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Final Fantasy VI

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Posted: 31 Jul, 2013 19:24
Last Edit: 25 Feb, 2021 12:05
Official Topic Post for discussion about

 Final Fantasy III (USA) (Rev 1).sfc 
RA Checksum: 544311e104805e926083acf29ec664da
CRC32 Checksum: C0FA0464

Final Fantasy VI (Japan).sfc
RA Checksum: 97bf78e916b80f47cf35edf502be34dc
CRC32 Checksum: 45EF5AC8

Translation Patches
 Final Fantasy III (U) (V1.0) [T-Bra].sfc 
RA Checksum: ea12d01beeb8bc3376d0a91a80fdc201
CRC32 Checksum: FA8235E3

Final Fantasy III (U) (V1.1) [T+Spa100_Sayans].sfc
RA Checksum: aad61f72f56198a3c982293d0f43b363
CRC32 Checksum: 62332039

Final Fantasy III (U) (V1.1) [T+Fre3.1final_Terminus].sfc
RA Checksum: f3334df6425f78c34bef9afbc8118150
CRC32 Checksum: CEE13E08

Final Fantasy VI (J) [T+Rus1.0.8_Magic Team].sfc
RA Checksum: ac5394c8dba7139bf252b9e1d34c696d
CRC32 Checksum: 0119280B

Final Fantasy III (U) (V1.0) [T+Ita].sfc
RA Checksum: 8b449c1a94ea898f5c33ccac4cda432d
CRC32 Checksum: CF380A27

1. CLV-P-SABTE.sfr0m Final Fantasy III
RA Checksum: f1358c9203a76ccedb6d4d0ccf233431
ROM Checksum: 90fccab7fe4e5dce7ae2bdd3ab4c1980
CRC32 Checksum: 22AEAFA1

2. CLV-P-VABTJ.sfr0m ファイナルファンタジーVI / Final Fantasy III
RA Checksum: 229d423ea8bb85013b7ea45ac57acc72
ROM Checksum: 2ce73d7796df40623b0d654791acd54f
CRC32 Checksum: 51FDB968

3. Final Fantasy III (USA) (SNES Mini).sfc
RA Checksum: a3cd94522922af8f9d12c042e03c2d35
CRC32 Checksum:

Dancing Mad Final Beta Hotfix Four 20190106 (with all optionals and TWUE manually updated to 3.0)
Patch and Music Auto-Downloader Source
MSU-1 Source
TWUE Uncensor and Re-Translation Source
CRC32 e4921f68
RA Checksum 30a85bd42ad1c4814fac58a6e0435584
Patch Base: Final Fantasy III (USA).sfc (a27f1c7a)
Unrevised Patch
Patch Base: Final Fantasy III (USA) (Rev 1).sfc (c0fa0464)
Rev 1 Patch
Note: There are multiple layered patches involved in this game. This is MSU-1, Ted Woolsey's language and decensor, some minor bug fixes, cut song restoration, and a music player all rolled into one. Both bps files result in the same patched file, based on the unrevised version.

RA Checksum: a94e06a558756fe8d8088330da3aeb52

Posted: 31 Jul, 2013 19:26
Last Edit: 08 Apr, 2014 16:14
Just thought I'd move this stuff to an official Final Fantasy III topic.
You can probably tell from my avatar, but it's a game I've played through countless times; it's the main reason why I still play video games.

-Perform Bum Rush - 'Blitz Expert'
-Perform AuraBolt - 'Hadouken!'
-Recruit Gogo - 'Gender Crisis'
-Recruit Umaro - 'The Abominable Comrade'
-Wait for Shadow - 'Patience is a Virtue'
-View all dream sequences - 'His Shadowy Past'

-A healthy fish diet - 'Choose Life!'
-Reach the second world - 'This is the End'
-Clear the game - 'A New Beginning'
-Defeat Intangir - 'Intangible!'
-Recruit every character - 'You Are Not Alone'

-Collect all Magicite - 'Life in exchange for Power'
-Collect Edgar's tools - 'The Complete Toolset'
-Deliver the letters - 'Courier'
-Talk to all soldiers at the banquet - 'Master Philanthropist'
-Find the sunken castle - 'The Sunken Castle'

-Learn all Rages - 'Beast Lore'
-Learn all Dances - 'Lord of the Dance'
-Learn all Lores - 'Elder Wisdom'
-Cast Joker Doom - 'Why so Serious?'
-Recruit a Ghost - 'Spooky...'
-Pilot the Airship for the first time - 'The World is Yours'

-Defeat the 'true' Siegfried - 'Gladiator'
-Refuse Banon's offer 3 times - 'Stubborn Girl'
-Obtain Illumina - 'Illuminated'
-Flawless performance at the Opera House - 'Encore!'
-Perform Suplex on the Ghost Train - 'Choo-plex'

-Make Banon ride a chocobo - 'What the-?!?'
-Defeat the eight legendary dragons - 'Dragon Slayer'

We do have to be careful that RPG achievements don't spoil anything story-wise, since story is very important to the genre.

(Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy 3 FFIII FFVI)
Posted: 01 Aug, 2013 00:15've right,but sometimes it's very difficult:P I mean the "spoiler thing":P
Because the description of the achievements should have to be clear as well;
or at least you should have to figure out easily what's the task or what you have to accomplish to get it:)
Posted: 01 Aug, 2013 01:53
I see what you mean...
Is there anything in this list that's too cryptic?

I would hope what has to be done would become apparent as the player experiences the game.

(Or maybe they can do a little Google-Fu to figure out anything they didn't get during their first playthrough.)
Posted: 04 Feb, 2014 16:00
Worth the Wait - Wait for Shadow as the Floating Continent Falls
Beyond the Shadows - View All of Shadow's Dreams
Leap of Faith - Begin Celes Journey
Minimalist - Finish the game with only the minimal required party in WoR
Go With GoGo - Recruit GoGo in the WoR
Figaro Will Rise Again - Save Figaro in the WoR
Treasure Hunter - Recruit Locke Cole in the WoR
Posted: 04 Feb, 2014 17:08
Nice ones!
Auctioneer or Purveyor of Fine Goods - Win all unique items at the Auction House.
Are You Trying to Cheat? - Awarded if you start infinitely looping on the raft.
Over 9,000 - Defeat Vargas without using Pummel.
Photographic Memory - Perform without reviewing the script.
Rat Race - Slay 50 or more rats at the Opera House.
Child Endangerment - Obtain all the treasures in the collapsing house.
Covert Strike Team - Engage only one battle during Kefka's raid on Narshe.

I am working on this game now -- have entered a few hundred values into the game and should have some achievements made soon. I've also added the box art, screenshots, and release information.
Posted: 12 Feb, 2014 04:47
Upon loading the ROM, I instantly got two achievements: Custom Windows and Elixir-in-a-Clock.
Posted: 12 Feb, 2014 13:55
ok thanks, I only tested those in-game. Looks like I'll have to add some kind of check to see if the ROM is being loaded.
Edit -> They're fixed. Looks like the intro screens like to run through every value known to mankind, so I have to add protection to just about every achievement to make sure they don't pop on load. Yay.
Posted: 14 Feb, 2014 10:47
Damn you! You guys listed the three I was going to list!

Auctioneer, Choose Life, and Bumrush.

Maybe get all characters to max level (or 100?)

I do have one request: can you do a copy for the Japanese-to-english version? I know there was a dedication on it but I can't remember who it was done by. I want to say RPGe but I'm not 100% Anyway, the US version was watered down and weak. If I'm going to get achieves, I want them on the right version of the game, not the "Americans are so stupid" version.
Posted: 14 Feb, 2014 14:14
Perhaps. I am first doing the version most people would be familiar with and have most likely played (And for the record I am a fan of Ted Woolsey's Woolsey-isms). I've done some comparisons to the J ROM and it appears that many, if not most of the addresses do line up.
But if doing FFVI J2E is going to take a lot more work, I'd be more likely to tackle something like Earthbound or Final Fantasy V J2E before VI J2E.
Posted: 14 Feb, 2014 14:48
Oh... Well the wind has been taken out of my sails. I thought Jp. made both 4 and 6 easy...

I like the Woolseyisms too and I think 5 should be added too.

Not hard to tell I was personally insulted when I found out that Jp. thought we were too stupid for a "real" game. :P
Posted: 17 Feb, 2014 15:35
We're off to a good start here.
What I'm really liking about this list so far is almost everything is optional.

Watch the snowfield scene (without skipping)

Destroy Whelk's armored shell

The first of many

Steal a MithrilKnife while protecting Terra

Trigger a hidden scene after escaping Figaro

Ride a Chocobo on the World Map

Refuse Banon's offer three times

Turn up the heat on your first encounter with Ultros

Visit the Moogles' Den and hear Mog's words of wisdom

Perform AuraBolt

Spending TOO MUCH time on the Lete River

I guess default's not good enough for you

Equip Sprint Shoes on any character

Make Banon ride a chocobo

Here's a few things I thought about making achievements for during this playthrough, but decided not to:
-Unequipping Mog
-Only one encounter while protecting Terra in the caves of Narshe
-Visit Duncan's wife
-Leave Banon's top secret document on the table
-Win a Blackbelt from 'Leader'
-Kick the treasure chest in the Imperial Camp
-Defeat Telstar
-Something with the poison at Doma, with a snarky remark about how it's a good thing Cyan only drinks bottled water :P

Thanks to all the playtesters so far! :)
Posted: 19 Feb, 2014 21:45
Over 9,000 - Defeat Vargas without using Pummel.<-This one's not possible. At least not without over-leveling a TON :(

About this... When I was a teenager, before I became proficient at english, I couldn't figure out how to use Sabin's Blitz techniques, so I killed Vargas with basic physical attacks for a few years. :p

Just saying. No need to add it just because I mentioned that, or anything like that.
Posted: 19 Feb, 2014 21:50
I can't sink him with aurabolt spam at the point he joins--not before being condemned. IIRC his base level is either always 10 or based on Terra's. I need more info before I can create this.
Posted: 21 Feb, 2014 23:18
So yeah, as we discussed in the chat--

Definitely needs to be one for collecting most of Gau's Rages, but some of his rages are buggy. There are 255 total I believe including the buggy ones, so 250 at absolute most for an achievement should be good... maybe tone it down a bit further though, so people can get it proving they put hard work and dedication into the awesomeness that is Gau but not pull their hair out... maybe 200? ~220-240? Well just as I was typing this we discussed how you can't set a certain percentage... but you can set one for getting so many specific Rages and if you're willing to put in the work of typing all their names out manually, maybe one for getting every single Rage except the buggy ones and really lame ones like the red Mag Roader that's frustrating to even encounter for it to appear on the veldt, for example.

Something for using certain abilities in certain ways like absorbing a specific powerful spell with Runic or sketching a specific enemy that's powerful to sketch or something could be neat. Or like, stealing a Thornlet from Hidon or something like that.

Of course one for learning all Lores, and getting all Tools. Maybe one for actually sawing an enemy (1hko) with the Chainsaw for Edgar, or landing a kill with Air Anchor.

Definitely needs to be one for killing an undead enemy with a Phoenix Down, or perhaps healing a zombified ally with a Poison attack.

Probably should be one for collecting specific items for the first time like Atma Weapon, Illumina, or a Snow Muffler.

Might be cool if you could do some really weird ones like having a party consisting of Mog, Gau, Gogo and Umaro, with the former 3 of them using their berserk moves. Or just having your entire party be Berserk at once. Or having a whole party of Imps... or an Imp fully equipped with imp gear. Or beating a Brontosaurus with only one party member. Or some stuff like that.

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