PPSSPP Standalone Officially Supported!

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September 11 2023, 5:18pm, edited September 11 2023, 5:21pm

Thanks to hrydgard PPSSPP is officially supported as of version 1.16!

This includes Android, Windows, Mac & Linux*

From what I understand linux has a slight issue but is currently being worked on.

PPSSPP News Post

Joined Sep 11, 2023

September 11 2023, 7:13pm, edited September 11 2023, 7:41pm

there are some psp games that are not being recognized for retroarchivements (Tekken 6 for example), please try to fix this bug.

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September 11 2023, 7:23pm

Awesome news

PPSSPP is a great emulator

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September 11 2023, 7:49pm

PPSSPP isn't updated to 1.16 in the Google Play store yet so if you want it for Android download it from here.

It also seems like the settings page for Retro Achievements is severely limited right now. Hardcore mode is called "Challenge Mode (no savestates)" and there is no option to turn off Leaderboards. There also isn't a toggle for Rich Presence.

I'll probably hold off on using the standalone app for achievements until the feature is iterated on a bit more.

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September 11 2023, 7:59pm

Finally, better than the retroarch version

Junior Developer

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September 11 2023, 8:09pm

Just a thought, might be good to say "Standalone" on the front page. The core has been supported for ever.

That being said, I might play there, because I found using cheats turns on frameskip in RA, and I really need to use cheats for Hakuna Mitata... (Hatsune Miku)

Joined Apr 10, 2022

September 11 2023, 8:10pm

Just got the nightly version setup a few days ago which was experimenting with this. But now it being official is amazing news! This makes it more accessible than the Retroarch core. As that is more demanding especially on weaker hardware like the Retroid Pocket 2S. Now more devices can get cheevos on the most up to date version, very good news!

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September 11 2023, 8:26pm

I'm glad I finally can (barely) throw Retroarch in the trash can.

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September 11 2023, 8:59pm

Does this mean .cso files are supported now?


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September 11 2023, 9:03pm, edited September 11 2023, 9:04pm

Does this mean .cso files are supported now? 

Standalone doesn't currently have support for dev tools so if they hash differently we have no way of linking them. Also wouldn't be able to make a set with one until devs can actually do dev stuff here. For now devs are stuck with the core (and an old version of it at that) to make sets.

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September 11 2023, 9:12pm, edited September 12 2023, 9:26am

.cso files work and load on Standalone for RetroAchievements. But there's no dev tools yet (mentioned here)

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September 11 2023, 9:53pm

Great news!

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September 11 2023, 9:59pm

i have linux version ppsspp v1.16 finally compiled from sources now

add name and password to retroachievement lines is possible

but button log in give me message cannot be log to server

check your internet connection

i hope linux version will work too

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September 11 2023, 10:05pm, edited September 12 2023, 6:09pm

I ran this with LCS so far, so far no issues, whatsoever. Actually godlike news. Much obliged, everyone.

Joined Aug 17, 2023

September 11 2023, 10:58pm

And for IOS?
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