RAWeb 5.1.0 Release

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November 4 2023, 1:34pm, edited November 4 2023, 1:40pm

I'm just relaying this great info from discord, Make sure to thank the Web Team in this topic!

luchaos — Today at 4:06 AM
@Community-News RAWeb 5.1.0 has been released & new servers
We are now starting to use the aggregate data that we started populating in 5.0.0
Add trending games to Active Players widget
Re-enable contribution points calculations (will update on next unlock)

New servers
Maintenance of the servers is done. Our services should be much more reliable now.
Please let us know in ⁠site-feedback if you encounter any issues.
As soon as the new servers have settled in we'll re-evaluate enabling the Web API again. Bear with us just a little longer.

Lets break it down


We have new servers, go try and load Super Mario World (SNES) and see how fast it goes. Previously this could take 10 seconds!


The front page now displays a new section which highlights the four most popular games being played at any moment.


Most of what this update entails won't be visible for you on the site, as a lot of it involves work done behind the scenes to ensure stability for the site with our growing userbase. A list of all the hard work and complicated recoding done by the Web Team can be found here: Link

Writeup by StingX2
Edited by Nepiki

Contact Web Team about issues with the subject of "Web Team:"


Joined Feb 3, 2014


November 4 2023, 1:34pm, edited November 4 2023, 1:35pm

Future Update Preview
The anticipated feature involving more detailed progression, as well as statuses for beating a game, is not yet ready for release... but it is very close!

What the completion progress page will look like

The ability to sort games

Milestones will be coming to RA

This image shows a not beaten game, a beaten game marked by silver, and a mastered game marked by gold.

What an individual system looks like

What the N64 Beaten Game leaderboard will look like

What the Overall Beaten game leaderboard will look like


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November 4 2023, 1:50pm, edited November 4 2023, 4:19pm

Thank you so much, the website feels so snappy now

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November 4 2023, 2:22pm, edited November 4 2023, 4:20pm

Nice work Team!

Joined Feb 22, 2021

November 4 2023, 2:32pm

Thank you for all the work. Site feels much faster. Lets see how it feels during peak time. And I am excited about the implementation of the "beaten" status.

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November 4 2023, 2:42pm

Other than the speed, the new Trending section is 10/10. I limit myself in the games that I play, but I do dabble from time to time, and seeing others diving into things helps scratch the itch of "idk what to play but i don't wanna just browse through every game on a system until something jumps at me."

Also super looking forward to the Milestones section. Alongside the Trending, these are super welcome additions to the site experience.

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November 4 2023, 2:43pm

As I understand it, a silver medal will be given for completing the main game? No side quests, mini-games, etc.

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November 4 2023, 3:03pm

Oh, we are getting beaten game leaderboards? Damn, thanks devs :)

Joined Jan 14, 2023

November 4 2023, 3:08pm

I'm so excited about this update!! I love the extra detailed statistics and can't wait for this to go live! And the site is absolutely much faster. I tried loading up A link to the past before and it would take 30 seconds. Almost instant now. This is so great

Joined Oct 19, 2018

November 4 2023, 3:19pm

Thanks for the hard work!

Joined Apr 13, 2019

November 4 2023, 5:34pm

New Servers?! YES!!!! Thanks!

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November 4 2023, 5:44pm

Is there a backend reason why the friend section was moved to how it is now?

It was a simple thing, but it gave so much to the profile page.

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November 4 2023, 5:50pm

Absolutely love the “trending now” section! Such a cool addition! Thank you guys for all your hard work!

Joined Mar 10, 2023

November 4 2023, 6:15pm

We all appreciate the improvements you are doing on the site :) Love the new trending feature and cant wait for the future update!


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November 4 2023, 6:23pm

I love how fast the site is now, search suggestions are appearing instantly! Thanks guys!
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