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Posted: 22 Dec, 2015 00:36
Last Edit: 20 Jan, 2019 05:32
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Created 22 Dec, 2015 00:36 by

1. Shadowgate (USA).nes
Shadowgate (U) [!].nes
Shadowgate (1989-12)(Seika)(US).nes
V14- RA Checksum: 2a8c78bb5572ff60ee84f290ebbcdd8e
V15+ RA Checksum: 95a9917bf732ea61a10d74f190651878
ROM Checksum: 00d418519d02d55848596f525ed15d18
CRC32 Checksum: 74CAEBE3

2. Shadowgate (Europe).nes
Shadowgate (E) [!].nes
Shadowgate (1990)(Kemco)(EU).nes
V14- RA Checksum: 53a427c4334020b05435f58adbdc6d10
ROM Checksum: a8d96325c1eb17491c176f27513f5ee0
CRC32 Checksum: 0D359F20

3. Shadowgate (France).nes
Shadowgate (F) [!].nes
Shadowgate (1991)(Kemco)(FR).nes
V14- RA Checksum: 61c7f8a80b0c4e8ae4228e94634c4c12
ROM Checksum: 88a08e295034810b46bd99272f3991b3
CRC32 Checksum: 81D4E114

4. Shadowgate (Sweden).nes
Shadowgate (Sw) [!].nes
Shadowgate (1991-05-30)(Kemco)(SE).nes
V14- RA Checksum: 48677e0d53d3562217d77e914c1fd79a
ROM Checksum: a9290734721fd4e0d106f2c94fb8a888
CRC32 Checksum: 35C11EB5


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Posted: 15 Aug, 2018 16:39
Only if it will be different from Shadowgate Classic for GBC, which is basically the same game.

Posted: 15 Aug, 2018 18:10
Last Edit: 15 Aug, 2018 18:21
Castlevania Classic mostly just has generic progress achievements. There's lots of creative death messages in the game you can make achievements for finding.

Not that much else that can be done with the game, really.

For what it's worth, here's the achievements from the Xbox One release:

A Danger to Yourself: Use a torch on yourself
Melting Point: Pick up the Shield in the dragon room, then keep wasting turns until the dragonfire burns through it
And Beyond: Smash the mirror that leads to outer space
Trolled: Try to cross the bridge without doing something about the troll first
Damsel in Distress: Get killed by the werewolf
Almost There: Use the staff of ages on the warlock lord

They're all hidden achievements, but aside from the first one, a first-time player is pretty much guaranteed to stumble into these particular deaths.

Posted: 15 Aug, 2018 18:42
Last Edit: 15 Aug, 2018 18:43
Most of the achievements I made for Deja Vu were for doing oddball optional things and forcing most of the death scenes. Instead of just shooting yourself, you gotta lose your last coin to a slot machine first. Punching the woman in the trunk before removing the gag. I think there were only a handful of actual progress achievements.

I was actually brainstorming Shadowgate earlier, so I found it kind of odd to see it popping up all of a sudden. Letting your torch burn out while in a well lit room, completing the game while going through a specific amount of torches, etc.

The way these games are makes it difficult to actually make a challenging set. Just gotta have fun with it and try to make an entertaining set. That's what I went for with Deja Vu anyway...

Posted: 15 Aug, 2018 18:46
The problem is that Deja Vu has a LOT more opportunities for fun stuff like that. Shadowgate is very straight forward and linear.

Posted: 15 Aug, 2018 19:09
Part of me wants to pull a "challenge accepted" but another part of me realizes that I haven't actually gone through the game in well over a decade, so I'd need to freshen up on it.

Posted: 15 Aug, 2018 20:32
Last Edit: 15 Aug, 2018 20:32
Oh, one fun one I thought of:

"Get through the fire drake room without the cloak".

This can be done by entering the fire drake room, getting automatically pushed back to the previous room, and then killing yourself. The game will respawn you in the fire drake room.
This is how we thought you were supposed to solve the puzzle when I was a kid, we never figured out you could put on the cloak.

Posted: 15 Aug, 2018 21:30
Last Edit: 15 Aug, 2018 21:31
Run out of stones against the cyclops. I think there are a few amusing "self" actions and/or "stop hitting yourself". Give the wrong coin to the ferryman and/or drop the wrong coin down the well. "Riddle gambler" that is awarded when you carry only one of the possible Sphinx answers and it happens to be the correct one. Minimum/maximum inventory, minimum inventory keeping in mind the Sphinx conditions above since you can't dump these items after solving the riddle(s). Some thought would need to be given to maximum torches. From what I remember, the game gives you enough time with the revived torch to make progress, albeit with constant deaths and backtracks. It is possible to get every item in the fire-breathing dragon room. "Incomplete education" that is awarded by skipping the EPOR spell and/or "dead end creator" that triggers when opening the coffin with the goo and not having the EPOR spell in inventory. "Burn everything" (e.g. rugs, fireplace, every last torch).

Maybe some "commentary" types like how lame the hand holding the wand looks, how amusing it is to kill the apparent damsel in distress with an arrow, or the fact that you can melt a frozen lake with a torch and/or that it stays frozen without the orb in it. "Hey, isn't this song familiar..."

If glitch types are allowed, like the aforementioned death warp into the fire room, then there is also the glasses duplication trick that was used to amusing effect in the TAS:

This could be called "GLASSES GLASSES GLASSES"

There is also the glitch of using the Big Coin on the left torch in the mirror room, which activates the "bad bribe" death with the troll. "Literally trolled" or something like that.

Posted: 15 Aug, 2018 21:31
Last Edit: 15 Aug, 2018 21:38
I had that on my list as the "Hot Room Trick" thanks to gamefaqs :P

Edit: The fire drake room one. That other post wasn't there when I clicked comment.
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