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Hagane: The Final Conflict

Posted: 22 Apr, 2016 14:57
Last Edit: 08 Jul, 2021 15:13

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Created 22 Apr, 2016 15:57 by KurkaWodna

1. Hagane - The Final Conflict (USA).sfc
Hagane (U) [!].sfc
hagane - the final conflict (usa).sfc
RA Checksum: 44cb6bbbb233bc5d602d54fd418232f1
CRC32 Checksum: 8E0A7034

2. Hagane - The Final Conflict (Europe).sfc
Hagane (E).sfc
RA Checksum: 36b0ef888d3e7352eeee792e173426dc
CRC32 Checksum: 7F6CCF00

3. Hagane - The Final Conflict (USA).sfc (no-intro with MSU-1)
RA Checksum: 24efe7af3432fde7d765bdf2f06f6c1e
CRC32 Checksum: 91DA15DD

Posted: 24 Mar, 2018 11:08
Last Edit: 30 Dec, 2020 18:03

Posted: 19 Apr, 2018 14:12

hi! so for achievement ideas (sorry don,t know if all are going to be possible)
have 9 lives
have 9 bombs
upgrade health bar to max
defeat a boss without getting hit or using bombs
defeat a boss using every special move
defeat a boss using only the whip
in stage 1-2 find hidden 1up( and achievement for the other hidding 1 up , but don't remember where thy are hidden)
in the autoscrolling stage, defeat a certain number of ennemies ( not sure yet how much is possible but i ll check)
Posted: 01 May, 2018 08:15

I have a some JPEG of the nintendo power issue with hagane if you want (for achievement thumbnails)
Posted: 31 May, 2020 05:44
Last Edit: 31 May, 2020 07:50

I suggest a revision to this set. Since at the moment the set is extremely incomplete. Plan of revision is similar to ideas listed by dmcastle.
Plus clear second loop, clear first loop without using continues, and possibly some clear substage X under certain time.

Also if someone have any suggestions please post them.
Posted: 12 Jun, 2020 05:03

Max Shurikens (5) (5)
Collect 99 Shurikens

Max Byakko (Bombs) (5) (5)
Collect 99 Byakko (Bombs)

Fortress of Doom (5) (10)
Reach Stage 2 - Fortress of Doom

Violated Heavens (5) (13)
Reach Stage 3 - Violated Heavens

Cry of the Spirits (10) (28)
Reach Stage 4 - Cry of the Spirits

Into the Darkness... (10) (29)
Reach Stage 5 - Into the Darkness

Koma Faction's Fall (25) (85)
Finish the Game

Posted: 12 Jun, 2020 05:47
Last Edit: 23 Apr, 2021 05:27

Revision was done.

1. Hagane (Japan).sfc
Hagane (J).smc

RA Checksum: e589bc57614b0f70e833a89c15c2bb09
CSRC32: 63245cac

Was linked. Since this version has stage s e l e c t cheat.

In the c o n f i g menu, play songs 04, 03, 10, and 18 in the music t e s t. Start the game, pause, and press L+R+X to warp to the level s e l e c t. To choose a level, stand under its number and press B. Level numbers containing a "B" are the bosses.

To return to the level s e l e c t after s e l e c t i n g a level, pause and press L+R+X again.

❗❗❗ Note: That this cheat is only allowed for bosses without taking damage and speedrun achievements, all other achievements will not work if this cheat is activated.

❗❗❗ If you have activated the cheat, you will not be able to deactivate it until you completely close the game.

Good Luck and Have Fun!
Posted: 12 Jun, 2020 10:46
Last Edit: 12 Jun, 2020 20:16

Thank You so much!!! Cant wait to play!
Posted: 13 Jul, 2021 03:46


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