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1. Bonk's Revenge (USA).pce
Bonk's Revenge (U).pce
RA Checksum: dd97fe7e1572fe65fcb44e2757764b16
CRC32 Checksum: 14250F9A

2. tg16/bonk2
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January 7 2017, 11:15pm

Here are some ideas for achievements if anyone could implement them:

Bonk’s Revenge PC Engine Achievements

Finish 1-1 Waterfall
Finish 1-2 Flower Field
Defeat Fire Dinosaur
Finish 1-3 Caverns
Finish 1-4 Volcano Castle
Defeat Dodogie
Finish 2-1 Piranha River
Defeat Jumping Bones
Finish 2-2 Bamboo Jungle
Finish 2-3 Cloud Ruins
Defeat Witch Doctor
Finish 3-1 Snow Mountain
Defeat Triceratops
Finish 3-2 Hot Springs
Finish 3-3 Mammoth Tomb
Defeat Ice Ballerina
Finish 4-1 Parasol Beach
Finish 4-2a Warship Hold
Finish 4-3b Warship Hold
Finish 4-4 Sailor Saloon
Defeat Captain Cook
Finish 5-1 Fireball Field
Finish 5-2 Lava Flow
Finish 5-3 Orange Waterfall
Finish 6-1 Laundry Pools
Finish 6-2 Hatchet’s Hometown
Defeat Helicopter
Finish 6-3 Haunted Tower
Defeat Flying Robot
Finish 7-1 Moon Pyramid
Finish 7-2 Spook Tunnel
Finish 7-3 Ambush Tunnel
Finish 7-4 Aquatic Tunnel
Finish 7-5 Coveyor Tunnel
Defeat King Drool III
Beat Game
Collect 50 Yellow Faces
Collect an extra life
Collect Big Heart
Collect Blue Heart
Eat Big Meat

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September 4 2019, 3:38pm

Will be creating a set for this.

Bonk2 is a more sophisticated and interesting than Bonk's Adventure (PC Engine) Bonk's Adventure (PC Engine)

I'm surprised and pleased that bonk is loved by everyone.
It may also take a little while, Look forward to the next bonk. :D

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Backup of previous mastery icon. Replaced by #icon-gauntlet vote process.


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Not that I don't appreciate the smiley leaderboards per level, but is there a reason why there isn't a leaderboard for the in-game score? There's SO many things to collect and do for points, so I think it would be a pretty fun/competitive board.

Leaving it here for anyone who might be inspired to make a small addendum achievement, but I just had a lot of fun going through the first level, avoiding every bonus point. At first I thought it was maybe impossible because of the flowers in the waterfall, but with precise maneuvering you can avoid them. It was a fun self-imposed challenge that I think would make a fun achievement (doing the entire game that way may be a little too tedious though). That said, instead of an achievement, maybe an inverse low-score "golf" styled leaderboard for full completion only would be fun. Also, I know some people get mad when sets get addendums because it "resets" the Mastered leaderboard, but if an achievement was added for it, maybe it would be a joke "on-theme" achievement to make it be zero points too (although it is genuinely a bit tough to do).


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December 16 2022, 9:32pm

Just added the leaderboards myself for Expert High Score and Expert Low Score. I hope this encourages at least one more replay from masters (maybe even two), because it's clear the developers put in a lot of effort placing bonus point items everywhere, and lots of secret ones too.

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