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November 16 2023, 11:10pm, edited November 16 2023, 11:46pm

With today’s V5.2 release, we enabled progression features and beaten game awards, which has been a giant team effort months in the making.

There is now a new award type that sits underneath Completion/Mastery: Beaten.

Sets are mastered. Games are beaten. This means regardless of whatever revisions a set goes through, unless the criteria for beating a game somehow changes, you will always keep your beaten game award.

Examples of beating a game:
- Clear stage 8-4 on Super Mario Bros. (NES)
- Defeat King K. Rool in Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
- Clear the final stage of Wily's Fortress in Mega Man 2 (NES)
- Defeat Chaos in Final Fantasy (NES)

Beaten awards can be earned in either hardcore or softcore, though depending on your mode there are a few subtle differences.

Game pages now have clear indicators on what achievements you must unlock to earn the game's beaten award.

This is a "Progression" achievement:

This is a "Win Condition" achievement:

To earn a beaten game award, you must unlock every Progression achievement and at least one Win Condition achievement. In other words, you can think of Progression achievements as "unmissables", and Win Condition achievements as something that perhaps causes the credits to roll.

Not all games fit neatly into this model. Some games don’t have any Progression achievements, while others might not have any Win Condition achievements. If you are ever in doubt about what it takes to earn beaten game credit, clicking a type indicator will open this helpful dialog:

Beaten game awards have been granted to all users retroactively- over 400,000 of them. While most sets on the site support the award, there are still some that do not. As types are added on the last few remaining sets, you will be granted the awards you've earned automatically. The beaten games system is self-healing.

It's important to note that while the new beaten game awards add an entirely new dimension to tracking your gaming achievements, they differ from completions and masteries in that, currently, they do not offer a badge.

However, you're incentivized to increase your beaten games count in several different ways.

A new widget has been added to user profiles.

At a glance, this shows how many games you've played and managed to get out of the "Unfinished" status. A game only appears as "Unfinished" if you've unlocked at least one achievement for it. You can see your totals, as well as your counts on a console-by-console basis.

Clicking on any of the cells in this new widget will take you to an entirely new page...

Today, we're launching a new page for all users: the Completion Progress page.

You can access the Completion Progress page from three places:
* The navbar, in your profile menu (hover over your avatar).
* By clicking any of the cells of the Progression Status widget (you can land on the page with filters pre-applied)
* By clicking the "more..." link in the Completion Progress section on the user profile.

The page is heavily inspired by the PSNProfiles user profile, with a strong RetroAchievements twist.

By default, games are sorted by when you last earned an achievement for them. They display several stats we think you might find interesting:

All kinds of filtering and sorting options are provided that let you view your progress on RetroAchievements like never before:

Additionally, milestones are now shown on this page. We'll continue to expand these to include different kinds of milestones over time:

Other than moving games out of "Unfinished", there are other incentives to rack up your beaten games count...

Today, we are launching a new kind of leaderboard on RetroAchievements. Sitting next to the Global Points Ranking, you will now find the Global Beaten Games Ranking.

This a powerful leaderboard, but is conceptually very simple: users move up the leaderboard as they beat more and more games in hardcore mode.

You can specifically see each user's rank, how many games they've beaten, and what game they beat most recently.

By default, the leaderboard shows rankings for all systems and games that were sold in stores. However, you can filter by console and by game type, similar to the leaderboards you might see in the monthly issue of RANews. It may seem overwhelming at first to climb the global leaderboard, but several console leaderboards don't yet have a very competitive top 25.


We hope you enjoy all these new features. Engineering work began on this about 4 months ago, but conversations about supporting such a feature can be found dating back years. It has taken a lot of built-up knowledge, learnings, and countless hours from scores of people to finally release this today. We will keep improving this new functionality, as well as other areas of the site as we close out the year and go into 2024.


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November 16 2023, 11:20pm, edited November 16 2023, 11:27pm

QAM and DevCompliance just wants to let everyone know not to panic if games you have already beaten are not showing as beaten. The DevCompliance team are finalizing standards for marking games as beaten, and QAM are working to mark inactive dev sets that have not been marked yet. Some sets that were missing progression from ancient RA times are being revised (a whopping 63 sets fixed already!). 

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November 16 2023, 11:29pm

I just noticed the new layout when looking at my profile page. Looks pretty cool. Very neat and clean design too.

Joined Apr 6, 2022

November 16 2023, 11:37pm

Love the new feature!

A question: what is the preferred mechanism for asking questions/submitting feedback in terms of the criteria for "beaten" on any given game? There are a number of games on my profile showing "unfinished" where I'd argue that they're "beaten" - acknowledge that there's still some clean-up activities in the works, but if a month or two months from now or whatever they're still showing unfinished, what's the best avenue to ask about those?

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November 16 2023, 11:40pm, edited November 17 2023, 12:07am

Nice! It looks awesome! Great work!!!

Edit: I'm #1 on two "global beaten games leaderboards". Wonderswan and Elektor :O

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November 16 2023, 11:43pm

This is incredibly in-depth functionality for such a small, silly feature. Kudos to all the madlads who made it happen, wow.

Joined Jul 17, 2019

November 16 2023, 11:43pm

This is amazing! Big thanks to everyone involved with making this happen. I love the inclusion of the Beaten Games leaderboard as well. There are a large chunk of sets on RA that I know I'll never be able to master, and this gives a great incentive to play the game through to credits.

Joined Nov 12, 2022

November 17 2023, 12:14am, edited November 17 2023, 2:06am

I don't particularly care about mastering achievement sets (which is why I still don't have a single award for any since I just pick and accumulate the ones that interest me until I decide to move onto something else), but I do like to make sure I've gone through a game from end to end as thoroughly as possible so this should be quite a useful little addition for keeping track of that at least.

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November 17 2023, 12:17am, edited November 17 2023, 12:18am

With this update, i don't need "Infinte Backlog" site for the stats anymore.

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November 17 2023, 12:17am

This is nuts!

Joined Dec 14, 2020

November 17 2023, 12:21am

Wow. This is all great.

Joined Jul 5, 2022

November 17 2023, 12:25am

This is amazing work everyone! Thank you all for making this happen!
I really wish you all let us donate more to the cause, you’ve done so much for all of us

Joined Feb 24, 2021

November 17 2023, 12:40am

Thank you very, very, very much for this feature! ♡♡♡ ^.^

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November 17 2023, 12:43am

This newfound feature for the site is an absolute game-changer.
(retro gaming puns not intended)

Joined Sep 21, 2018

November 17 2023, 1:02am

This is great to hear. Another cool feature would be a checklist feature that is similar to has. Then we can checklist achivments off maually.
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