Final Fantasy XI support is here!

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February 2 2024, 10:14pm, edited February 9 2024, 9:09pm

Useful information for getting started can be found here.

As some of you may have already heard, we've been working with the HorizonXI team to bring RetroAchievements support to their Final Fantasy XI private server. Their ideology of maintaining that classic feel of the older FFXI era with some new experiences aligns well with the RA goal of bringing achievements to classic gaming experiences. FFXI holds a significant place in gaming history, especially as a landmark title for the PS2, and we're hoping to introduce even more players to it with this partnership!

Today is the day that we release our initial sets to test out the new integration with their platform! This marks our first ever "Standalone" release on the RA platform--and through extension, the first "core+subset" type experience our site has to offer. Note: this is different than how emulators will implement this sort of feature, which still needs a lot of work before it comes to realization. There are only a few sets to start--but, if things go well, we plan to add many more sets that players can earn achievements in while playing the game ranging from expansions, endgame content, crafting, fishing, job-related goals, and more!

Final Fantasy XI (Standalone) Final Fantasy XI (Standalone) (Check this forum for some useful info!)
Final Fantasy XI: Rise of the Zilart (Standalone) Final Fantasy XI: Rise of the Zilart (Standalone)
Final Fantasy XI [Subset - Hero of Nations] (Standalone) Final Fantasy XI (Standalone) Subset Hero of Nations

Massive thanks to Flam, Shozokui, Rogueone, WCopeland and everybody else involved for helping make this happen!

On the Horizon (Events) On the Horizon (Events)
In addition, we're also holding a new event to celebrate this occasion where players will able to get a special badge (courtesy of @Jenettebaghead) for trying the game out and completing early game milestones! Read more about that here:

The launcher, as well as instructions on how to link to your RA account can be found at

Link your HorizonXI account to Discord at and then follow the instructions here to start earning achievements.

Join the RetroAchievements Discord to talk with fellow achievement hunters about the game in our #horizon-xi channel!

Join the HorizonXI Discord for game support and other useful resources!


Don't hesitate to reach out for a RetroAchievments linkshell invite! (essentially a chat/guild)

Feel free to message me directly on the site or reach out to one of the following in game:
- Auburn
- Eleri
- Falcus
- Jazeri
- Spectating

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February 8 2024, 5:52am


The future of this websites looking so good.

Joined Nov 10, 2021

February 8 2024, 6:47am

Congrats to both the RA and Horizon teams for pulling this craziness off. gonna install this tonight and then play tomorrow! I've had a lot of fun with FFXIV and have been really looking forward to trying this one out.

Joined Jan 28, 2014

February 8 2024, 6:58am

WOW. I had no idea this was in the works.

Joined Aug 26, 2020

February 8 2024, 9:25am

I cannot believe the sheer amount of progress everyone on this team/website has made. Constant updates whether its new consoles being added, new games (daily) and the insanely good events! Evergreen events is such a genius idea. Good work to all involved with this one!

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February 8 2024, 10:42am

This is sooo soo cool. It would be awesome if something like this could happen for Project 1999 EverQuest but I'll enjoy FFXI for now!!

Joined Jul 12, 2023

February 8 2024, 1:17pm

Very cool - May I ask if the only playable language for the game is english or are there any more?

Joined Jun 22, 2022

February 8 2024, 1:54pm

Wow this is wild. Definitely did not foresee this coming, but I'm glad to see it! GG RA team and HorizonXI both, and thanks to the people who contributed to making this a reality.

Joined Feb 23, 2021

February 8 2024, 2:23pm

I mean, i was never a big MMO guy and i probably won't tackle FFXI, i still know that this is a huge update for the website and it certainly keeps me positive for the future of it.

You guys do a great job.

Joined Dec 28, 2016

February 8 2024, 8:40pm

Congrats! I am impressed that it's actually implemented the way it is, I was thinking lately how to bring support to order PC games and all I could come up with was a "launcher" kinda thingy, that would be accessing the (supported) game's memory and granting achievements, kinda like Steam overlay, but made from scratch RA app. Does that make sense?

Joined Nov 20, 2023

February 8 2024, 8:57pm

This is great news! Congratulations to everyone who was involved.

Joined Nov 22, 2022

February 8 2024, 10:00pm, edited February 8 2024, 10:30pm

I am over the moon with this news, I can't wait to dive into this and see what other doors this opens in the future! Great job everyone that worked hard on this!

Joined Nov 21, 2015

February 9 2024, 12:11am

I'm not a big fan of MMORPGS, however this is good news. Could this possibly serve as a blueprint for modern PC games or older PC games getting cheevos at some point? I'm just curious.

Joined Oct 10, 2020

February 9 2024, 12:26am

This is genuinely pretty amazing. Unfortunately I just don't have the time to spend on a game like this, but it's still really cool to see something like this happen.

Joined Dec 25, 2022

February 9 2024, 1:13am

Amazing to see progress so far as this to start getting standalone support. gives me hope for things like shop of harkinian to get retro achievement support.
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