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Super Mario Bros

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Posted: 02 Oct, 2013 16:26
@Jaarl: lol! I second that!
@Scott: 'Know how to make an entrance' is easily the best cheev idea in that video, I loved it!

Posted: 04 Oct, 2013 00:27

Posted: 06 Oct, 2013 01:51
Points were made that were true regarding the rubbishness of Nester.

Edit: download RANes here!

Posted: 15 Oct, 2013 23:26
If anyone feels they would like to put some time into making some of these remaining achievements, please feel free! Otherwise I should have some extra time over the next few days.

The following resources have been very useful:

The list of remaining achievements is at the top of this forum post

Posted: 17 Dec, 2013 14:49
Bug in 1-2 Speedrun leaderboard:
Dying and restarting from the piranha pipes will restart the leaderboard clock at 0.00.
*No cancel if you die? Is it a check for the stage # only and missing a check for the first coordinate on 'STA'?
Leaderboard Link

Posted: 17 Dec, 2013 16:52
Hey I've mentioned this a couple of times in Chat but I think doing other site stuff has gotten in the way.

Posted: 17 Dec, 2013 18:51
Hey Jacko, you have mentioned it, I'm sorry I haven't had chance to have a look just yet - if I remember right, it resets, then starts again if you die (which is wrong) - I think I should use the coordinates to do it properly, require screenx=0 in STA, I'll see if I can take a look either tonight or tomorrow. Sorry guys

Posted: 17 Dec, 2013 18:51
Double post, sorry! :p

Posted: 17 Dec, 2013 19:02
Fixed it by setting cancel to:
(Cancel if lives screen appears)
Which is any time you die or change stages.
That'll have to do for now, since we can't have multiple different cancel conditions yet.
Edit: You may want to nuke the results for 1-2 :)

Edit: Updated cancel condition:

Posted: 17 Dec, 2013 19:04
Yep - cancel conditions use OR instead of AND I think? I made that change a while ago I think? Just for cancel conditions

Posted: 17 Dec, 2013 19:05
Note to self - the word and inside double apostrophes appears to break the forum post button :(

Posted: 17 Dec, 2013 19:08
Good to know, I didn't hear about that. Now it should cancel if the world or act is different as well.

Posted: 17 Dec, 2013 20:13
I think it would be easier to just delete my time and yours Brian as I think the rest were don't form beginning to end.

Posted: 17 Dec, 2013 20:21
Edit: Done adding leaderboards for all stages, all working.

Posted: 29 Jan, 2014 21:38
I have one idea for an achievement, for a 0 point or something.

"It happens to everyone"
Die on the first Goomba.

Not that it just happened to me or anything...
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