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1. Rock 'n' Roll Racing (Europe).md
Rock n' Roll Racing (E) [!].bin
Rock n' Roll Racing (1994-07)(Interplay)(EU).bin
RA Checksum: c0e18a6fbf4e6debd51d0e4d05cca73e
CRC32 Checksum: BC5A0562

2. Rock n' Roll Racing (USA).md
Rock n' Roll Racing (U) [!].bin
Rock n' Roll Racing (1994-11)(Interplay)(US).bin
rock n' roll racing (usa).bin
RA Checksum: 530c58317b5626fa15b77adab0aacc9d
CRC32 Checksum: 6ABAB577

3. Rock n' Roll Racing (U) [T+Rus_Shedevr].bin
Rock n' Roll Racing (1994-11)(Interplay)(US)[tr ru].bin
RA Checksum: a12eb390ff8d42be6ef30c71b7879c15
CRC32 Checksum: E614F188


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I don't think is needed. We already have RRR on SNES and GBA.

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i had some raw achv on my pc (from about 2 years ago) => uploaded

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Mega Drive i'ts best version


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Claiming this set.

Currently I am looking at adding the following achievements:

-Win a race with each character (6 total)
-Win a race on warrior difficulty without being killed/wiping out
-An achievement for earning promotion from division B to division A in each planet (6 total)
-An achievement for winning 3 consecutive races in each division on each planet (12 total)
-An achievement for completing each planet (6 total)
-Win a race in any planet after Bogmire, using either the Marauder or Dirt Devil

This is the basics covered, however, I will be thinking of more creative achievements as I continue to play. If you have any suggestions, please post them here.

Note: Due to the nature of passwords in this game, some achievements aren't worth implementing. For example, earning a certain amount of money, upgrading equipment or buying cars. Normally they would be fine for achievements but since the password system allows you to set these things as you please (say give yourself $999,999 or a fully upgraded car), there is not much point including them. I don't want to restrict passwords as forcing the player to play for hours consecutively (then losing all progress on a reset) is not what I would consider fun. Looking more towards on the track feats.


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Identifying the 4 hashes linked with this set at moment:

Waiting for first topic post upgrade with this information provided...

(EDIT: Thanks Hotscrock! Information is now provided on first topic post! This set was released recently and this might help people about which version of Rom has achievements supported)


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The icon has been outvoted and replaced, here is a backup:

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