan for a long time.

Completing Each Cup Regardless of difficulty level (50cc, 100cc, 150cc, etc.)
* Mushroom Cup (any difficulty)
* Flower Cup (any difficulty)
* Star Cup (any difficulty)
* Special Cup (any difficulty)

Completing ALL cups (one achievement for each):
* 50cc
* 100cc
* 150cc
* Extra

Winning One Cup with each character (one achievement for each):

* Mario
* Luigi
* Yoshi
* Toad
* Bowser
* D.K.
* Wario
* Peach

Here's where the difficulty will ratchet up a bit. There are 3 secret ghosts you can race against in Time Trial. Here are the requirements to unlock each one:

| Luigi Raceway: 1'52"00 |- Luigi
| Mario Raceway: 1'30"00 | - Mario
| Royal Raceway: 2'40"00 | - Peach

There should be an achievement for each one you unlock. Setting the achievement to unlock when you reach these barriers at the end of a Time Trial is a foolproof way to do it.

Of course, we need achievements when you beat each one (not easy, but I have personally done it).

It'sa Me - Beat the secret Mario ghost at Mario Raceway
Dethroned - Beat the secret Peach ghost at Royal Raceway
Green With Envy - Beat the secret Luigi ghost at Luigi Raceway

And one more for bonus...

Who's The Star Now?! - Beat the secret Mario ghost with Luigi

You could also have achievements for not getting hit during a race, taking certain shortcuts, using a blue shell, getting hit by a blue shell, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Posted: 16 Aug, 2017 04:23

* Nice Try - Attempt to free Marty.
Posted: 13 Sep, 2017 14:44

I talked with Matheus2653 about this, and decided to make a set for MK64.

I've looked at the lists of achievement-ideas above and put in most of those ideas, as well as adding a few of mine to a list.

I haven't looked at the RAM yet(and I think even adding new-code-notes isn't possible at the moment?), not any more than just looking at the Code Notes, but if you have ideas that aren't listed and might be possible, let me know.

I'm not looking for ridiculously difficult-to-code(and therefore likely-unstable) or ridiculously-out-of-character achievements just for the sake of making them, but stuff that's actually interesting or 'neat'.

Most of the ideas I added were little things, not even sure if they're possible yet. Stuff like being in 8th place then winning first-place for both 50cc+ and 150cc/Mirror. Right now I have about 50 achievements planned, if they all are possible, but some of them are just individual-track Time Trials, so I'd like a few more with substance.

As far as this set goes, I don't think there's anything to be done with multiplayer outside of an actual multiplayer-specific set, which I sure wouldn't make anyway.
Posted: 15 Sep, 2017 21:32

Thank you for taking this on and putting the work into it. I stink at programming or I would be willing to help. It sounds like you have a lot of good ideas beyond what we came up with.

I do have a couple of ideas that might work well.

* Rush Hour - Finish Toad Turnpike without running into the traffic (not the CPU traffic, but the obstacles on the track)

* Smokin' - pull off a mini turbo drift (smoke turns orange to unlock)

* Win a race in GP mode (any class) by 10 sec. or more (with the rubber-banding in this game, that may proof to be challenging)

The only TT one I can think of is maybe a sub-1:30 on Moo-Moo Farm. It has been a while since I played the game, so I don't remember the times...

Again, thank you so much.

Posted: 16 Sep, 2017 00:04
Last Edit: 16 Sep, 2017 01:50

I ended up dropping the Time-Trial stuff for the moment... that made more sense when Delmaru made Diddy Kong Racing because it was part of unlocking T.T., whereas MK64 has no reward from Time Trials except for unlocking those three ghosts, which will be their own thing really.

I think I know how to detect beating the ghosts, as they do seem to make you be in a different position(either first or second place, maybe third if another ghost is active), but I haven't fully tested it yet to know how stable that would be. Otherwise I would need to know how the timers work and I haven't quite looked into that or know exactly what time those ghosts have.

Yes, I actually did want to do some kind of traffic-troubles in Toad's Turnpike, I'm going to make it two at the moment, one for any class, one for 150cc. The only caveat is that both Fake-Question-Blocks and Cars have the same effect in RAM, but personally I don't think it's a problem to avoid both. *shrug*

I haven't been able to find the mini-turbo yet... oh wait, there was a new area of RAM I found recently, let me check. Okay, I just found out how to do mini-turbo now. So that's possible, okay.

Winning a race by so-many seconds might take a bit of doing...if it's possible. I guess that could be possible by checking 7 different Alt-Groups and hoping nothing triggers between screen-transitions. I'll try it anyway. Well, now that I look at it, this might not be possible currently.

Trying to do the shortcuts at some point, but haven't thought of a good method. XYZ coordinates don't seem to work well so far, seems like they're either interpreted differently, or they might be FLOAT and I can't do anything with them. At worst I might just say "beat this lap-time on this track" and just imply that the shortcut should be used. Otherwise I'm not sure how to detect them. I also don't know if the Wario Stadium shortcut counts as a glitch(it might, it's not really intended and it's difficult to pull off and doesn't seem consistent).

There are two "out of the way" item-boxes I want to incorporate, but right now I only have easy access to figuring out one of them because of WarriorTYS' Code Note, and I'm not sure if those are the only two unique ones or not.

But yeah, I think I'll leave Time Trials to leader boards. It sounds more fun to me anyway, especially since those time-ghosts were the only interesting part of it really.

Anyway, I have about 32 prototyped so far, with maybe 28 working at the moment, current total at 45, but might fluctuate here and there. Not sure exactly, but I hope to be done by some time next week I think.
Posted: 21 Sep, 2017 18:47
Last Edit: 21 Sep, 2017 22:06

Release Notes:

Achievements are based on the (U)[!] GoodName version. I don't have the no-intro versions to test with.

All achievements are for 1P mode, they shouldn't work in 2P or higher.

When an achievement mentions that you "need to win", it means come in first place for the track you're in. It doesn't mean the whole cup or by winning in fourth place or less, just first-place.

Flawless-Character-Achievements: These were made to make the player play as each character at least once. Since 50cc and 100cc are relatively "easy" it gives a themed challenge to make them a little more worthwhile. I've made it so they can be unlocked on difficulties higher than 50cc or 100cc(but not less than 100cc for those four cups). I only made one 150cc Flawless(which also works in EXTRA in case you want to do only that) and one EXTRA-cup Flawless.

Trophy-based-Achievements: 150cc and EXTRA class trophy-achievements are controlled by seeing that you gained a gold-trophy on those courses. If you already have that gold trophy, it won't work. This is especially true for the "All Trophies" achievement as trophy-collection is definitely the only way to check for that fairly. Start with a fresh save-file, not a used one or a fully-unlocked one. Hopefully there won't be any site-desynching on those.

Time-Trial-Ghosts: Time Trial Ghost Achievements are based on your time. I think I've read on sites that the exact-unlock-time is but I'm not sure because I can't get exactly the unlock-time on command, I'm doing good just to beat those times.

Defeating Time-Trial-Ghosts: Believe it or not, there IS a hidden placing-rank in Time Trial mode, it's just usually 00(1st place) when there are no ghosts on the track. Both saved-ghosts and those three staff-ghosts can put you in second or third place, even though there's no indication on-screen what place you're in. In the event that you visually seem to cross the finish-line at the exact same time as the time-trial-ghosts, it'll be up to that hidden-value as to what place you were actually in, and you have to win in first place. Not sure if that'll be a perceived problem or not. Beating your own saved-ghosts alone will not trigger the achievements.... each unlocked ghost has its own single-bit that only appears when they're unlocked... as far as I know anyway. HOWEVER, this DOES mean that if you have a personal saved-ghost that's faster than the staff ghost, you will either need to delete your ghost OR beat both of them in order to be in 'first place'. So if you can't beat your best ghost on those tracks, you should probably either back it up or delete it.

"Here's Looking At You, Paisano": By holding A+B you're able to spin in place, but eventually the camera will try to swing back around. (You MUST be holding A+B, since it's possible to position yourself and stay that way, I require that you must be holding A+B for it to count.) Each rotation has its own value, but there's a bit of a weird juxtaposition between left-rotation and right-rotation. It's possible that leaning sliiiightly toward one direction instead of being directly pointed towards the camera will still count. That's there to help with margin-of-error since holding that position is pretty difficult anyway. By the way, certain characters can hold that position longer, as well as when in certain tracks and certain points on those tracks. It can be done in either Grand Prix or Time Trials.

It triggers when 60 frames have passed, that's how I'm determining that one second has passed in terms of 60-frames-per-second. If somehow you've linked the Europe version and it runs at 50 frames per second, I think that might mean you have to wait longer(so don't use it, I don't know how compatible it is anyway).

"Jungle Parkway's Coconut Gun": This started as a "feed Donkey Kong 10 bananas in "his" track", by getting a set-amount of avoided-spinouts, but unfortunately the RAM for those addresses was kind of unpredictable and unstable for lengthy use of Mem-Delta(it was also incredibly difficult to purposely get even 3 survived spinouts to happen at all). So it's now a challenge to survive one-spinout while never having a spinout in the track. Any type of spinout is applicable if it gives you an opportunity to get out of it. You may also survive multiple spinouts as long as you never have one spinout. The only way to re-start this achievement is to be in lap-255 again(before the race starts).

Learner's Permit/Driver's License: These achievements rely on an address that, as far as I've tested, becomes 01 when you hit not only cars, but also fake-item-blocks. I don't think it becomes 01 for any other reason, but I also can't really make the CPUs cooperate with me to test other things(like blue shells, I actually don't get hit with them as often as you'd think for their reputation in later games), but as far as I know those are the only two that do it.

Fashionably-Early relies on an X-coordinate on the map. Making achievements based on coordinates usually isn't too stable. But the bridge of the castle is pretty straightly-perpendicular to the X-coordinate, and I'm pretty sure you can't meet that X-coordinate accidentally in any other different-location during the race(and if you could, you'd probably make it more difficult to finish the race in first). You can technically not-touch the bridge by going to the left or the right of the bridge, but again, it's the closest thing on that X-coordinate, so going out of the way to touch-base at a different location on that X-coordinate is just going to slow you down even more anyway. It's just mentioned as a landmark for your sake than the game's sake.

The eighth-place achievements require you to pass one-lap because on the first lap on the first track of a cup, you're already in eighth place, so it's not a challenge at that point. Probably will make 150cc/EXTRA to be difficult for that version. There might be tracks where stepping out of the track temporarily puts you in eighth place, not sure on that. Apparently the placement for Yoshi Valley absolutely functions and works, but your placement is just a bunch of question marks... probably because they change so rapidly that Nintendo must have thought it was too confusing to make people aware of it? I dunno. But you won't know if you dip below 8th in that track to do it on purpose, but it MIGHT happen for a moment on accident and you won't know it. So if it unlocks in 150cc on Yoshi Valley and you're not sure if you did dip into eighth place, you probably did and just didn't know it.

Achievements not included:
• Shortcuts. MOST of the documented-shortcuts were closer to being glitch-based than I care for. The two that weren't glitch-based required some kind of coordinate-system to figure out if they hit that area or not, and in my experience, making a box or cube out of coordinates isn't very stable. Not enough that I would want to be explaining or fixing or making tiny adjustments to it forever. I had thought about doing those two by lap-time, but you can only really count on the first lap, which would require you to hang back enough to get a mushroom for the beach-cave-shortcut within the first lap, or that you succeed on the jump in Rainbow Road on the first attempt(and have to start Special Cup allllll over if you didn't make it). If Sub Source worked I'd do it that way, but nothing I tried with it seemed to work, even auto-unlocked it a few times when I know it shouldn't have. And doing it for Time Trials wasn't very satisfying really.

• Hard-to-get boxes. I intended to make achievements for the Luigi-Balloon-Box and the Beach-Hill-Box. But it turns out tall characters like Wario(he's tall?) can hit the Luigi-Balloon-Box as a CPU, which would award the achievement... there was no way to figure out whether it was hit by the player or a CPU unless you checked the inventory, and that would mean possibly triggering when a CPU hit the box and the player had an item from a different box. I don't think any CPUs hit the beach-box, but by itself it doesn't really feel worthwhile having. And those were the only out-of-the-way boxes I knew about.

Anyway I know that was a long list, but hopefully if anyone is having trouble getting one, or got something they didn't know if they should have, they can skim this list and find it to know what the reason might be.
Posted: 21 Sep, 2017 19:14

great work mag
Posted: 21 Sep, 2017 21:51

Awesome job!
Posted: 24 Sep, 2017 21:14

I already stated this up above, but the trophy-achievements are one-time-only. If you desynch, or you don't responsibly check for yourself whether you're in Hardcore Mode or not, you can't just reload the save-file in Hardcore mode and get them again. The methods used are in use in order to prevent downloaded-save-files from unlocking them.

This is especially true about the all-trophy achievement, which would otherwise require the player to be playing through the entire game in one-sitting if it didn't detect trophy-collection, and you know that isn't going to make it any better requiring a player to do that.

As it is, since that achievement requires all gold-trophies to be collected, there's no point changing the other achievements, because one way or another, if you didn't realize you weren't in Hardcore Mode, you're going to have to restart your save file to get those trophies back anyway. Checking to see if you are in Hardcore Mode is your responsibility, not mine.

The achievements are not broken, they work as intended. Do not abuse the achievement-reporting system for your personal frustration because you forgot to do something that you are responsible for.

The achievement-reporting function is not something you should be abusing in order to vent your frustration because of your lack of responsibility for yourself, and it isn't something others should be abusing with their unnecessary comments trying to harass me into doing things their way.

I made the achievements and I will be responsible for them myself, not kdecks, and not Shikamaru91; your constant harassment and abusive conduct will not be tolerated any longer. I don't work for either of you, and I don't appreciate you hanging over my shoulder and acting like I'm a slave to your self-importance. Either get your act together and learn to treat people with respect, or get off the site, because if this is how you communicate with other people, then neither of you belong here.
Posted: 24 Sep, 2017 21:28

I made this commentss on tickets just to say it would be more clear this way, most users don't come to site/forum or won't take time to read your Very long paragraph.
And I'm sorry if 4 comments is harassment for you :(
Posted: 24 Sep, 2017 21:32

Making tickets and making comments on tickets, especially as intended to be constructive isn't harassment. Neither is disagreeing about if something should or shouldn't be demoted harassment. Great set regardless. Keep up the good work
Posted: 24 Sep, 2017 21:34

Just got em all, kinda nice achievements,didn't like the paisano one though.

Still, great job, thanks for your hard work.
Posted: 24 Sep, 2017 22:09
Last Edit: 24 Sep, 2017 22:10

If the only thing keeping individual trophy achievements from being unlockable at any time is that it'd be inconsistent with the all trophies achievement, why not cut the all trophies achievement and redistribute its points elsewhere?
It's redundant anyways since there are already achievements for winning trophies individually.
Posted: 25 Sep, 2017 03:55

MGNS8M made the achievements and he will be responsible for them himself, not Slyshock; your constant harassment and abusive conduct will not be tolerated any longer. He doesn't work for you, and he doesn't appreciate you hanging over his shoulder and acting like he's a slave to your self-importance. Either get your act together and learn to treat people with respect, or get off the site, because if this is how you communicate with other people, then you don't belong here.
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