Rushing Beat

Mutawarrior22 Sep, 2015 22:57(Edited 02 Dec, 2020 11:33)
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Created 22 Sep, 2015 23:57 by Mutawarrior

1. Rushing Beat (Japan).sfc [A6F0693D] + Rushing Beat PT-BR patch.ips
RA Checksum: 822335a339952dc6f5fa16762db81648
CRC32 Checksum: DB86A7D2

2. Rushing Beat (Japan).sfc [A6F0693D] + Rushing Beat English.ips
RA Checksum: 52a381970b31ba9d8a8e7e5fb660a888
CRC32 Checksum: E50381BF

3. Rushing Beat (Japan).sfc [A6F0693D] (English translation + MSU-1)
RA Checksum: 56525a387f310dcf6db750cbcfec5926
CRC32 Checksum: 4958B80D

MSU-1 patches and links

>>Referenced ROMs that required CRC32 hash [A6F0693D] information above:

Rushing Beat (Japan).sfc
Rushing Beat (J) [!].sfc
Rushing Beat (1992)(Jaleco)(JP)(en).bin
RA Checksum: ee392bdcd28d073585f198ce9187456f
CRC32 Checksum: A6F0693D

beefchariot19 Feb, 2018 22:30
No love for rival turf? :(
JMaio05 Mar, 2020 18:29
Cheevos needed...;)
MarioJunior1007 Mar, 2020 21:10
I will do a set for fulfil the requesters, it seems be a decent game.
MarioJunior1009 Mar, 2020 22:55(Edited 16 Nov, 2020 22:59)
Note you need to apply a patch with translation for earn achievements.:

Rom: Rushing Beat (J) [!]


After apply you will have this:

RA Checksum: 822335a339952dc6f5fa16762db81648
CRC32 Checksum: DB86A7D2

Versions without patch have different RAM map, and USA version is censored, that's why I used only this one.

Edit: Added new translation:

After apply you will have this:

RA Checksum: 52a381970b31ba9d8a8e7e5fb660a888
CRC32 Checksum: E50381BF
Alexdatadestroyer29 Nov, 2020 01:37(Edited 30 Nov, 2020 16:50)
Identifying the 2 hashes linked on the set for this game. This is such a rare case where an official released game set has all hashes linked provided by patches while none of them are fr0m original cleaner Rom!

So, I decided to post the information of the cleaner Rom to help identifying the referenced CRC32 hash required to apply the patches:

Links for IPS patches are linked by their patch file name to make things cleaner!

Waiting for first topic post upgrade with this information together with the referenced one fr0m original cleaner Rom due to its importance!

Hopefully this will help more people to play this set!

(EDIT: Information already provided on first topic post. Take a look more above you! It's a bit texty, but has all information that you may need! Thanks for upgrading the OP post!)
Earthsouls30 Apr, 2021 00:15
PTBR link no longer works.
Alexdatadestroyer08 May, 2021 22:59(Edited 08 May, 2021 23:05)

PT-BR translated patch link updated here:

It seems that PO. B. R. E. crew did a little of arrangement of their website's infrastructure lately which made that link fixed on first topic post to be broken... :v

By the way, thanks for pointing that issue there!
Darabka27 Nov, 2021 12:20(Edited 06 Dec, 2021 17:59)
(Update: disregard it, figured how to remove the header, then it worked like a charm. Also used the English language patch. Great job overall for the Achievements!)

The achievements aren't working for me. What patch do I need to apply to which rom? I tried all japanese roms that I could find.
TuxedoMarty30 May, 2022 23:08
The achievements won't load with either the USA or japanese ROM.

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