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Soul Blazer

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Posted: 29 Jan, 2014 04:04
Last Edit: 24 Jan, 2020 07:28
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Yes. Not flagged. See RAGuide for list.

Missables only

1. Soul Blazer (USA).sfc
Soul Blazer (U) [!].sfc
RA Checksum: 83cf41d53a1b94aeea1a645037a24004
CRC32 Checksum: 31B965DB

2. Soul Blazer (G) [f1].sfc
RA Checksum: 660b8392c9b24bedd94d6c1a9f600c78
CRC32 Checksum: C8AE53B9

3. Soul Blazer Retranslation Arranged OST Shiryu T+Eng v1.1 Steppolo MSU v1 Walter10h, Conn 2018-04-08-sb_msu1.sfc
RA Checksum: ec832df9d0474b26d2a88d9f9c9f10fb
CRC32 Checksum: B187BA0C

4. Soul Blazer (USA).sfc (no-intro with MSU-1)
RA Checksum: 4fee6a2421a55fda96040abb17e147c6
CRC32 Checksum: 4BA5EFB4


Posted: 29 Jan, 2014 04:04
Because yes.

Posted: 31 Mar, 2015 21:31
Okay, we already have and .

Who's gonna make this game to complete the trilogy?

Posted: 01 Apr, 2015 09:09
Another great SNES RPG!

Posted: 21 Jun, 2015 20:55
Last Edit: 21 Jun, 2015 23:01
I concur. This game should be supported. =)

Posted: 01 Jul, 2015 04:39
Last Edit: 01 Jul, 2015 05:15
I'm adding my support to this game. It would allow to complete the Gaïa trilogy and it is a great game.

Posted: 02 Jul, 2015 14:17
I am just biased and think all Quintet SNES games should be up here. Brilliant SNES devs, but the five in particular I like, 3 are up here (just missing ActRaiser 2 and Soul Blazer)

Not a tough game, maybe something funky can be done with the Stone Heads for a hard achievement since that's already the really only tough fight (though the bird on the ship is kind of up there too)

Posted: 09 Jul, 2015 22:26
Last Edit: 16 Jul, 2015 00:43
I would absolutely love to see Soul Blazer get some achievements. Here's some boss achievement ideas.

De-clawed - Beat Metal Mantis
Slipped between the blades - Beat Metal Mantis without taking damage
To pebbles you say - Beat the Stone Lion Heads
Whetstone - Beat the Stone Lion Heads without taking damage
Headcracker - Beat the Skull Master
Right between the eyes - Beat the Skull Master without taking damage
Who wants sushi? - Beat Poseidon
Davy Jones blocker - Beat Poseidon without taking damage
Johnny 4 is no more - Beat the Tin Doll
Doll on a hot tin roof - Beat the Tin Doll without taking damage
Rustling some feathers - Beat the Demon Bird
Float like a butterfly - Beat the Demon Bird without taking damage
Alas, poor Yorick - Beat Deathtoll using the Magic Bell
I stab at thee! - Beat Deathtoll WITHOUT using the Magic Bell tolls for thee - Beat Lord Deathtoll using the Magic Bell
GEMs! Glorious GEMs! - Beat Lord Deathtoll WITHOUT using the Magic Bell

Posted: 10 Jul, 2015 06:18
Last Edit: 15 Jul, 2015 20:51
Some more possible achievements:

Why not both? - Obtain the Super Bracelet
Ring-a-ding-ding - Obtain the Magic Bell
By fire be purged! - Obtain the Phoenix Magic
He waits for you - Reach level 24 and equip the Soul Blade
You can stop now - Reach Level 47 (Note: this is Level 47 because stat growth stops at 47. 48-50 are a useless grind)
Unstoppable Force - Obtain all the swords
Immovable Wall - Obtain all the armor
Infinite cosmic power! - Obtain all the magic
Hold onto this for me - Store your Medical Herbs with a friend
The password is... - Get access to the secret children's base
Night Owl - Finish Greenwood without the Soul of Light
Asbestos Skin - Finish St. Elles without the Soul of Protection
I saw it coming a mile away - Finish Dr. Leo's Laboratory without the Soul of Detection
Secrets amidst the ruins - Finish Magridd's Castle without the Soul of Reality
A world reborn - Beat the game after freeing every monster lair possible

Unfortunately I don't have the first clue how to actually code the achievements. So I can only offer my ideas

Posted: 15 Jul, 2015 19:51
Great suggestions of achievements Bottle of Hate!

However, I'm not sure beating a boss using only sword strafing is useful. It could be replaced by beating the boss without being hit? It could be challenging for some bosses but if think it's the purpose of achievements.

Also, what do you mean by "Beat the game with only the Soul of Magician"? Using only magic? I'm really interested in seeing that because I really thought it was not possible, that could be a very good achievement!

Posted: 15 Jul, 2015 20:43
Excellent idea. I updated the previous post to be without taking damage instead. As for the souls...

Soul of Magician is the only soul you're required to pick up through the course of the game (I think. It's been awhile since I last played it.) Without the other souls, you'd have the following additional challenges:

Without the Soul of Light - The Light Shrine in Greenwood is completely dark. You have to navigate without seeing where you're going
Without the Soul of Protection - You take damage from the falling magma on Blester Island, rather then being immune
Without the Soul of Detection - The invisible enemies in Dr. Leo's Models stay invisible (but still killable)
Without the Soul of Reality - The invisible paths/chests in Magridd's Castle and Tower aren't revealed. You have to find them yourself

After typing this all out, I think I'm going to break them down into individual achievements, rather then one achievement for all of them.

Posted: 15 Jul, 2015 21:21
Oh my mistake, I did not remember soul of magician was actually that! I cannot confirm this is the only soul requiered for completing the game but if it is the case, that could be a verry good achievement.

Posted: 08 Aug, 2015 23:11
This was one of the games I played the most in my formative years. I have a deep, hungering desire to add achievements for this game since I've played through it about half a dozen times. Upon booting up, I saw that it had some support started. Is it ok if I take this project over or would that be a faux pas?

Posted: 08 Aug, 2015 23:37
I wasn't even aware someone had started working on it. I'm all for anyone working on getting achievements into the game. Might be good if whoever has started support posted here just so it can be coordinated

Posted: 09 Aug, 2015 10:24
The other peeps who have found values haven't logged on since may so I say go for it if you like, You can always send a message to them if you want to see if they have any achievements in local not uploaded to save yourself a bit of work if they have made some.
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