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Scott02 Oct, 2013 01:38(Edited 27 Jan, 2021 10:51)
Official Topic Post for discussion about Super Mario Bros. (NES) Super Mario Bros. (NES)
Created 02 Oct, 2013 01:38 by Scott

Super Mario Bros. (World) (HVC-SM).nes
Super Mario Bros. (W) [!].nes
RA Checksum: 8e3630186e35d477231bf8fd50e54cdd
ROM Checksum: f94bb9bb55f325d9af8a0fff80b9376d
CRC32 Checksum: 393A432F

Super Mario Bros. - 25th Anniversary (Japan) (En) (Virtual Console).nes
RA Checksum: 0e2be2324567ecbc373d9ef562dac8b9
ROM Checksum: bad279bb2927d9ed7ab31d3d805f8542
CRC32 Checksum: D26844E6

Super Mario Brothers (Japan).fds
RA Checksum: 293303fe565de2333bc1e4115d38fa3f
ROM Checksum: e5a43dab16b25bd996d0ecdaafa27126
CRC32 Checksum: 17BEC0AD

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Achievement Suggestion Summary
- Beat game without warp zones
- Beat game a second time around without warp zones
- Max Score (should be possible, right?)
- Get all coins on cloud stages (is it even possible?)
- Clear world/game without dying
- Beat game without taking any shrooms
- Knock out Lakitu
- Reach Minus World (Glitch-only?)
- Obtain 99 lives.
- Complete a level with 'right' button held down
- Complete a level with a maximum number of jumps (i.e. 3)
- Complete a level/world without collecting any coins
- Complete a level/world without dying
- Die at the first goomba (oh the shame...)
- Use Warp Zone Added
- Reach the top of the flag at the end of the gameAdded
- Jump higher than the top of the screenAdded -ish
- Complete a level within a time limitAdded (could add more)
- Kick a shell through 8 enemies. Added
- Jump on 8 enemies without touching the ground.Added
Scott02 Oct, 2013 01:38
Super Mario Bros... what a classic :D
cirellio02 Oct, 2013 01:42
There's a lot of 'What if retro games had achievements?' videos and articles out there and a lot of them feature this very game.
This thread is history in the making, if you ask me!
Jaarl02 Oct, 2013 02:31
Cheevos Suggestions:
Beat game without warp zones
Beat game a second time around without warp zones
Use Warp Zone
Max Score (should be possible , right?)
Get all coins on cloud stages (is it even possible?)
No-deaths (if you want to , I know they have started to bore Cirellio! :D)
Beat game without taking any shrooms
Knock out Lakitu
dude128602 Oct, 2013 02:52
An achievement for each world.
Getting a 1-Up from kicking a turtle shell.

Just some suggestions.
cirellio02 Oct, 2013 02:56
Are you kidding? No deaths in Super Mario Bros is a must!
(No-hit achievements on every boss in a game is what was starting to bore me)
Reach Minus World.
Obtain 99 lives.
Kick a shell through 8 enemies.
Jump on 8 enemies without touching the ground.
PManningFan161802 Oct, 2013 02:57
What about defeat all of the King Koopas in each castle with the fire flower power up?

dude128602 Oct, 2013 03:28
I believe minus world and 99 lives can only be achieved through glitches.
cirellio02 Oct, 2013 04:00
Granted, minus world is a glitch, but I don't think this is:
dude128602 Oct, 2013 05:15
That actually is a glitch as it was not supposed to do that.
Jaarl02 Oct, 2013 12:00
I'm not even convinced that that is SMB1 Cirellio :P

BUT! Considering you can re-run the game infinite times 99 lives SHOULD be doable
Scott02 Oct, 2013 13:12
I'd be happy with a 99 lives achievement, given the classic nature of SMB, if you don't know the 99 lives trick, or aren't very good, then it's a good target. At least a 'large amount of lives' achievement, maybe 10 lives if people really tend to suck? :P

IGN did a video 3 months back that basically highlighted most of these, it was this video! I love the mega man one, we should definitely do that :)

(It'd be nice to automatically parse and embed youtube videos... I wonder if I can do that here...)
Scott02 Oct, 2013 13:34
Useful link for digging up information about the game:
cirellio02 Oct, 2013 14:49
It's not NES SMB1, the footage was from SMB1 on the GBA. But it's a classic trick that was even featured in Nintendo Power.

What's more, the programmers seemed to know about this trick because once you get to around 127 lives, it automatically gives you a Game Over.

And the fact that it wasn't 'fixed' or 'removed' from the GBA version of the game (and that the GBA version can display more than 99 lives) stands to reason that it was meant to be included. I think there's a difference between a glitch and a fun trick that may not originally have been intended, but I doubt Miyamoto/Nintendo would have left the ability to do that in the GBA classic port of the game if they didn't want it there.
Jaarl02 Oct, 2013 15:41
Then we should have an achievement for getting TOO MANY lives :D OD on Shrooms!
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