GOG / RA collaboration?

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June 10 2023, 6:00am

Is there a source to petition an implementation of RA achievements into GOG? With my limited understanding, this seems to be the easiest way to secure the right source. I'm unfamiliar if cheats can be implemented in GOG, but the softcore/hardcore can be differenciated.

I assume a lot of us have GOG libraries, & they don't have achievements at all. This seems like a win/win for both parties.

I'm open to contributing more than my discussion here-- I'm just theorizing how PC achievements can be implemented.

Thank you!

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June 10 2023, 6:00pm

GOG has achievements on some modern games.

Also I think it's quite different how achievements are implemented in emulators, and in PC games. The only emulator I know of GOG using is DOSbox, and RetroAchievements doesn't support that yet.

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June 10 2023, 6:24pm

That would be great, because some of GOG's older games use the DOSbox core.

But I see a problem: all the programmers here are volunteers, while GOG games are currently for sale.
GOG could use the integration of achievements as a selling argument, or ban them.

I don't know what the RA community thinks.

PS: I think the engine for Achievements on DOS, will be with the "DOSBox Pure" core, with the original DOS discs or CDs.
I don't think there will be any compatibility with GOG games.

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June 10 2023, 7:48pm

I don't see PC games getting RA ever, the for profit GOG vs RA volunteer work aside most PC games lack a crucial component for RA a emulator, virtual machine that RA devs can debug and scan memory for useable addresses.

For Dosbox games RA could work but for win 98 games for example how would you know how much actually memory the game uses and in what ranges, not to mention different APIs and how they handle memory.
Not saying it's impossible I recall hearing something about a actual win 98 emulator but you'd have easier time reverse engineering these old games and implement achievements the same way modern PC games do it.

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