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November 18 2023, 12:02am, edited November 18 2023, 3:11am

Devember has officially started and will be running until December 17th 23:59 server time. The event is being coordinated and managed almost exclusively on discord so it's highly recommended to join in there if you'd like to participate.

Devember is an annual event where the community bands together to get through the outstanding tickets for inactive developers that have built up. This helps to improve overall site quality and make earning achievements a better experience for everyone, and those who take part also get an event badge, how's that for rewards!

This year's goal is to resolve 800 tickets for inactive developers.
This goal is lower than last years, but a big part of that is due to there being less open tickets compared to last year.
For reference, these are the previous ticket counts from 2018
Devember­čŹé2018 (Events) Devember­čŹé2018 (Events)        	: 650 tickets
Devember­čŹé2019 (Events) Devember­čŹé2019 (Events)        	: 1281 tickets
Devember­čŹé2020 (Events) Devember­čŹé2020 (Events)        	: 1520 tickets
Devember­čŹé2021 (Events) Devember­čŹé2021 (Events)        	: 824 tickets
Devember­čŹé2022 (Events) Devember­čŹé2022 (Events)        	: 1118 tickets

Softcore Badge Requirements
- Earn at least 50 points during the event

Hardcore Badge Requirements
- Earn at least 150 points during the event

You can find details on scoring as well as the scoreboard here

Additional points will be provided to the entire community when the following goals are completed
- Resolve/Close all tickets for Mega Drive/Genesis games (10 points)
- Resolve/Close all tickets from 2021 (15 points)
- Resolve/Close all tickets from 2022 (20 points)
- Resolve/Close 400 tickets (20 points)
- Resolve/Close 800 tickets (50 points)

The Wheel of Doom
- Consists of several specific challenges which mostly have developer and player options
- Developers can do either the player or developer challenge
- The challenges available will be expanded upon during the event as some are cycled out. It will continue to evolve!
- Any challenges which have been fully completed will be removed.
- You can respin by completing a respin task. Your first respin requires 1 task, second requires 2, third requires 3 etc. The tasks are as follows
	Resolve a ticket
	Provide a save/state for a ticket
- If you respin and land on the same task that you've already spun since the last one you completed, you can get a free respin
- Challenges stack with regular scoring so this becomes bonus points

Important to remember
- Make sure to state your intent to work on a ticket within the ticket comments. This will let other developers know that it's being worked on so that they can work on something else!
- Make sure to backup achievement logic for achievements you edit. This can be done either on the achievement page itself or all posted in the forum page for the game.
- Do not edit achievements of active developers
- Tickets for achievements authored by you do not count
- Saves submitted prior to Devember 2023 do not count
- Developers cannot submit a save state and resolve it. You either provide a state for someone else or resolve it, not both
- Make sure that you properly test achievements as you go
- Saves and states will not be accepted for low effort/free point or meme sets that can be achieved with little effort


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November 18 2023, 12:02am


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November 18 2023, 8:49am

Sadly won't be able to participate this time around, but hoping to be here next December!

Actually Falcus, have you considered doing anything for progression? Don't know if all inactive dev games have progression but it might be a good think to give some points/recognition for fixing up games for that as well?


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November 20 2023, 12:15am

I had been discussing options for marking progression and am now opening this up but it will be only for developers to mark progression for unmarked sets. This will be in the form of an extra respin task whilst it lasts. Currently resolving 1 ticket or providing 1 save/state will allow a re-roll with this number increasing once every time you request one until you complete a wheel of doom task, however another option for developers will be to mark progression on 10 sets. This will not scale the more respins you request and will be available for a limited time! We'll post again once this is no longer an option however I expect this should only last a few days to a week whilst we get through the backlog.

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November 20 2023, 9:47am, edited November 20 2023, 9:53am

here's a quick link to all open tickets as its a bit hidden

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