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Created 03 Jan, 2016 00:32 by matheus2653

1. Jungle Book, The (USA).sfc
Jungle Book, The (U) [!].sfc
RA Checksum: cf539bef183bcb97c192562bb1cb29ec
CRC32 Checksum: 3511EFB3

2. Jungle Book, The (Europe).sfc
Jungle Book, The (E) [!].sfc
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January 14 2016, 3:37am

I think achievements for this game would be nice.

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January 21 2016, 11:43pm

I am uploading achievements for this game now, but that's about all I can do. I am not very skilled with this game, but I did work for this game anyway because I knew how the game worked internally. My best ever with this game was Collapsing Ruins, so everything else I knew past that point was due to the cheat code. So although I cannot provide any help with a level, I can check out any broken achievements. I did try to do something unique with Shere Khan, but my best creation for the idea had too large a risk of it being broken for me to continue with the idea.

If anyone wishes to add to the achievements, you may do so, but this will be my only involvement with this game. Hope you guys enjoy; I made achievements for this game so the people that do find this game fun can add this game to their played games list.

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Thanks Tails. I'm ready for this. :D

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Thanks :)


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Added 4 achievements.
Jungle Master Jungle Master (50)
Meowgli Meowgli (10)
Bagheera's challenge Bagheera's challenge (25)
Now Mowgli can be Super Mowgli... or not? Now Mowgli can be Super Mowgli... or not? (1) is used as a base for retro points. Originally broken cheevo that was trigerring very early in the game.

Of course, set need a revision and more achievements.

Ideas from PhantomX:
No damage bosses.
Beat the game without losing life (if possible).


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June 14 2018, 8:33am

За сбор всех кристаллов обоих цветов суммарно тоже желательно сделать для каждого из 11 уровней. Достаточно хороший челлендж на исследование уровня так получается как по мне.
Если вдруг будет нужно - могу выложить мои предположения и теории по поводу их общего количества, а также дополнить инфой о известном по стриму минимальном их количестве. Гарантий что они верны нет (за исключением тех примеров где это было доказано на практике), но было очень похоже что я верно понял логику их количества.


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July 11 2018, 4:46am

So, summary is:
(10 x 4) No damage bosses.
(10 x 11) No death level clear.
(5 x 10) Get all rubys in levels 2-11.
(5 x 5) Accomplish bonus level by collecting all the rubys.
(??) Beat the game without losing continue.
225 points in total.

Some existing cheevos should lose some points to make the set full.

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March 11 2021, 10:08pm


Stage 4 to 10 The Tree Village The Tree Village (10) to Jungle At Night Jungle At Night (10) 5 -> 10
Meowgli Meowgli (10) 9 -> 10
Bagheera's challenge Bagheera's challenge (25) 15 -> 25
Jungle Master Jungle Master (50) 60 -> 50
The Wastelands The Wastelands (25) 20 -> 25
Bonus Level 1 to 3 Bonus Level 1 Bonus Level 1 (10) Bonus Level 2 Bonus Level 2 (10) and Bonus Level 3 Bonus Level 3 (10) 5 -> 10
Bonus Level 4 and 5 Bonus Level 4 Bonus Level 4 (25) and Bonus Level 5 Bonus Level 5 (25) 5 -> 25
Jungle By Day Jungle By Day (10) 5 -> 10

200 -> 291


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