The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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May 22 2023, 12:37am, edited May 24 2023, 5:46pm

Official Topic Post for discussion about Legend of Zelda, The: A Link to the Past (SNES) Legend of Zelda, The: A Link to the Past (SNES)
Created 21 May, 2023 20:30 by suspect15

This is a new topic for the set post revision. On behalf of TheMysticalOne, JAM and myself, we'd like to thank the following people for their significant efforts making this set as complete as it is: Mutawarrior for laying the groundwork on which we developed a lot of his ideas further and implemented them, AlexGatao for his significant play-testing (breaking our achievements), Nepiki for expertly updating the RAGuide, Dancarnate and Laxxus for their help brainstorming and refining the new boss challenges and many others. We had contributions from people from at least 6 different countries on at least 3 different continents. This is truly a set that very well represents the spirit of what RetroAchievements is all about.

The following hashes are supported the by set:

Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (USA).sfc

Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (USA) (Pt) (CBT) (1.1).sfc

Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (USA) (Es) (D_Skywalk) (1.11).sfc

Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (USA) (MSU-1) (Conn) (2015-07-04).sfc

Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (USA) (MSU-1) (Dracula9AntiChapel,qwertymodo).sfc

Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past [T+Rus_Chief-Net].smc

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May 22 2023, 12:45am

We'll plan to add translation patch support for the US hash whenever those can be tested.

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May 22 2023, 3:58am

Looks great you guys.

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May 22 2023, 8:25am

The cheev changes and additions felt a lot like MMX style cheevs, then I saw Alex as a helper and it made more sense lmao

Nice revision


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May 22 2023, 9:35am

Looks like a great revision, congrats everyone!


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May 22 2023, 2:55pm

I would also like to thank Dancarnate and Laxxus (who isn't on RA at all) for previously suggesting some boss challenge ideas and helping me refine the concepts.

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May 22 2023, 8:44pm

You guys are legends. Congratulations, revision didn't fall short of expectations


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May 22 2023, 10:59pm, edited May 22 2023, 11:00pm

I'd like to propose a rescore for the damageless Mothula achievement from 10 to 25. This is challenging damageless fight without too many mitigation strategies.

Blind can be very challenging too, but with the Cane of Somaria it's much more manageable damageless, so we think with that in play, 10 is still reasonable.

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May 23 2023, 6:23am

Perhaps I'm too familiar with the game, but is damageless Mothula all that hard? The player has access to the Fire Rod, Half Magic, and all four Bottles, so you can just go nuts with the Fire Rod and the boss evaporates, leaving you with only a bit of spike dodging in the meantime.

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May 23 2023, 7:03am

I would say Mothula is pretty decidedly the hardest boss to no-damage (besides Ganon, who is worth 25), just by virtue of how much stuff is going on in the arena, but it is true you can burn them down pretty fast if you go hog with the Fire Rod.

I suppose the question is if Mothula no-damage is a sufficiently large step up from the others to warrant going up a scoring bracket, which is a tough call.


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May 23 2023, 8:47am

I was thinking about this and I'm going to play devil's advocate here, but I think it's fine to keep both Mothula and Blind at 10 only for the reason that they are fairly easy to rechallenge due to the path to the boss room only being like, one minute. Meanwhile Agahnim, Vitreous, and Arrghus, significantly easier boss battles, require the traversal of the entire dungeon. So while the former bosses are certainly tougher to master (but by no means extremely difficult), I think it is balanced by the time spent.

I'm not objected to the points increase in case it happens though, Mothula and Blind (without knowing about the Cane of Somaria/Good Bee at least) are some of the tougher achievements of this set so I totally understand the desire.

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May 23 2023, 3:03pm, edited May 23 2023, 3:04pm

Mothula is definately a unique case, cause it can easily go down in just 4 hits with the tempered sword, in around 10-15 seconds. But if you hit him into the spikes, for some reason he takes little damage at all, making the fight alot longer, and requiring more hits. So depending on player knowledge of knowing to hit him away from the spikes, to get the quick 4 hit kill, this can be an easy no damage boss, or a really hard no damage boss. The more time spent in the arena, the more likely you'll get hit by something.


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May 23 2023, 4:20pm

These are all good points. I appreciate all the feedback. So far the point increase has pretty broad support. I tried it like 10 times with the master sword and couldn't it once without being hit. I think it's far tougher than the other bosses which is why I am in favor of bumping this one up a bit.


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May 23 2023, 4:35pm

Mothula depends on rng from beginning to end, if you don't know the quick kill with the tempred sword it's quite difficult as the arena is in constant motion and the iron spikes can appear randomly, I've already managed to rng with only 2 iron spikes are moving in the room and with 5 moving while the mothula is running the room, the scenario is pretty horrible because it will always depend on rng for the entire fight

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May 23 2023, 5:39pm

I support it being bumped up as well. Also, Mothula is in "dungeon 3" of the dark world, and to get the tempered sword, you have to make the decision to go to thieves town "dungeon 4" first for the gold mits and knowingly grab the tempered sword before the fight. I do imagine alot of players would attempt Mothula with the master sword, making it much tougher.
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