RAWeb V4.0.0 Has Been Released

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September 7 2023, 9:10pm

RAWeb 4.0 has been released.

* New Navbar
* Desktop Wide Layout
* Want to Play Games List
* Game Page Progress Component
* Most Recent Mastery
* Continued Work on API Restoration

This was a great team effort and is one of the biggest updates in the site's history.


New Navbar

A key piece of the ongoing site modernization effort. The navbar changes allow us to support the new wide layout, a notifications system, and even more consoles in the Games panel.

Developed by luchaos, in collaboration with Jamiras and WCopeland.


Desktop Wide Layout

We now support modern screen resolutions! Almost every page on the site has received a slight glow-up ✨
There is still a lot of work to do on this area, but we felt it was finally time to rip the band-aid off. Look forward to continued UX improvements on desktop!

Developed by luchaos and WCopeland, in collaboration with Jamiras.


Want to Play Games List

Say goodbye to your Google Sheets and Notepad documents, you can now bookmark games directly on the site 🥳
You'll find the new "Want to Play" button on every game page, and you can access your list from a new navbar link.

Developed by Jamiras, in collaboration with WCopeland.


Game Page Progress Component

You may have heard we're working on some new progression-based features 🤫
While that isn't quite ready yet, you'll start to see some signs of it, with this new component being the most prominent one.

Developed by WCopeland, in collaboration with Jamiras.


Most Recent Mastery

Another part of our progression features rollout, the home page has a new statistic for the most recent mastery! Master a game and get yourself briefly featured on the site's front page.

Developed by WCopeland, in collaboration with Jamiras and luchaos.


Other cool things:

* Softcore users get more set requests! (dev: Jamiras)
* Junior Dev claims can now be set to an "In Review" status. (dev: Jamiras)
* Claims list pages have prettier game titles. (dev: Jamiras)
* Junior Devs can now add types to their achievements in bulk. (dev: drisc)
* We have a new login screen. (dev: luchaos)
* The top 100 games in the ticket manager now have prettier game titles. (dev: WCopeland)

What's next?:

* We are still working on API restoration and performance upgrades. Several foundational pieces for this shipped with this V4 release, and getting the site stable and API restored remains our #1 priority.
* We're actively working on adding progression features to the site and look forward to sharing more on this very soon.

Complete V4 changelog: https://github.com/RetroAchievements/RAWeb/releases/tag/4.0.0

Joined Jul 18, 2020

September 7 2023, 9:14pm

So is there any way to switch back to the old layout??

Joined Dec 15, 2017

September 7 2023, 9:16pm

Great work, thanks to all involved 👍

Joined Jan 9, 2017

September 7 2023, 9:17pm

The website layout is amazing

Joined Jul 18, 2020

September 7 2023, 9:18pm

Yeah, I agree.

Joined Jan 31, 2022

September 7 2023, 9:29pm

Great looking layout, and the want to play system is useful too.


Joined Jan 24, 2021

September 7 2023, 9:33pm

Looks absolutely fantastic. Thank you everyone on web team!

Joined Sep 28, 2021

September 7 2023, 9:33pm, edited September 7 2023, 9:34pm

finally it turn into something good


Joined Aug 19, 2018

September 7 2023, 9:36pm

Loving all the updates, great work to everyone involved ❤️

Joined Jul 14, 2023

September 7 2023, 9:39pm, edited September 7 2023, 9:51pm

Loving how it looks, respect to the web-developers behind all of this!

Junior Developer

Joined Jul 8, 2020

September 7 2023, 9:40pm

Pretty Modern design, well done guys :)

Joined Feb 7, 2023

September 7 2023, 9:48pm

It's so clean :0

Joined Dec 15, 2021

September 7 2023, 9:56pm

Awesome job my only complaint is that it's slighty harder to get to your profile quickly now. Clicking profile picture should take you there. I wouldn't mind usernames shown next to it. Other than these it's such a big surprise. GG.

Joined Dec 17, 2021

September 7 2023, 9:57pm

Thank you so much! It's wonderful :) I have a suggestion: a number that show how many games you have in progress would be great, just like the number of mastered games!


Joined Feb 16, 2020

September 7 2023, 9:59pm

Beautiful updates!
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