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Super Mario Bros

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Posted: 08 Dec, 2017 20:31
Last Edit: 08 Dec, 2017 20:34
Game icon is not actually resizing if it's not necessary, everything depends on your browser configuration, and dektop resolution. This icon have maximum possible size availible for game icons which is 96x96. The old one only have 64x64.

For example the icon of Tiny Toon Adventures (NES) I recently replaced:

Posted: 08 Dec, 2017 21:08
oh. New icon would still look pretty bad on smaller resolutions.

Posted: 08 Dec, 2017 22:53
Yeah display settings are kind of deal breaker here. All this resizing actually don't save any bandwith though...

Posted: 17 Dec, 2017 02:45
List of linked ROMs:

ff02b25112d3a3163db10e332841b02c Super Mario Bros. (World).nes

Posted: 19 Dec, 2017 02:43
Last Edit: 19 Dec, 2017 03:40
Sharpshooter - Beat a water level by killing all enemies with fireballs with out missing.
If there are scenarios that make this impossible like multiple secret areas that make specific enemies inaccessible in one run then the achievement is just for the main level.
The Secret - Have 42 Lives, 42 Coins, and 42 Seconds left on the clock on level 4-2
The Hunter - Kill one of every enemy in a single run.

Posted: 19 Dec, 2017 03:29
Last Edit: 19 Dec, 2017 03:29
Sharpshooter is impossible because the fish in water levels infinitely spawn until you reach a certain point in the level.

The Hunter is impossible because you can't kill buzzy beetles. Difference between New Game and New Game+ is goombas are replaced by buzzy beetles.

The Secret is possible but why add another achievement to a set that doesn't really need any more cheevos. I know no set is ever truly finished and we should expect revisions, but just adding this one cheevo to the set and nothing else is gonna cause more problems than positives.

Posted: 19 Dec, 2017 03:32
Oh ok I didn't know the cheep cheeps respawned infinitely. Ok thanks for pointing out the flaws. For future reference are suggestions still allowed or is the achievement list locked in?

Posted: 19 Dec, 2017 03:33
Last Edit: 19 Dec, 2017 03:34
I accidentally made 2 comments and I don't know how to delete the copy. Can anyone help me,

Posted: 19 Dec, 2017 03:43
Blazekickn Would it be possible to count a Buzzy Beatle as killed if it fell into a pit? And do the Bloopers respawn? Because if not that could work for Sharpshooter. I really like the idea of a fireball accuracy based achievement.

Posted: 20 Dec, 2017 21:51
I was wrong on the buzzy beetle thing. You can kill them with koopa shells. However, the cheevo is still impossible because of cases like 8-1 where there is a wall, no pits, and no koopas within the same screen.

Also pit doesn't kill enemies, only despawns/stops them.

Posted: 20 Dec, 2017 21:54
I don't mean kill all enemies in the game. I ment kill at least one of every enemy in the game. Like a hunter collecting trophies.

Posted: 21 Dec, 2017 00:32
More Buzzy Beetles on the second quest. Try it there.

Posted: 22 Dec, 2017 03:49
Last Edit: 22 Dec, 2017 03:53
I made my post before you fixed it, lol.

Anyway, I thought there was a cheevo for killing one of each enemy. Maybe I'm thinking of one of the rereleases (SMB All-Stars, SMB Deluxe, etc)

EDIT: Yeah, it's a cheevo for SMB Deluxe but not original.

Posted: 22 Dec, 2017 14:34
Would it be possible to add it to SMB for NES? Also I like your profile pic.

Posted: 22 Dec, 2017 15:56
Last Edit: 22 Dec, 2017 16:08
Regardless it's possible or not (it is probably) - making a revision to add just one achievement is out of the question. I have a few other ideas I could include, but would prefer to wait until the developing toolkit will recieve new functionality. I also would like to merge some achievements, and compress the set overall. "Bye, Brittle Phony!" is most probably possible to merge right now, if I would require killing every koopa impostor in one session. Same with "Fancy Mushrooms Picker". "Master Plumber" and "Master Treasure Hunter", would need to have multisession structure to be reasonable, and it's not possible to have right now. Looking forward into reducing the set achievement count to less than 40, and adding more original content...
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