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Super Mario Bros

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Posted: 29 Oct, 2016 11:32
Last Edit: 29 Oct, 2016 11:34
Booo... Higor makes me think I'm a cold blood murderer ;( *sobs*

Posted: 29 Oct, 2016 13:04
hahahaha sorry salsa. it's nothing like that, was only a little joke.
But no one stepped up to defend the achievement it must really be hated... maybe is better this away?

Posted: 29 Oct, 2016 13:37
I could remake it into something, else... maybe just this trick you are showing on the video - bouncing of the goomba/koopa/beetle, bellow the ground line?

Posted: 29 Oct, 2016 14:07
There are lots of cool tricks to do on SMB but most of those require glitching... i suggest we leave it like that. it seems i'm the only one sad for the death of that achievement anyway.

Posted: 29 Oct, 2016 15:15
I wasn't against getting rid of the whole achievement altogether. A new iteration would have been fine like suggested. I just was against having to use glitch abuse to achieve the original 'Penniless Plumber". Increasing the coins to 2 or 3 was not a horrible idea because you can get it without glitches, yet but still make the cheev retains its challenge. Yes, I defended it somewhat just now but without having to abuse glitches. It would give me a reason to replay Super Mario Bros for near the 50-70th time which I beat most of the time as a 4-5 year old. I had the duck hunt combo. :) I never made false challenges for myself so achievements that force you to replay a timeless game are always welcome. :)

Making what we saw in the video Higor posted as an achievement instead would not be a bad idea either like Salsa suggested. It did not use a glitch and is completely possible legitimately, yet still challenging. Isn't this what we aim for? In any scenario, I would be happy whether it is no achievement at all, upped penniless plumber to avoid glitches, or use Higor's combo jump without getting the coins.

Posted: 29 Oct, 2016 20:39
My opinion is leave it in Unofficial for now and if ever the day comes that an additional/supplemental set(s) of achievements in addition to the Core set are created and promoted (given the same visibility as the Core achievements for games) so that many of the very hard ones or glitch-related ones that are currently left in Unofficial get a "new home", move it to that new supplemental set when that happens.

A system like that can give this site a lot of order especially if a voting system is also added to it. The voting system would be implemented for new achievements or perhaps also for any non-broken/non-abandoned achievements in Unofficial. When new achievements would get added, the voters would click on "Core" or "Challenge/Supplemental" (or whatever the name of the new category would be) to cast their vote on what category each achievement made would end up in. It would have to be decided if voters would be limited to only devs on the site for control to avoid people with multiple accounts to get more than 1 vote, or perhaps experts of the game. The voting period would be like a week or maybe 3-4 days and if nobody votes then the achievement creator gets to decide and changes later on would be made if there is discussion days/months/years later to recategorize an achievement.

Posted: 04 Nov, 2016 11:30
Muta: I don't think people care about achievements being hard: I think they care about them being fair and normally obtainable. When even andrewg has issues and put in to what I saw, at least 100 attempts, and doesn't get close, you got a problem. Competitive games have leaderboards for such issues and they aren't expected for a normal or dev player to get through, at all.

I wouldn't mind if it comes back in a fair form, albeit slightly edited (2, maybe 3, to keep the challenge).


Posted: 04 Nov, 2016 20:26
Agreed with James.


Posted: 04 Nov, 2016 21:40
Is dead now. let's keep it this way please. I think making it easier will mock who did the hard way.
I think this set is very complete and adding just one more achv will just annoy who completed the game already.

Posted: 04 Nov, 2016 22:47
The set pretty much already forces you to play through the game at least five times if you did everything perfect. Pacifist, killing Bowsers with fireballs, using warps, the no coin challenge on World 1, and rescue the Princess again would be the ones off the top of my head. Don't get me wrong; these can be achieved in any order but that's theoretically a lot of playthroughs and time consumed knowing that you are going to fail some of the achievements, once or multiple times. I don't mind the set list because I freakin' love SMB and it's the game I grew up on. I'm with Higor though that the set is complete.

Posted: 05 Nov, 2016 06:30
Unofficial (non) core is a good idea for anything controversial or too weird for the main set. I ran into this concept about a week ago with the idea of "all gold medals' being proposed for Dragon Warrior 3 GBC.

It would take a lot of pressure off achievements like Penniless Plumber if they didn't just drop off into the void but were preserved and still obtainable in a non-official set, but it is a little weird for some achievements that are like this. Though I'd be glad to see non-core pages up for anything that for whatever reason can't be put in the main set. Not for point value or anything, in fact it would probably be best not to have point values at all for set like this, but just as ancillary challenges.

Posted: 05 Nov, 2016 08:30
Last Edit: 05 Nov, 2016 08:32
Haha, I know James, I've been one of the more critical ones about Penniless Plumber over here. I just wish it would have been taken down before I wasted the amount of time I did to finally get it. It's a done deal anyway so no use talking about it anymore.

But I am still hoping for supplemental achievement sets in addition to the core ones for achievements that would not be considered fun by most but whose challenge would be welcome by the most die hard fans of a game. is a good example of this. I love but I didn't think most people playing it would like to play through 5 loops of the game to get it. Supplemental sets that would have visibility on the respective games' pages would let people checking out those pages know that such achievements exist long after they have been pushed way back in the New Achievements page. Right now the only way is by checking the Unofficial achievements in the emulator, which most people don't know about. And some of these present enough of a challenge that they deserve that game page visibility. Even easier ones like for SMB1 or for A Link to the Past I think deserve the visibility because of how famous the glitches they are based on are.

Posted: 08 Nov, 2016 11:38
Last Edit: 08 Nov, 2016 11:40
Why can't we have DLC "packs" like Sony and M$ (and now Steam) have? The DLC packs can have all of these crazy stuff, and they count for extra, not the normal 400. Platinum-type achievements can also be added for completion of the base game.

It's a good way to expand without putting stupid stuff in/taking away people's points already.

Just a thought.

I'll post my thoughts on Loop Master in the CV Adventure thread, since I like the idea, but it does need to be slightly edited


Posted: 08 Nov, 2016 12:25
Last Edit: 08 Nov, 2016 12:25
I just noticed, why the hell is this thread in the Genesis/Mega Drive forum? This should be moved to the NES forum.

Posted: 27 Nov, 2016 00:59
Got damn. World 7-1 pacifist is fuckin hard. I forgot if it gets any easier from there in that world. Fuckin Bullet Bills.
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