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Mega Man 6

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Posted: 26 Jul, 2015 20:49
"Man's best jet pack" achievement is not working for me. I try the jet pack in every stage and it is not working... which version of the rom did you take?

Posted: 26 Jul, 2015 21:10
Last Edit: 27 Jul, 2015 08:18
These achievements were created with the (U) rom,if it doesn't work,then please send me a private message.
And maybe try to watch the cutscene when you are equipping the Jet Suit,that might help.
EDIT: It worked for you,GOOD.

Posted: 30 Jul, 2015 20:48
Can we get the robot master achievements when we refight them in the castle, or only in the levels?

Posted: 31 Jul, 2015 21:04
Only in their levels,it would be too easy :)

Posted: 19 Oct, 2016 22:47
Last Edit: 20 Oct, 2016 14:36

Posted: 20 Feb, 2017 07:19
Last Edit: 20 Feb, 2017 16:04
Why not "Land the final blow on the Wily Capsule using the Power Adapter."

Posted: 14 Dec, 2018 11:16
Suggestion icon.

Posted: 20 Jan, 2019 19:09
New icon vote won 25 to 18. Archive of previous game icon which lost to current via community vote

Posted: 27 Mar, 2019 04:09
The old icon got outvoted by a new one (again). Here's the old one:

Posted: 04 Apr, 2019 07:46
The old icon was outvoted and replaced (again), here it is for archival purposes:

Posted: 22 Dec, 2019 04:09
The old badges were replaced with some new ones made by .

Here's a backup of the old ones:

Posted: 14 Jan, 2020 05:59
I will call this game "Lazy Man 6". A lot has been taken (I mean whole "rooms") from previous games, many enemies do not appear until you come very close to them. The levels are simplified, and the bosses are not that difficult. But the music and gameplay are still awesome!

Maybe I will change my mind a little later, but so far the MM6 looks like the easiest game of the series on NES.

Posted: 15 Jan, 2020 05:14
Easiest MM i've ever played. Approximately 2.5 hours for the entire walkthrough.

Posted: 24 May, 2020 03:21
Any reason why was removed?

Posted: 24 May, 2020 03:39
This achievement is a duplicate that someone made probably by aciddent, since nobody unlocked it. still is a achievement in the set.
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