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Created 14 Apr, 2017 19:10 by Deviltifa

1. Super Mario 64 (USA).z64
Super Mario 64 (U) [!].z64
Super Mario 64 (1996)(Nintendo)(US).bin
RA Checksum: 20b854b239203baf6c961b850a4a51a2
CRC32 Checksum: 3CE60709

2. Super Mario 64 (USA).v64
RA Checksum: 165a9558b7539507e73e7afecffb200c
CRC32 Checksum: 42C43204

3. Super Mario 64 (USA).n64
RA Checksum: 49fbf9c744c458405f685d42b762a0be
CRC32 Checksum: BE92A04C

4. Super Mario 64 (U) [T+Spa_Thircase].z64
RA Checksum: 3e79210c475cd690d26416d8307e700f
CRC32 Checksum: EE4192A8

5. Super Mario 64 (U) [T+SpaFinal_Mistergame].z64
Super Mario 64 (1996)(Nintendo)(US)[tr es].bin
RA Checksum: e51a6ff9b2dbbd216158cacff35eb215
CRC32 Checksum: CF9F8B39

6. Super Mario 64 (U) [T+Rus1.0_Shedevr].z64
Super Mario 64 (1996)(Nintendo)(US)[tr ru].bin
RA Checksum: 597204ee766b93c1ae33b7fc0739e170
CRC32 Checksum: 474BFC87

7. Super Mario 64 (U) [T+Bra].z64
RA Checksum: 987c3939b2644bbb760d4047223023bb
CRC32 Checksum: DBB1F6DC

8. Super Mario 64 (USA).z64 + Analog Camera Patch
RA Checksum: b09b5785d32acb192d283b07594d3ab7
CRC32 Checksum: a9c7a6cf

9. Super Waluigi 64 1.1.z64
RA Checksum: 2a99df604b735dbaaa8432a630748f2b
CRC32 Checksum: BD2FF682

10. SM64 - Play as Luigi (SM64 Hack).z64
RA Checksum: a76140cfbf98148ec5bcae1f5de26b8c
CRC32 Checksum: 0665BFFA


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MD5: 49FBF9C744C458405F685D42B762A0BE
CRC1: 0x635A2BFF
CRC2: 0x8B022326

So, what kind of achievements you want to see for this game?
- Grab 50/100 coins
- Grab a 1-up
- Grab 8 red coins in a course
- Complete all 7 stars in each course (x15)
- Complete all 15 stars throughout the castle
- Activate all 10 cannons
- Reach X stars collected (Probably at: 1, 10, 30, 50, 80, 120)
- Use any warp
- Unlock each of the caps (Wing, Metal, Transparent)
- Beat each of Bowser's stage w/o receiving damage (x3)
- Ride Talk to Yoshi
- Lose your cap
- All ? possible water states at start on Wet-Dry World stage (course 11)
- All 4 possible speed states on Tick Tock Clock stage (course 14)
- Beat Fat Penguin in a rematch of "Big Penguin Race" (needs 120 stars)
- Rematch with Bowser (needs 120 stars)

As for challenges:
- Climb the mountain of the course 1 (Bob-omb Battlefield) without using the jump button at all (A)
- Use all cannons on course 1
- Beat X time in Koopa's Race and rematch
- Beat X time in The Princess's Secret Slide (partially covered already in the 120 stars though)

Not sure if implementing a challenge for getting X stars without triggering any of the caps is a good goal or not (despite being a normal challenge in the community)

Note: Consider that some challenges cannot be implemented with the tools, so other's ideas may not be possible to implement, but time will tell. Also bugs will not be implemented, such as beating the game with only 16 stars, A-button challenge & so on.

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April 25 2017, 2:14am

You can't ride Yoshi in SM64, so that wouldn't be a possible achievement. I agree with everything else here, though, looks like a fairly standard list.


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April 25 2017, 3:49am

Maybe some more Bowser achievements.

-Beat the final bowser without being damaged.
-Beat the final bowser without accidentally throwing him off the platform
-Beat the final Bowser after collecting all 120 stars (The text that comes from Bowser is different)

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April 25 2017, 6:42am, edited April 25 2017, 11:48am

Collect a single star with only half an A press. B]

(or maybe just without pressing A)

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May 19 2017, 4:44pm, edited May 20 2017, 12:35am

- Remove the water from the castles garden
- Beat the slide-stages in a specific time
- Beating the secret slide stage like at all (
- Triggering a butterfly secret (
- Unlocking Triple Jump

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May 24 2017, 2:41am, edited May 24 2017, 2:45am

A separate achievement for every single star.

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May 24 2017, 5:32am

Get to the top of the mountain with the turtle shell in course 1.

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May 24 2017, 1:18pm

I honestly hate "beat something in X time" for achievements in games where time isn't really a major importance for the game. We have a leader boards for that

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May 27 2017, 1:50am

I finished the achievements I had in mind and have 10 points to spare (hence why they are now in Core).

- So far I'm considering splitting getting 100 coins on all levels from the requirement of mastering each level & having an extra achievement out of this.

- Also considering whether or not grabbing an Star in less than X time (say 20 sec.) is worth or not for an achievement.

As for the suggestions, this is what I think:

- The purpose for removing the water from the castle gardens is needed for the Vanish Cap switch, so I'm not sure if I should implement such close achievements (I have several achievements for when you get all 120 stars though).

- The Secret Slide stage is partially covered with having to grab 100 coins in that stage, but I guess is still valid to create an achievement for finding it, so I'll consider it.

- Finding lives may be difficult to code due to several things: Finding Object address (which there should be lots of them), Finding the SFX address (which I don't like to use for achievements, due to tampering audio), so I'm not sure is worth the trouble :(

- Getting to the top of the mountain with the turtle shell is similar to the challenge of not using "A" button (so no jumping, no cannons & included no warps too), so I'm not sure about it, but will have it in mind.


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May 27 2017, 2:13am, edited May 27 2017, 2:27am

Hmm, was there no way to mess with his face? Although I guess that could get really dodgy to program. Anyway, good luck with the final 10 points then, not really sure what to suggest... err, for that matter, maybe gaining up to 99 1-ups from Yoshi? I know it's covered by 120 stars, but at least to bleed a few points off I guess. ( Don't mind me I can't read apparently )OR maybe force the player to use the Mario cam for something difficult, like a Bowser fight or a maze or something.

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May 27 2017, 6:54am

Getting all coins on the first course?
Bringing the penguin to his mother without pressing A?

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May 27 2017, 2:51pm

For the following achievements, you must clear all the stage, w/o being damaged (and not just Bowser, which only the last round is challenging by itself).
Flawless Victory - Round 1 Flawless Victory - Round 1 (5), Flawless Victory - Round 2 Flawless Victory - Round 2 (5), Flawless Victory - Final Round Flawless Victory - Final Round (10)

I edited the text to mention it. You can however enter the stage with some damage and recover HP & it should also work (no need to be at full HP, just never drop HP by any mean)

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May 27 2017, 5:48pm, edited May 27 2017, 6:18pm

The Yoshi, the Yoshi is on root - find Yoshi

Darling, where is my penguin? - Help mother and son penguin

Ho, Ho Ho,In to chimney - first snow ride

No School day - Make the Snowman

Run Chomp, run - Release Chomp

The Bunny and The Turttle - first ride against The bunny.

I'm not afraid of ghosts - Grab the Boo cage

You spin my head right round - make a 360 with Bowser

It's a Bird... It's a Plane... - Get the wing Cap

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