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Official Topic Post for discussion about Toy Story (Mega Drive) Toy Story (Mega Drive)
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1. Toy Story (USA).md
Toy Story (4) [!].bin
Toy Story (1995)(Disney - Psygnosis - Traveller's Tales)(US).bin

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As I posted on the page comments for toy story (Mega Drive), Do the achievements for the SNES version get unlocked when doing it in the Genesis/MD version? I noticed the SNES version has achievements, but this one doesn't.

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this games need achievements plus a achievement only in this version

an achievements from the level Day-Toy-Na

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July 31 2020, 5:01am

Planing A Set. Not Working On It Now But I Will In Some Weeks
Current Ideas:
(4) Progression on Highest "Difficult"
(22) Beat X Level Collecting 50 (or 40) Stars
(23) Have 9 Lives in Highest Difficult
(24) Obtain 700 Or More Stars
Probably Some "Beat X Level Damagless" or "Time Challenges in Some Levels"

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August 4 2020, 7:53pm

Working On It!


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Just passing by to help about information of the linked ROM on this set which can be identified as:

(EDIT: ROM information is now linked on first topic post! Notice it, senpai!)

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Set Is Live! Enjoy It


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October 23 2021, 5:47am

Revision proposal!

TL;DR: Add progression, allow level skip where it makes sense, and clean up some descriptions.

=== Proposed changes list ===
1. Add regular, non-challenge progression achievements for each level.
2. Add Trigger to damageless challenges.
3. Add Measured to star collection challenges.
4. Clean up spelling/grammar mistakes.
5. Edit Yahoo! difficulty challenge descriptions to specify no level skip.
6. Edit damageless boss fights to allow level skip to get there.
7. Edit star collection challenges to allow level skip to get there.


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October 26 2021, 3:31am

Making an edit of the previous proposal's point 1.

Instead of adding 18 individual level achievements, I'll be adding 5 level groups. The Yahoo progression will also be simplified from 4 odd level groups into 1 full-game achievement. This is to reduce spam/bloat.

Current progression achievements
Yahoo!: 1-7 (7 levels)
Yahoo!: 8-12 (5 levels)
Yahoo!: 13-15 (3 levels)
Yahoo!: 16-18 (3 levels)

New Progression proposal
Normal: 1-4 (4 levels)
Normal: 5-8 (4 levels)
Normal: 9-12 (4 levels)
Normal: 13-15 (3 levels)
Normal: 16-18 (3 levels)
Yahoo!: Full game

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There is an interesting new rom hack that adds an SRAM save system.

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-> New Icon (From Icon-Gauntlet)


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The mastery icon has been outvoted and replaced. Here is a backup

New icon by Achievees

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