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Created 2 August, 2023 17:17 by Delmaru

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Link to patch, which adds in the missing Regi Key and Unova Link for N's Pokemon. This is needed for some of the new achievements that are (soon) to be added. You should be able to use your save file with a pre-existing White 2 save, no issue, as long as the two are named the same (minus the extension).

Also this revision will include a ton of medal based requirements, there is no need to file a ticket if you've already fulfilled the requirement. Just having the medal is proof enough. That also being said, I've tried to make it so you earn the achievement on fulfillment and not medal pick up, but its quite finicky and you may have to enter a Pokemon Center before it will unlock. There's not much I can do, this is how the game was made. If it becomes a problem, I'll remake them to unlock on medal pickup.

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August 24 2023, 12:10pm

So, a new playthrough isn't needed, right?

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October 2 2023, 7:54am

Portuguese Brazilian patch will be good :S


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November 3 2023, 1:27am

Little late, but no, a new playthrough should not be needed. If you've already earned/fullfilled the requirements for the medals the new achievements are based off of, you can put in for a manual unlock. You won't need a ticket, just proof of earning the medal is all.

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November 3 2023, 9:31am

Delmaru, thank you for such a huge revision :)

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November 3 2023, 12:13pm

I've added comments to some of the achievements to note the name of the equivalent in-game medal. Not all of them though, I was checking them against my own list of obtained medals in-game, so if I haven't earned it myself, there'll be no comment there.

What should I do for the manual unlock, send screenshots of my medal list?

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November 3 2023, 3:22pm

Can all of the patch features (Regi Key, Memory Link) be accessed by just playing this game or does it just enable compability with BW1 and B2 and you need to have played through those to get the new achievements?
If not, when do those features unlock? Do you just get both keys upon catching Regirock for instance?

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Do I have to submit for manual unlocks for N's Pokemon? I already caught them

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November 3 2023, 9:17pm

Yeah, you will need to. Take screenshots of their profile pages, with the trainer name on screen?

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November 3 2023, 9:41pm

Something is wrong. I seem to have LOST a key after doing the patch. I already caught Regirock and Regice, but the other keys are BOTH locked. Has the patch made it so that those two mons can be recaught? If not Registeel Registeel (5) and Regigigas Regigigas (5) will be unobtainable.

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November 13 2023, 7:28pm

I can confirm this issue. The patch seems to reset the key status to only having the Regirock key, so for us that already caught Regirock and Regice it doesn't work. Also, if you go to the ruins and repeat the puzzle, the Regirock chamber is empty, so it's a softlock.

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Which means the achievement set is unmasterable if you already captured Regirock - that means either the non-patch version isn't compatible with the set and needs to be unlinked, or the two achievements I mentioned need to be demoted due to requiring the patch or linking to Black 2 (and anything involving linking to another game has no place in an RA achievement set).

Unfortunately this also means a new playthrough IS needed if you already have Regirock and Regice
EDIT: Yeah, that solved it, I just got the Registeel and it's achievement.

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So does the patch work now or not? Im also missing my keys and didnt get the new ones and also didnt get the key for registeel after catching regirock. Do i have to do something ingame to activate the functions from the patch?

Okay sorry it did work. If you catch regirock you only see the animation for the regice room but you unlock both.
And you have to talk to the NPC next to the PC in any pokecenter to unlock the memory link stuff. Sorry that i bothered

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January 31 2024, 2:10pm, edited January 31 2024, 2:11pm

Hello guys! I would like to confirm if to patch the game I just need to put the patch file in the same folder and with the same name of the .sav file or do I need to do something more?

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