Guitar Hero II [Subset - Expert Full Combos]


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August 28 2023, 8:58am, edited March 18 2024, 10:35am

Official Topic Post for discussion about Guitar Hero II [Subset - Expert Full Combos] (PlayStation 2) Guitar Hero II (PlayStation 2) Subset Expert Full Combos
Created 28 Aug, 2023 08:58 by Excessiveiser

➡️ Download the subset patch here!

⚙️ Logic: Excessiveiser
🖼️ Icon: Excessiveiser
🎨 Badges: Excessiveiser
✍️ Rich Presence: Excessiveiser

📅 Initial Set Published: September 3, 2023

⚠️ - If you're using the PAL patch, make sure you're using English as your language otherwise nothing will unlock. This subset was intended to just be NTSC only but since Trogdor exists, English PAL will only be supported for now.

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