~Hack~ Pokemon Unbound [Subset - Professor Oak Challenge]

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May 4 2023, 7:28pm


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May 4 2023, 7:43pm


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May 4 2023, 10:25pm

Hahahaha holy shit. This is gonna have well over 800 achievements. I'm gonna drop literally everything i'm playing when this comes out.


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May 5 2023, 12:18am



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May 11 2023, 2:34pm

Here's the guide I made for this set, it should be accurate but feel free to let me know if you have any questions or notice any mistakes

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May 20 2023, 1:03pm

Only thing i need to know , is there anything missable in terms of POC . so that you can mess up an checkpoint ?


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Here's the table for the Lillipup Pickup - so level up your Lillipup to between 51 and 70 for the King's Rock.

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May 22 2023, 3:19am

I can't get the files for the patch to extract to patch with the game when I try I get bad or unknown format error why trying to extract them


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May 22 2023, 5:32pm

Hisui Rock locations:
Route 10 Raid Den: Goomy, Sliggoo
Icy Hole Raid Den: Bergmite, Avalugg
Gurun Town Raid Den: Lilligant
Magnolia Fields Raid Den: Typhlosion

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June 14 2023, 5:51pm

How am I supposed to obtain a Lillipup mefore Mirskle?

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June 14 2023, 6:24pm

It's a normal encounter on route 4.


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December 1 2023, 5:16am

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