Pokemon Ruby Version [Subset - Professor Oak Challenge]


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Created 21 Apr, 2023 13:10 by Delmaru

Link to patch is here

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Which ROM should I apply the patch?

Edit: I've already found it.

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Which rom do I need to patch to get it to work?

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May 15 2023, 11:30am

The patch is made for "Pokemon - Ruby Version (USA, Europe)"

Rev.1 or Rev.2 aren't supported


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May 16 2023, 5:15pm

the old icon was outvoted and replaced, heres a backup

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July 10 2023, 12:30am

How do I tell RetroArch that I want to earn these achievements over the ones for the base game? It won't detect the patched rom.

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October 8 2023, 6:32pm

Leaderboard Suggestion: Fastest time to catch all pokemon.

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November 27 2023, 3:29pm

Jackk9272 Use the hash checker to make sure it took.

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nevermind that

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