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Super Mario RPG

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Posted: 05 Oct, 2017 17:34
Last Edit: 01 Nov, 2017 10:23

Update: (2017 Oct 5)
"Learn the Rythm" - Boshi Race
"The Unmentionables" for finding Toadstool's '???'. Need to prep some savestates for the others.

Update: (2017 Oct 7)
"Amphibious Wisdom" - Obtain Mallow's FroggieStick early by trading Frogficious the Cricket Pie.
"Alto Member" - Obtain the Alto Card from Toadofsky

Update: (2017 Oct 8)
Bugfix: Added alts so you can unlock "Amphibious Wisdom" later on.
Bugfix: Map ID checking method was fixed in "Learn the Rythm". A player could potentially come from Pipe Vault in the normal course of game-play and do the race, preventing the race's conditional loop from starting up. Its been replaced with playmap ID checks, which are unique to every sprite map in the game.

Update: (2017 Oct 10)
Demoted: "Dull the Knife" - for redundancy, permission given. Kept "Whats this pointy thing?" as the cheev for completing Mack boss.
Replaced with: Sleepy Hero I - Find Link.

Update: (2017 Oct 11)
Point adjust: Wedding Crasher
Added: "Win her Heart" - Get a kiss from toadstool in Booster's Wedding Marrymore mini-game. You gotta be fast! Its recommended to saveblock in the room before-hand so you don't blow it!

Update: (2017 Oct 14)
Added (unofficial branch): "Koopa Trooper" - Bowser Joins the Party
Added (unofficial branch): "Umbrella Wielder" - Toadstool Joins the Party
(planned, go back and add to unofficial, Mallow and Geno.... I hadn't taken these into account. Geno is a redundant unlock to the Green Star, so I may leave him out.

Update: (2017 Oct 16)
Added (unofficial branch): "Tenor Member" - Obtain the tenor card. Its been suggested to only include Soprano Card for "Soprano Member". This change will be reflected on the final core push.
Added (unofficial branch): "Rude, AF!" - Invade Mallow's privacy on Star Hill by spying on his wish.

Update: (2017 Oct 19)
Added (unofficial branch): "First-Class pirate" - Get all of the clues in sunken ship without looking up a FAQ for the password. ;-) You only need the ones in the 5 rooms. The bitfield I located doesn't keep track of the final clue given to you by rolling the barrel over the floor switch in the room before the pirate minions. A whole bunch of code notes where added as a result of my research on this one... The ones marked Clue 1-6 are dynamic and should not be used (unfortunately).
Added (unofficial branch): "Sunken Treasure" - Find Sunken Ship's hidden Frog Coin.
Added (unofficial branch): "Sleepy Hero II" - Meet up with Samus, whose resting up for Mother Brain. I'm hoping this method works. I'll test it doesn't false-unlock when you speak with the 'guy cleaning the guest room' in the same room later on...
(planned: update set badges for a newer look, like the ones I have added, just for a fresh 'updated' feel).

Update: 31 October 2017 - Happy Scary Day!
Commited for the masses:
- Amphibious Wisdom II - Get some allowance from Frogficious for turning in your Cricket Jam
- Sleepy Hero II - Meet up with Samus, whose resting up for mother brain.
- First class pirate - Find all of the clues in sunken ship. Checks a bitfield I've tested pretty thoroughly. Just the treasures in the rooms with the puzzles.
- Sunken Treasure - Find the secret frog coin in Sunken Ship
- Invasion of Privacy - invade Mallow's privacy on Star Hill. You need to spy on his wish. I used a workaround to start checking where Mario's X,Y chorrds end up in around about the same place. If this method doesn't work, I can look additionally. But it seems to pop every time I tested it.
- Shortcut in the End - Find the hidden shortcut in Land's End.
- Amphibious Wisdom - "Amphibious Wisdom I" - for the naming convention
Icon Update:
- Amphibious Wisdom - for the naming convention
- Legend of the Seven Stars - 5 points, to 1 point - watch the opening demo movie
- Save the princess? - 5 points, to 1 point - Beat bowser the first time
- Whats this Pointy Thing - 5 points, to 3 points - First star piece.
Unofficial news:
- I have Bowser and Toadstool joins the party programmed. Geno is being skipped as he would pop at the same time as the star piece (redundancy), but Mallow is doable.

Update: 1st November 2017 - Scary 6 hour bugfix!
"First Class Pirate"
- There was an issue with something I'd pushed to core. First class pirate's bitfield, which turned out to be unreliable. It only tracks 5 clues, does not reliably contain a correct value in later saved games, and can be different across slots. The achievement has changed to tracking all 6 clues via dialogue character pointers, and an additional character pointer to correct the duplicate hit condition on the second clue. This was a tricky one. Thanks to the following people for giving me info that helped:
. Monsheus - for reporting it very quickly.
. Lootius Maximus - for providing me saved games on all four slots I can test with, being patient and running through the course of my debugging 3-4 times.
. GameDragon - for making the suggestion of using the dialoge character pointer instead of tracking a sound effect, an idea I'd previously thought of and tested for an hour that didn't work...

Posted: 06 Oct, 2017 03:06
Last Edit: 06 Oct, 2017 04:16

Posted: 04 Nov, 2017 13:42
Last Edit: 04 Nov, 2017 14:08
frikinohmagod is the revision still not done?
anyway, rich presence needs update cuz is ugly as hell, shows the level and party members we still dont have.
maybe let it show just mario level, current stage and number of stars?

Posted: 07 Dec, 2017 01:27
Last Edit: 07 Dec, 2017 01:32
"- Invasion of Privacy - invade Mallow's privacy on Star Hill. You need to spy on his wish. I used a workaround to start checking where Mario's X,Y chorrds end up in around about the same place. If this method doesn't work, I can look additionally. But it seems to pop every time I tested it."

I tried a lot but i can't get it :(

Posted: 27 Jan, 2018 19:09
Poderiam de alguma forma anexar a versao traduzida para PT-BR...

Posted: 03 Nov, 2018 03:18
MSU-1 Support, please. Thank you

Posted: 07 Nov, 2018 23:24
Would also like MSU-1 support. Does it mess with the cheevos if we patch it? Thanks

Posted: 11 Nov, 2018 23:32
Last Edit: 11 Nov, 2018 23:33
I'm not certain if the original game ROM memory is offset by an MSU-1 patch. I would discourage using it as #1 a verified MSU-1 ROM is not md5-linked currently and #2 an MSU-1 patch needs to ensure it does not offset original game ROM memory before I can accept linking it to this set, especially since some of the cheevos are dependent on the DSP.

If someone wants to point me in the direction of the MSU-1 patch, I can give it a thorough test to ensure all cheevos will work. If that is the case I can link the correctly patched MSU-1 to the set, no promises. MSU-1 hacks are simple music hacks and should never affect game functionality or memory mapping within the ROM.

Posted: 11 Nov, 2018 23:53
Last Edit: 12 Nov, 2018 00:15
Additional post here I'm going to list some bugfixes for this game, since there have been MANY over the last few days:

November bugfixes
Getting rid of some endgame cheese

1 - Amphibious Wisdom I has been fixed for endgame players and those that where experiencing bugs with having the Cricket Pie in slot 7 at endgame before obtaining the FroggieStick. The achievement has been updated and now checks all 15 item slots for the condition.
2 - Win Her Heart has been fixed for endgame players. You can no longer cheese it by talking to the Toad at the organ. You need to reach the textbox after recieving the kiss from peach to get the achievement now, as intended. This was due to a few memory conflicts between both the legitimate condition and the endgame condition.
3 - Alto Card has been fixed for endgame players, in the same manner which Amphibious Wisdom I was patched. It now tracks all 15 special item slots and can be unlocked by endgame players by going to Toadpole pond and obtaining the Alto Card from Toadofsky by playing the first song, provided you have not already obtained the card.
4 - Invasion of Privacy has now been fixed. I am not sure what I was thinking at the time by checking inconsistent Mario X, Y coordinates. It now correctly tracks textbox pointer like it should and should universally unlock for everyone now.

Planned previews from the unofficial branch (still in debug)
Will be available within a month (probably for holiday):

[X] = Coded, needs debugging
[A] = More research required

[X] Tenor Card - obtain the Tenor Card (1 point)
[X] Barry Card - obtain the Barry Card (1 point)
[X] Shogun Sensai - Bounce on a Shogun until he gives up his green [frog coin]
[X] Wiggler DeWriggler - Bounce on a Wiggler until he gives up his green [frog coin]
[A] Exor Cheese - Use Geno Whirl on Exor (1 point)
[A] Baby Superstar - Obtain the Star Egg (3 points)
[A] Got a LacAttack! - Freebie a Red Essence (3 points)
[A] Lucky Yossy! - Win a Lucky! minigame at the end of a battle. (1 point)

More to this post as things develop.

Posted: 12 Nov, 2018 00:06
Nice thanks! I'll pm the link.

Posted: 24 Dec, 2018 02:05
Was there something changed with the achievements lately? "What's This Pointy Thing?" isn't unlocking for me at all. I've fought and defeated Mack four times now, collect the Star Piece and nothing is happening.

I'm using RetroArch on my phone and haven't had any problems with
any of the prior achievements. Other people seem to be unlocking it without any issues. I'm really confused.

Posted: 07 Mar, 2019 17:37
Just starting the game, thanks for the set. I'm a bit sad the cheevos don't work when patching the game to change the color of the buttons in combat so that they're like the JPN/PAL game pads.
It's such a minor change though :(

Posted: 15 May, 2019 19:37
Last Edit: 16 May, 2019 03:04
I don't know if LupineDream will ever come back, but I have some more ideas for the revision.

Breaking the Mushroom Wall - Have a talk with "Tips Guy" in Mushroom Kingdom
This Time It's Actually Worth It - Receive a Recovery Mushroom from Lakitu in Rose Way
Shyness Level: RUN - Defeat Shy Ranger
Baby Yoshi's Beeg Gift - Receive a Red Essence from Baby Yoshi
4 Snifits Would Be Bad Luck Anyway... - Defeat Apprentice in Booster Pass
Now It's My Turn To Kidnap Princess Toadstool! - Try to leave Marrymore from the wrong side and refuse every option
The Bravest Plumber Of The Seven Seas - Defeat Captain Johnny on a duel with Mario
That Would Require At Least 12.00 Seconds Sergeant! - Get the Troopa Pin acessory
Don't Forget What They Told You... - Get the Ghost Medal acessory
Reverse Jinxed - Defeat Jinx for the third time and receive the Jinx Belt
Toad's True Form - Receive a Red Essence from Toad in Nimbus Land

Posted: 24 May, 2019 20:40
Last Edit: 30 May, 2019 21:14
The msu1 patch has since been updated.


RA Checksum: 960ae5101e63c6eaf8f370c360af7af5
CRC32: 6073fb70

Posted: 03 Dec, 2019 18:53
I've acquired the first 3 stars but the achievements for those didn't pop. I'm using retroarch and so far all the others have popped normally. The rom of the game is the right one so it's not coming from that.
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