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Super Punch-Out!!

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Posted: 30 Nov, 2013 18:13
Last Edit: 24 Jan, 2020 03:45

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Created 30 Nov, 2013 18:13 by SuperPimsky

1. Super Punch-Out!! (Europe).sfc
Super Punch-Out!! (E) [!].sfc
RA Checksum: 49d619c689c21a6e41e2b98c31f5838a
CRC32 Checksum: C6906F5F

2. Super Punch-Out!! (USA).sfc
Super Punch-Out!! (U) [!].sfc
super punch-out!! (usa).sfc
RA Checksum: 97fe7d7d2a1017f8480e60a365a373f0
CRC32 Checksum: E2F92F84

3. CLV-P-SAAXE.sfrom Super Punch-Out!!
RA Checksum: 6e3f02a84e0f2d4f5a110db10928d8d0
ROM Checksum: c3b127897a7666a8812a6941a505d310
CRC32 Checksum: F9722EB8

4. Super Punch-Out!! (U) (VC).sfc
RA Checksum: 6e3f02a84e0f2d4f5a110db10928d8d0
CRC32 Checksum: 6C8A2155

5. Super Punch-Out!! (U) [f2].sfc
RA Checksum: 8867e49127a02de60d3a0bc91c40019d
CRC32 Checksum: E856DC79

6. Super Punch-Out!! (USA).sfc (no-intro with MSU-1, v5)
RA Checksum: fed5ffa92081a9fab6acf1da59841c8a
CRC32 Checksum: DA622548

Posted: 30 Nov, 2013 18:13

We need to set up some achievemnets for this game and for Mike Tyson's Punchout soon. I'll help if I can figure out how.
Posted: 01 Dec, 2013 11:48

I think the punch-out games hand themselves better to leaderboards rather than achievements , HOWEVER you could most likely add a few , like beat every circuit (weightclass?) and maybe like ... knockout on a super? beat this and that guy on a regular Knockout and not a TKO and this and that..could also go for no-hit on certain ones but I dont know how much you could do to not make it feel too repetative
Posted: 01 Dec, 2013 16:15

I was giving some thought to these games, also. I was thinking win a circuit without using a super punch, or beating a boxer after being knocked down twice. That said, leaderboards would be a ton of fun for these.
Posted: 01 Dec, 2013 16:23

Yeah. I literally don't know how to make an achievement, haha. But I was thinking they could be as simple as beating a circuit. Or for Super Punchout you could do something like "Beat Gabby Jay in Under 20 Seconds" or something like that. Is the goal to have really unique achievements as opposed to just completing parts of the game? I know many achievements on XBOX are just beating parts of the game.
Posted: 03 Dec, 2013 11:15

this varies heavily from developer to developer, I personally (when possible) try to have as much optional stuff as possible or at the very least aim for about 50/50 progress/optional(skill or something else) achievements when I make mine
Posted: 03 Dec, 2013 13:35

Hey SuperPimsky! We're still experimenting with a good mix, so far we have been able to break down achievements into 'progression', 'collection' and 'inspirational' (or thereabouts), at a ratio or distribution of about 50%/30%/20%. Progression points are awarded for simply progressing through the game. If you complete a game from start to finish on standard settings, you should be given about 50% of the achievements.

Next are 'collection' (or 'challenge') achievements, these are given for reaching the best part of a game, for example collecting all the power ups in a level, or defeating a level/boss without taking a hit. Examples: , , , .

Finally Inspirational achievements are the type that make you think differently about a game. For example, completing Green Hill Zone in Sonic 1 without collecting a ring or with a minimum score (), , , .

It's important to have a healthy mix of the difficult and easy, the obtainable and the aspirational, and we are heading towards having a good balance that I think most players can be happy with.
Posted: 03 Dec, 2013 14:18

I agree and have been very happy with the way that achievements have been done on the few games I've played. I'd love to help, but am apparently very inept at the tech. I can't figure out how to make an achievement. Do you have a guide on the site?
Posted: 03 Dec, 2013 16:24

There is! :) Have you seen this forum: /viewforum.php?f=5? It contains this tutorial which might be of use?

If you hit trouble, you're welcome to use these forums for any questions you might have here, or you're very welcome to post back here too :)
Posted: 03 Dec, 2013 16:39

Btw, let me know how you get on! It can be v complicated stuff, just don't forget to press "save local" in the "achievement set" window, to make sure you don't lose your work - also, if you find a memory address Memory Inspector window that you want to keep a record of, click Save Note, this adds it on the server so you won't lose it!

Btw, Nice avatar!!
Posted: 04 Dec, 2015 23:14

+10 years from last time I played I believe, I was so rusty I forgot how each enemy pattern was...

I think there could be room for more achievements for this game. For once, getting the dizzy animation from each rival could be something.

Also, Bear Hugger at the end mentions that someone took him out in 17 seconds. While this doesn't change if you break that time, it's still possible to achieve (you'll need to counter him, which is somewhat challenging if you don't have a clue on how to do it).

Beating most of the enemies with a KO is possible, even Nick Bruiser. Can't remember which ones were not possible, but Bald Bull was one of them...
Posted: 14 Feb, 2016 02:13

It brought to my attention by another user about the "Champion" achievements (Win X Circuit Without Getting Knocked Down).

While I didn't had any issue (and would believe others in general), I took a look at the code and would seem is not quite correct (as while it can trigger when it should, I believe it could also trigger when it shouldn't). I haven't used much the ResetIf condition, but I believe that it should check equally for each boxer the same conditions before resetting.

ResetIf circuit != correct one
Check boxer 1 (count)
Check boxer HP (count) = 0
ResetIf knockdown
Check boxer 2 (count)
Check boxer HP (count) = 0
ResetIf knockdown
Check boxer 3 (count)
Check boxer HP (count) = 0
ResetIf knockdown
Check boxer 4 (count)
Check boxer HP (count) = 0
ResetIf knockdown
Victories = 4

Maybe in reality you'll need more checks, but you should get the idea that you should reset every time you fight a boxer...
Posted: 12 Feb, 2018 03:42
Last Edit: 12 Feb, 2018 03:43

Hey, I just tried the leaderboards in time trial, and quitting mid fight results in the time getting submitted as is (try beat me for Gabby Jay now, 00:00:39)
Posted: 30 Mar, 2018 20:56

@Radius4 Same issue here. I've currently got #1 on a 00:02:64 (I think) cancelled fight. Feels kind of off to have it and not deserve it.
Posted: 30 Mar, 2018 21:09

Smb1 also had problems for me with leaderboards. Submitting negative times. And last i tried if u die on speedrun. It lets u start mid level checkpoint. I wonder if its leaderboard bugs. Or Retroarch LB bugs. If its Rarch it seems to be time related LBs
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