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Created 20 Aug, 2023 13:58 by thegotoguyy

WARNING: Do not make a save and load after completing Operation Canada You will be forever stuck on level 7

Pickpocket achievements reset when the emulator is restarted

If you're playing on mobile or steamdeck change the renderer to software if your getting FPS drops you will thank me

If you skip any level and play without having the previous missions completed they will not unlock

Leaderboards include actual playtime if your pausing or in a cutscene it does not count towards the timer

All time trials or any sort of challenge achievement operate how they did in Sly 3 failing any mission with a checkpoint fails the challenge as well as dying or not completing the challenge

IMPORTANT: The challenges are like the ones in Sly 3 if you fail a challenge, the challenge is voided. Depending on what mission you are will depend whether the job needs to be abandoned or simply dying/failing will reset it. I had to do this due to their being checkpoints in the level

You will see challenges at the bottom of the achievements list if the achievement says "Restarts on abandoning" The job needs to be abandoned in order for the challenge to occur. There are also challenges that will reset on death. You know when a challenge is an active by looking at the bottom right and the icon being there

There is anti cheat protection on the missions so you cannot skip levels if you do this you will be blocked from all progression achievements. Challenge achievements or any missable can still be accessed to speedup the process of going to the challenge achievements you might've missed

UPDATE: before raising any challenges as not triggering remember this operates like how it was in Sly 3 if you fail the job or die you will fail the challenge if the mission is any checkpoint


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Hope to get this out on Friday I’m just playtesting at the moment squashing the last few bugs

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So if i fail a time achievement for an episode can i start up a new save and enter the cheat to jump to an episode to retry say like episode 4

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Icon replaced backup

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Please could you add the hash of the European version of the game

Sly 2: Band of Thieves [Europe]
Hash: 8a3a380a1e1a2f1426d3fd0dc4f03588

I love the work you did with the USA version, thank you very much.

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The set would need to be entirely recoded as well as the leaderboards. Some achievements are impossible to do on PAL like the cutscenes

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Can the european version be added please?


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March 31 2024, 7:33pm

Hey everyone! With the blessings of thegotoguyy, all titles and descriptions have been updated. All credit for this belong to gamer097, who has approached the writing team with new titles and descriptions made out of love and dedication to the game. The leaderboards have also been updated, so everything is entirely fresh! Enjoy!

All changes can be seen here


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The icon has been replaced via community vote.

New icon by AzuchiAkeshi:

Old icon:

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Hi! Thanks for your work on the set! Any chance that the European version be added?

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