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August 22 2013, 6:10pm, edited March 18 2024, 3:05am

Official Topic Post for discussion about EarthBound (SNES/Super Famicom) EarthBound (SNES/Super Famicom)

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💾 Supported Game Files

EarthBound (USA).sfc 
RA Checksum: a864b2e5c141d2dec1c4cbed75a42a85
CRC32 Checksum: DC9BB451

EarthBound (USA).sfc (no-intro with MSU-1, v2)  
RA Checksum: d137f359df28265e83456a88fa5ef58d
CRC32 Checksum: F94CBF0C

EarthBound (USA).sfc +  ebbr[!].ips 
RA Checksum: a5ee470ad753d22a1c493c7b4bae6779

Patches supported:

MOTHER 2: Perfect Edition

New Controls patch (for each language above)

MOTHER 2: Perfect Edition

 German patch by GlostU (v1.2.2)

 Spanish patch by josete2k (v1.0a)

 Spanish patch by ShadowOne333 (v4.0)

 Polish patch by VOxar (v1.1)

 Russian patch by MAGNAT2645


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August 22 2013, 8:00pm, edited October 7 2014, 12:21am

Just throwing out some rough, scattershot ideas here.

Eagle Eyes
Return the Contact Lens to its owner

Kingly Regalia
Wear the Bracer of Kings, Cloak of Kings, Diadem of Kings, and Sword of Kings

It's a Secret to Everybody
Find the Secret Clubhouse

Fix it, Jeff!
Have Jeff repair every kind of broken item

Insatiable Sweet Tooth
Sprinkle sugar onto a Cookie

Most Refined, Indeed!
Add a Sprig of Parsley to your Royal Iced Tea

First-time Homeowner
Purchase the seaside property

Negotiate the Cultist maze while Mushroom-ized

Now That's How you Make an Exit!
Use an Exit Mouse

Street Vendor
Use the 'For Sale' sign

Ring the Bell while riding your bike

Poor Investment
Invest in Orange Kid

Have Dr. Saturn operate on you

Supreme Ruler
Measure an enemy

Oink Oink!
Sniff out a truffle

Fuzzy Pickles!
Get all event photos

Get as few photos as possible and still beat the game

Forsake a higher power
Defeat Giygas without resorting to prayer

Escort Paula back home after defeating Giygas

Smiles and Tears
Return home

These are free, right?
Eat a condiment by itself

Prank caller
Call Mach Pizza then refuse service three times

Fighter Pilot Eyes
Find both Sesame Seeds in the desert

Fly Honey-Free
Defeat Master Belch without resorting to Fly Honey

Caught Blue-handed
Steal from the food stand in Happy Happy Village

If I give you this, will you leave me alone?!?
Bother the man in the Twoson Hotel

What a Turd
Find Pokey's 'gift' in Scaraba

Discover the significance of the Insignificant Item

That was easy!
Get your first insta-win

The Dirty Sanchez
Get 7-7-7 on slots

Child Millionaire
Store one million dollars in the ATM

Three Minute Guarantee
Order a Pizza then do ??? quickly before it's delivered


Buzz Off
Mourn the loss of a friend

You've Come Far
Chill out, enjoy a coffee break in Saturn Valley

You've Come Farther
Chill out and reminisce again, this time in Tenda Village

Jumping the Sharks
Put an end to the Sharks' reign of tyranny

Is This Legal?
Face-off against the Onett Police Force

This is Madness!
Welcome to Mooooonsiiiide

Happiness is a Blue Gun
Put an end to Happy Happyism

Four Fried Chickens and a Coke
Watch your first 'Runaway Five' concert

Dry White Toast
Catch the 'Runaway Five' at the Topolla Theater

Freed Threed
Help Threed with its Zombie infestation.

A Message from Eternity
Help Poo suffer through his Mu training

Overcoming Shyness
Help the Tenda overcome their inadequacy

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September 1 2013, 11:28am

I didn't even know you could defeat Giygas without praying, and Master Belch without the fly honey. (I thought Master Belch's health was fixed until the fly honey is used. At least, I've read something like that before.)

Anyway, I have a few suggestions, myself.

Loaded to the Teeth
Jeff has 10 Multi Bottle Rockets in his inventory

Who Cares
Use a "Don't Care" name

Fourth Wall
The player defeats Giygas (That one would actually be the generic "defeat the last boss" achievement.)

Time to End This
Win a battle after suffering mortal damage, before your health rolls down to 0 (That wording needs improvement, I know.)

Rare Encounter
Defeat a Master Criminal Worm (That's the enemy that gives the most experience in the game, but is an extremely rare encounter, around Scaraba)

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September 1 2013, 6:07pm

Yes, with a little research I see that Giygas never dies unless you pray (but it turns out it is possible in Mother 1+2).
However you apparently can defeat Master Belch without the Fly Honey.
Anyway, I was just throwing out some ideas.
I like your ideas, especially Master Criminal Worm.

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December 19 2013, 5:49pm

Love the two Blues Brothers themed Achieveables

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March 17 2014, 6:32pm

Loving some ideas here.
What about making something up for that 3 minutes wait in the waterfall?
For a hardcore achiev i would also love to see a:

Farming Fallen Stars
Equip a Star Pendant in every member of the team.

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April 28 2014, 4:23pm, edited April 28 2014, 4:23pm

Thanks Otetus! I'm finished data hunting and ready to start making achievements, so if you guys have any more achievement ideas, now's the time to share :)

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May 8 2014, 1:22pm, edited May 8 2014, 1:22pm

Onett is finished. Achievements for the most part are going to be simpler than what I've been doing lately, but I do have a few tricky achievements in mind for later.

Who Cares? Who Cares? (5)
Use 'Don't Care' at least once

You'll Catch Cold Dressed Like That! You'll Catch Cold Dressed Like That! (1)
Head out in your PJs

Earthbound Gamers Do It One-handed Earthbound Gamers Do It One-handed (3)
Go out at night and investigate the loud noise ... using only your left hand

Buzzkill Buzzkill (1)
Mourn the loss of a friend

It's a Secret to Everybody It's a Secret to Everybody (2)
Find the Secret Clubhouse

Trashburger? Trashburger? (1)
Just brush it off a little, it'll be fiiiine

Jumping the Sharks Jumping the Sharks (3)
Put an end to the Sharks' reign of tyranny

Your Sanctuary I Your Sanctuary I (5)
Claim Giant Step

Is This Legal? Is This Legal? (4)
Face-off against the Onett Police Force and win

That Was Easy! That Was Easy! (1)
Get your first insta-win

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September 26 2014, 3:11pm, edited September 26 2014, 3:16pm

Hey guys, getting near to completion. Sorry about my hiatus--Had a new baby and a semester of college to deal with at once. Up to the Lost Underworld now and doing Horn of Life achievements. Once completed, I'll look into fixing what's broken.


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September 26 2014, 7:17pm

I'm looking forward to playing it when finished, going to muscle through this

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September 26 2014, 7:57pm

You can definitely defeat belch without the fly honey... when i was grinding for the Sword of Kings in the same area, I dominated him afterwords since i was overpowered from the grinding.

And go easy on the "add a [Condiment] with a [Food]" achievements... they didnt register for me.

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September 26 2014, 11:10pm, edited September 28 2014, 9:14pm

Wait, how did you manage to fight Master Belch after getting the Sword of Kings in Stonehenge Base? Did you glitch through walls or- (such as the Skip Sandwich walk through walls trick)? We've otherwise determined it's possible with PSI Flash 2.

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October 21 2014, 3:27am

No glitching ... cant remember. Don't you fight Fobbies and starmen before Master Belch ?
I might be thinking of another boss... I've beaten the game like 5 times and there's always something new for me.

Also, Fuzzy Pickles! Fuzzy Pickles! (25) Camera-shy Camera-shy (20)
We have to play through the game twice ?

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October 21 2014, 3:30am, edited October 21 2014, 3:31am

There's a second encounter with Master Belch, and he is in the Deep Darkness. He doesn't require Fly Honey so I bet that's it. We have done more experimentation on Master Belch in the base, and it turns out both the Pray method and PSI Flash beta works, so the achievement now supports both of these methods.

You don't have to play through the game twice for the camera pics, because every picture can be obtained after you clear the game during the ending. So basically if you grab Camera-shy, clear the final boss, you can go get the rest of the pics, too!

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October 21 2014, 3:38am

Innnnnnteresting. Haven't played the ROM since I got the cartridge... going to be hard going back.
But I'll have a go at it :)
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