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Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego


Posted: 23 Mar, 2017 01:35
Last Edit: 18 Dec, 2018 08:42
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Created 23 Mar, 2017 01:35 by

Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).sfc
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (U) [!].sfc
Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego (1993)(Broderbund - Electronic Arts)(US)(M5).bin
where in the world is carmen sandiego (usa) (en,fr,de,es,it).sfc
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Posted: 06 Sep, 2018 03:07
Last Edit: 11 Oct, 2018 23:07
I am planning a set for this game. Current ideas:

* Promotions (4)
* Completing the final case (capturing Carmen) and retiring
* Capture the suspect without visiting any incorrect cities
* Capture the suspect interviewing no more than one person per city
* Capture the suspect using a warrant obtained before leaving the first city
* Capture the suspect within three days (any rank)
* Capture the suspect within five days as an Ace Detective (highest rank)
* Obtain a warrant using only two pieces of information

That's not really much for a full set. Does anyone have any other ideas?

The game expects you to complete thirty missions. Other than the promotion achievements, any ideas to keep players playing? It seems like a hefty investment for what looks like it'll be a 100 point game.

There are only ten suspects, including Carmen, so I could create achievements for arresting each of them, but there's still a random element which might result in some never being chosen. I don't feel this is fair to the player.

Requiring the player to visit specific cities isn't a great idea either as the travel paths are randomized for each mission, and targeting specific cities takes the player out of their way for completing the mission. Due to the number of cities per mission, a player is more likely to see all the cities in the game than all the suspects.

I am considering an achievement for visiting a large number of cities in one mission, though that's not really in the spirit of the game.

Posted: 17 Oct, 2018 03:44
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Posted: 17 Oct, 2018 04:12
very cool


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