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Brain Lord

Umaro13718 Oct, 2015 13:08(Edited 04 Feb, 2019 11:14)
Official Topic Post for discussion about Brain Lord (SNES) Brain Lord (SNES)


1. Brain Lord (USA).sfc
Brain Lord (U) [!].sfc
RA Checksum: bda740a4574c4c0bdb955d5c57ddb3df
CRC32 Checksum: AC443D87

2. Brain Lord (U) [T+Bra_CBT].sfc
RA Checksum: 290ffe44a6d10ac30cea203c026daf31
CRC32 Checksum: 3990B432

Umaro13718 Oct, 2015 13:15(Edited 18 Oct, 2015 14:06)
i'll work on this game. I don't know it that well, so feel free to submit your ideas for achievements. In english please ^^

here is the list i planned this far :
1 for each magic (13)
1 for each jade fairy (9)
1 for each bosses (4/5)
1 for the attic quest
1 for the xray glasses
Jakasmo03 Jan, 2016 01:09
Hi, hope you still work on this.
Keep the good work :)
Fingolfin22 Jan, 2016 08:06(Edited 22 Jan, 2016 09:45)
Hi friend! I hope you still working on this achievements. If i can help, i would suggest some achievements for the arena on Toronto, like "kill 20 enemys on arena" and/or "win 10 bets on the arena". About the jade fairy something like "level up 1 fairy at the max level" (maybe all of them) and maybe a achievement for complete the game without dying, and maybe one for each boss kill.

Sorry for the bad english! :)
Umaro13722 Jan, 2016 11:50
I'm still working on it but at a so slow rate. If somebody can help me, my main problem is that i don't have time to do the game to find all the memory values. If somebody can provide me some savestates/savegame, before and after each jade fairies for exemple...
Umaro13723 Jan, 2016 13:25(Edited 25 Jan, 2016 20:02)
WiP :
DONE (local) :
Arcs : Jade fairies achievements : all the fairies from the merchant + crinsom fairy of the cabin, Magic achievements : all the magic from arc merchant. Attic quest : done

Tower of light : magics & jade fairy done, boss done

Ruins : jade fairy of light done, boss done.

Toronto : all remaining jade fairies done, magics done + arena fight & bet
Umaro13727 Jan, 2016 13:24
49 achievement to the end of the game, coded, need some tests.
i see on a guide there is an hiden quest to save the two children from arcs in the tunnel to the abell ruins, but i can't trigger this quest... i'll try to make this quest completion the 50th achievement....
Umaro13727 Jan, 2016 15:30
50 achievements done, please keep save if you have an issue, the rom is : Brain Lord (U) [!]
Umaro13727 Jan, 2016 15:42(Edited 27 Jan, 2016 16:37)
fairies achievemnt + last boss are broken (pop on start) i'm working on it

EDIT : Fixed
cosmo127 Jan, 2016 23:18
Thnx Umaro137, thx so much!
Fingolfin28 Jan, 2016 09:14(Edited 28 Jan, 2016 09:14)
HOLY JESUS dude! Sorry for not read those posts before... You done a incredible job, really! Thank you so much! I'm gonna play right now!

LuisDinamita02 Jan, 2018 11:57
hello, I dont see the achievements in the Brain Lord (U) version [!]
That is the correct version?
Altomar27 Feb, 2018 21:12
Someone linked the (U)! version in the wrong place. Should work now.

Also i have added Rich Presence since it has none.
Wangfou05 Sep, 2021 04:03(Edited 06 Sep, 2021 21:03)
Missables to keep an eye out for:

Holiday on Ice Holiday on Ice (5)
Tough Warrior Tough Warrior (25)

These two are Missable for the same reason: The Spike Boots and two Hearts are located in the Ice Castle, which you lose access to after finishing it, so make sure you grab them before you beat the boss. The Fire Sword and Stop Medallion are in there as well, but you need to get those to finish the dungeon. I suppose you could also miss Tough Warrior by foolishly selling or discarding any Hearts instead of using them, so don't do that.

Gambler Gambler (10)
Gladiator Gladiator (10)

The Arena permanently closes after finishing Droog Volcano, so make sure you get these before then.
LiamBowery04 Oct, 2021 19:32(Edited 05 Oct, 2021 06:24)
There is some kind of a bug in the stop magic achievement. I got after saving Vanessa and tried using but didn't popped it.

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