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December 2 2015, 7:11pm, edited April 8 2018, 5:19pm

Official Topic Post for discussion about Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising (Game Boy Advance) Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising (Game Boy Advance)
Created 02 Dec, 2015 19:11 by SamuraiGoroh

1. Advance Wars 2 - Black Hole Rising (USA, Australia).gba
Advance Wars 2 - Black Hole Rising (UA) [!].gba
RA Checksum: 46599031ef71117c587bd3666c326c07
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December 2 2015, 7:30pm, edited December 2 2015, 7:30pm

Already mapped most of the addresses I'll ever use, so I decided to go ahead and create a topic to discuss about what achievements to create.

Here's what I have in mind:

- Shiny Design Room: Make the Design Room shine by buying all colors of the COs
- Shiny Versus Mode: Make the Versus Mode shine by playing all maps
- Shiny Battle Maps: Make the Campaign shine by buying everything from Hachi
- Shiny Campaign: Make the Campaign shine by beating all normal campaign levels, including secret levels
- Shiny War Room: Make the War Room shine by beating every war room map with any grade
- *Shiny Link: Not doing this because that would involve lots of code. Is just have prior 5 shiny titles and this will shine too...

- Use CO power and SCO power for each character: That's 19x2 (38) achievements right there (00=Nell, 01=Andy, 02=Max, 03=Olaf, 04=Sami, 05=Grit, 06=Kanbei, 07=Sonja, 08=Eagle, 09=Drake, 0A=Sturm, 0B=Flak, 0C=Lash, 0D=Adder, 0E=Hawke, 0F=Hachi, 10=Colin, 11=Jess, 12=Sensei)

- Free each country in Hard/Normal Campaign: Orange Star, Blue Moon, Yellow Comet, Green Earth, *Black Hole
- Discover Lab Maps in Hard/Normal Campaign: 4 CO x2
- Obtain Neotanks in Hard/Normal Campaign: 4 CO x2
- Beat all maps in Hard/Normal Campaign: 4 CO x2

What I would like but still need some addresses:
- Run out of gas on the first campaign level to see a secret message from Nell
- Try to place something in Design Room map +50 times to see a secret message from Nell
- Display Nintendo's secret map in Design Room

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December 7 2015, 11:59pm

I would really like some feedback on the Campaign achievements. Do you think is ok to have one for discovering the lab and then another for the Neotanks?

For the former, you'll need to capture a specific city in a map and beat it so the lab appears, for the later one is to beat such lab. Both are optional, hence why mentioned apart. But if you do one, you'll likely do the other, so...

Is it fine to have an achievement for freeing each country and another for all maps per country? etc.

On a side note, I haven't had luck finding an address for Nell's messages, nor the secret map. For the later I could use different map terrain specs, the size is 30x20, but covering everything is just to much, just some key ones could suffice if nothing else...

Also, already have the usage of powers and shiny titles promoted to unnoficial achievements group.

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December 11 2015, 4:44am

I honestly do think this is a good set so far. I'm trying to think of some other examples of things that could be tough (but fair) challenges. Like S-Rank all the War Room maps, or get an overall S Rank on Campaign Mode (although I think that's covered by buying everything from the shop, since some things are only available in the shop by getting an S-Rank). Advance Wars 2 is much easier than Advance Wars 1 so I don't think any of those are too out of reach.....I would just avoid some of the annoying achievements in the Advance Wars 1 set had, like getting a perfect score on every map (literally no point to doing that and too much manipulation is necessary..S-Rank is fine.

Some other "interesting" ones I had in mind were things like.....

- Destroy a Neotank with an infantry
- Destroy an Anti-Air/Cruiser with a B-Copter
- Destroy Black Hole Siege Weapon (Cannon, Laser, etc.) with a Mech
- In the mission "Two Week Test," beat the map by city capture (I have seen it done before on video, but it IS kinda hard...)
- Capture every city in Great Sea Battle "Great Sea Invasion"

Or maybe even stuff like "Beat Final Chapter with 3 COs from the same country" ( that possible?)

Wish I knew about this thread sooner, I would have spoken up earlier.

But those are just some ideas I had. You honestly have a good set. =)

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December 11 2015, 5:38am

Yea, you unlock Nell with a average rank of A in the campaign and Sturm with S, so in a way is already included to get a good ranking in a few achievements.

I'm not sure about most of the "Challenges" you mention. The only interesting one I'd say is Two Week Test, but there's no different dialogue as far as I remember if you beat the stage before the deadline, so I don't think it should be included.

In AW1 there's a special dialogue when you beat Dogfight in 2 days and that didn't came as an achievement...:

At this moment, I'm just taking snaps of the campaign mode. Other than that, I'm doing a final revision of all the achievements in integration (just to see if I didn't made a typo and it doesn't trigger when I want to or at all).

Achievements should be hopefully ready in a day or so.

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December 11 2015, 5:47am

That's fair enough. I'm more of an achievement earner than developer/creator, and like I said, I think the achievements you got so far are solid. Looking forward to them being added so I can get started! =D

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December 11 2015, 10:43pm

Finally, all achievements are promoted to core. 72 achievements in total for a complete set that grants 400 points.

I would like to make a few pointers off them though:
- Using the (Super)CO will only work for player 1 (Orange Star), that means it won't work in maps where you control more armies (well it will still work for P1, but not for P2, P3).

- Deploy more supply depots Deploy more supply depots (4) has a small quirk. Because the dialogue ID is set with the same value when you try to deploy +50 units as when you use your CO powers (beats me why is that); the achievement will also trigger when you have 50 units but still haven't tried to deploy an extra one... (If you have 50, you are more than likely able to reproduce more units, so it shouldn't be of to much concern)

- Leave luck to heaven Leave luck to heaven (4) Couldn't find a single address to associate this achievement, so I check that the terrain has the same patter in different parts of the map. I didn't knew how many tiles to check (out of the 30x20), so there's a slim but unlikely chance that the achievement could trigger if you happen to match the conditions...

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December 12 2015, 1:36am

Here are some tips for this game:

Rank is calculated by the total amount of points obtained through Speed, Power and Technique. This is of little importance for the achievements in general, but there are some implicit ones that will require you to get good ranking in Campaign.

S-Rank: 300 -> 280 points
A-Rank: 279 -> 250 points
B-Rank: 249 -> 200 points
C-Rank: 199 -> 0 points

- Speed is determined by how long it took you to win the map. Each map has its own time limit. I made a FAQ on GameFAQs long time ago:
- Technique is determined by how many of your units where killed (damage is irrelevant, only kills matter). Joining together units helps you in a few ways: Takes out the chance of such unit to die and allows you to deploy more units (if you reach the 50 unit cap). The percentage needed in campaign is 20% (rounded down) and 10% in War Room (also rounded down)
- Power is determined by how many enemy units you kill in any day (usually left for the last day). You need 10% (rounded up) of the total units deployed in all course (even dead units count). Note that when you play in maps with several armies, each army will have its own technique, so you have to be careful with which army you finish the map with.

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December 12 2015, 4:14am

Seems RAVBA may incorrectly detect the save type and size for this game, you may have to make an override in Options > Emulator > Game Overrides... and change Save Type to Flash and Flash Size to 64K (While the rom is loaded). Delete the existing sav and reload the rom to recreate it and it should work fine.

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December 16 2015, 3:38pm

The CO power related achievements were checking the amount of times used, hence why you could only trigger one of them in a battle and not both. Changed it to work that way (also had a "typo" with Drake's power, it was checking a different size, hence it wouldn't be able to trigger)

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December 16 2015, 4:45pm

Oh wow, didn't even notice that I didn't activate Drake's achievements! Guess I was just too in the zone to notice =P


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Advance Wars 2
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Shiny 20 > 25
Moved some objectives from 3 to 5 points
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Can you guys add this checksum? AD4CF738F97416827BAF17D6C43576D7

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Could you guys add european languages please?

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Please add either or both of these for Advance Wars 2
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