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Daze Before Christmas

Posted: 18 Dec, 2015 07:22
Last Edit: 13 Dec, 2019 06:23
It's the fifth day since I arbitrarily began counting up to Christmas and this game's probably the best Christmas game on consoles we support. It's actually pretty fun, short and easy; I would recommend a playthrough of it. I'm probably gonna get lazy and use the SNES version as one of the other days so if you wanna play that one instead you (probably) won't have to wait long, just don't expect a wide variety between the two sets in terms of achievements, though this version seems to be superior.

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1. Daze Before Christmas (Australia).md
Daze Before Christmas, The (E) [!].bin
Daze Before Christmas (1994)(Sunsoft)(AU).bin
daze before christmas (aus).bin
RA Checksum: 334d109c48ed477ad00eaaf7e38c6813
CRC32 Checksum: B95E25C9

Posted: 02 Jan, 2018 08:26
Cut 5 points from achievement to create achievement based on game code that takes no effect
Posted: 26 Dec, 2018 06:26
Santa Incorporated and Santa VS the World now work on all difficulties, and had a couple bugs ironed out (you could take as many hits as you wanted on the first level in each set, and dying from a pit would not count as damage). They should now work as intended.
Posted: 18 Mar, 2021 21:09
310 > 265

Lowered beating levels to 5
lowered 100k points to 5
Posted: 29 Apr, 2021 03:48
Last Edit: 29 Apr, 2021 03:52
Edit Note: Added a != flag against the stage select cheat code to all achievements that were previously not protected. No other code was changed.
Posted: 29 Apr, 2021 04:14
pretty sure level select being allowed for non-progression was intended
Posted: 29 Apr, 2021 04:23
Passwords still work, just level select won't. You need to actively enter a cheat code for the latter, it's not something most casual players without cheating on the mind will plan on using.
Posted: 30 Apr, 2021 20:39
Last Edit: 30 Apr, 2021 20:43
Passwords only send you to the 1st of a batch of 6 stages. Some of the level-specific challenges are to be made in the last stage before a password (Santa's sleigh stages). By disallowing the level select cheat it is now being required that the player beat 5 stages before being able to try these level specific challenges. It is unreasonable, it is a big waste of time. The level select cheat allowed the players to choose any stage. I don't see any downside in allowing the level select cheat for non-progression achievements. Would you mind telling us what is the downside? Or if it's none/less than the upsides, removing the protection to how it was before?
Posted: 04 May, 2021 07:36
Just want to make it clear, I've seen your message, I'm just trying to figure out the best way to handle this. You do have a point in relation to the sleigh levels, however, the use of cheats is still forbidden in the ToS for sets that don't expressly allow them for the sake of a challenge or convenience. If the level select code would be reenabled, there'd need to be a revision to make an exception for either the entire game or a select group of achievements.
Posted: 04 May, 2021 07:52
It'd be one thing if the entire set was lacking protection, but in this case the developer clearly knew about the level select as it was already blocked in the achievements that it would make sense to block it on.
Posted: 04 May, 2021 08:15
If either of you believe allowing stage select for any number of achievements is important to the integrity of the set, you're welcome to suggest a revision vote. I will not be doing so as I already have enough on my plate as is.
Posted: 04 May, 2021 08:49
Yeah, using ingame cheats is a nice way to provide quick access to challenging achievements (for me it's like an invite to create challenging achievements).

According to the Achievement Hunting Rules, it's allowed but must be explicitly said in the achievement's description.

The issue here is that when Dexterspet created the set we didn't have the standards we have today written anywhere.

A revision to allow the cheat for a quick access to the Santa's sleigh stages AND update the descriptions would be nice.


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