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Super Mario Kart

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Posted: 19 Jul, 2013 21:39
Last Edit: 24 Jan, 2020 01:52
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Created 19 Jul, 2013 21:39 by

1. Super Mario Kart (USA).sfc
Super Mario Kart (U) [!].sfc
super mario kart.u1
RA Checksum: 7f25ce5a283d902694c52fb1152fa61a
CRC32 Checksum: CD80DB86

2. Super Mario Kart (Europe).sfc
Super Mario Kart (E) [!].sfc
RA Checksum: f9fe266e91632e68b558d6b43393eaba
CRC32 Checksum: 56410E5E

3. Super Mario Kart (Japan).sfc
Super Mario Kart (J) [!].sfc
RA Checksum: f7afa112d7ec1d532636703e4b02700a
CRC32 Checksum: C8002453

4. Super Mario Kart - MSU-1 [smk-msu].sfc
RA Checksum: f0b77632713d84d39153ce26136b9088
CRC32 Checksum: 65B47722

5. CLV-P-SAAFE.sfrom Super Mario Kart
RA Checksum: ae669ee45742449fdf84bf3348720e22
ROM Checksum: a3a2eb738dad02e77636bd57908dd04b
CRC32 Checksum: 6E393DAC

6. CLV-P-VAAFJ.sfrom スーパーマリオカート / Super Mario Kart
RA Checksum: c89ccaadeb22fea8324bef07fef23dfc
ROM Checksum: 1e3473a2c95f4023c0e6908f14a8e072
CRC32 Checksum: B8F30642

7. Super Mario Kart MSU Wii Music v1.1 qwertymodo-smk-msu.sfc
RA Checksum: 4f2505b88fbf2f76c75dfe4546c62ad1
CRC32 Checksum: 17F5E0D6

8. Super Mario Kart (USA).sfc (no-intro with MSU-1, v1.2)
RA Checksum: 1844a58f85cc3a729000fb419275f8c9
CRC32 Checksum: 70C811CD


Posted: 19 Jul, 2013 21:46
Mario Kart achievements.. well.

- There's Mushroom/Flower/Star Cup victories, in 50/100/150cc, and Special in 100/150cc.
- Winning a cup by only placing 1st
- Winning a cup by *never* placing 1st (haha difficult but possible)
- Playing as every character (bit of a 'gimme' achievement, but gives the player chance to explore all the drivers)
- Reverse across the line? Oh yes we can do that
- Reaching/Staying at a certain maximum speed for a certain time
- Using a feather in Ghost Valley 1 to achieve a sub 14/15 second lap time
- 2 player achievements? (meh)

Posted: 19 Jul, 2013 22:31
On the beach stage for 2 player battles I used to get the feather and try and land on the block surrounded by walls (you could only get it with a feather) I would then hope for a mushroom so I could use the item while hitting the ramp to see how far away from the stage I could get. Sometimes the Lakitu would take a fair few seconds bringing me back.

Perhaps that could be an achievement - length of time riding with Lakitu (fishing rod cloud characters) also
- longest jump.
- Finishing a race after hitting an obsticle (like a banana skin or dropped green shell just before the line and managing to cross the line after hitting it.
- Collecting a certain number of each power up or collecting one of each during a single race
- Using the mushroom on Donut Plains one to get a reduced lap time (shortcut after the bridge through a hole in the wall.)

Posted: 31 Jul, 2013 16:22
It definitely needs an achievement as it's not on the list of games as no achievements have been set up yet even though the leaderboards have.

Posted: 23 Dec, 2013 17:18
copied from chat

-are you able to ad using shortcuts? Like in the Ghost house or Donut plains?
-Also on levels where the cloud dude (can't remember how to spell his name) picks you up after falling / swimming, perhaps have him pick you up a number of times and still win a race
-or how about squash a number of racers on a lap after using the lightening bolt
-have a certain number of green shells roaming the level
-skid across the line on the last lap of a race after hitting a stationary banana skin or shell or having just been hit
-Spend a length of time being carried by lakitu (normally use a mushroom and hit a ramp out of the play area).
-How about see how much senery you can take out when you have a star, the pipes on Mario circuit were removed when you went through with a star if I recall.
-Does it track speed? If so using a mushroom as you cross the finish line.
-What about finishing last in one race and still winning a cup?
-also on the ghost house levels. Clearing the blocks around the egde of the track and still place high.
-cross the line and fall out the play area, get lakitu to put you back on after the race is over?

Posted: 23 Dec, 2013 23:39
-What about finishing last in one race and still winning a cup?

That one doesn't work (in single player) because finishing anywhere below 4th forces you to restart the race. Unless you change that "last" to "4th place".

Anyway, here are some suggestions.

-Finish x Cup in first place. (Yes, I think that each Cup should have a "first place" achievement, that is separate from the "finish each race first" one, so that they at least get a little something if they struggle in a specific race but can otherwise manage to finish first in the Cup as a whole. Especially true in Special Cup.)
-Get a boost start. (Dunno how to say it. But the "mushroom" boost you get when starting a race when you start accelerating just after the first light. This is a slight secret, but then again, a lot of achievements for other games are "secret", too, such as the Konami code in Contra, etc.)
-Establish a ghost in Time Trial. (That's done by completing a race without hitting any object, having Lakitu bring you back on track or pausing the game.)
-Do a looooong jump. (Use a mushroom before those bumps in Choco Island 1, Bowser Castles, etc.)
-Finish first in Rainbow Road without falling off the track.

Often, there are achievements for "bad" stuff too. Here are some suggestions for this.
-Be flattened by a thwomp.
-Hit an invincible thwomp. (The ones in Rainbow Road.)
-Hit a green shell. (Either your own or Koopa Troopa's.)
-Hit a banana. (Either your own or DK.Jr's.)
-Hit a poisonous mushroom. (The stuff Toad and Princess throw at you.)
-Hit a fireball. (The stuff Bowser throws at you.)
-Hit an egg. (The stuff Yoshi throws at you.)
-Get hit by an invincible star. (Mario and Luigi.)
-Fall into lava.
-Fall into the void. (Ghost Valley, Rainbow Road.)
-Fall into deep water. (Vanilla Lake, Koopa Beach.)
-Hit a fish. (Koopa Beaches.)

How about some Time Trial times, too? Like, "under 1'05 in Mario Circuit 1", and so on, for all tracks. Although that would make it uber easy for veteran players such as myself who know how to be efficient, and hard for less experienced people who don't use Bowser and DK Jr (by far the fastest dudes). In SMK, just like in F-Zero, there's a clear cut best character (well, in this case, a tie, since they have the exact same stats) for raw speed, and if you've mastered the game, other characters' "advantages", such as better acceleration or cornering, don't matter whatsoever. So this suggestion may not be a good one, because it would force people to use characters they dislike to be able to achieve it.

One thing is clear in my mind, though : keep any 2-player achievements out of it. It shouldn't be involved at all, seeing as playing games on emulator is hard to do in multiplayer, and/or some people just prefer to play alone and not have to bother with finding other people, etc.

Posted: 24 Dec, 2013 02:37
-Finish x Cup in first place.
* I was thinking they might be good to add, but are barely different than 1st in every race and require me to find a couple new addresses. I'll add them though.

* I don't think you should be rewarded for any of the 'bad' stuff.

-Get a boost start.
Yes, I wanted to do this but forgot all about it.

-Agreed with no 2P cheevs.

-Long jump... I don't know which are long because I literally haven't played through more than one cup legitimately. But I'll add them.
*There's a few shortcut achievements that require long jumps.

-Finish first in Rainbow Road without falling off the track.
Will do.

*Isn't there pre-made Time Trial high scores to beat? Could have one for each track.
*Might add the ghost cheev.

Anything else on the thread I've already skipped over, unfortunately. It was either not possible, sub-par cheev, already done or too much work for its worth.

-skid across the line on the last lap of a race after hitting a stationary banana skin or shell or having just been hit
* Maybe, as long as you actually gain an acceptable distance after hitting one and not just sit still.

- Reaching/Staying at a certain maximum speed for a certain time
* The game tracks your overall speed so it's possible, but impossible at the same time. The game doesn't say how fast you're actually going(MPH/KPH), and each character has a different speed. Plus there's so many turns in the game that it just might not work out unless you're on a specific track.

- Winning a cup by *never* placing 1st (haha difficult but possible)
* I'd like it, but let me clarify something. I'm almost positive the game doesn't track your winning position for each specific race, only your total points and your final cup position. And with points, there's no way to tell if you got 8,8,8,8,8, and not 9,9,6,9,7, for example. It would total out to the same amount. Unsure if the cheev is possible to make, but I'll try looking into it a little more when I finish the above.

Posted: 24 Dec, 2013 06:50
More suggestions :

-Spin out (why not? :p)
-Hitting one of Toad's or Princess' mushrooms to *grow back to normal size*.
-Hitting an opponent by throwing a green shell (*not* by depositing one on the track)
-Obtain all item blocks in one race. (My wording is terrible here. But I mean, running over every single item block in a race, and finishing either first, or in top 4 to be able to continue to the next race.)
-Being 5th or worse when entering the final lap, and finishing first.
-Finish a cup in 4th place (There's a different trophy ceremony where your character looks sad, a bit away from the podium.)
-All eight racers have at least 1 point. (This is kinda hellish to achieve.)

Posted: 24 Dec, 2013 18:38
Not sure how you would check for this as an achievement, but my favorite thing to do was use a lightening bolt at the right time on Mario Circuit 2 so that the racer in 1st place was going too slowly to make the jump over the track.

I was also thinking of achievements for specific character/weapon pairings. Like "take out DK with a banana peel" or "hit Koopa Troopa with a green shell". Not everyone has an appropriate pairing, but it is just a thought.

Also, hitting one opponent 5 times in one race

Posted: 24 Dec, 2013 19:55
Can't do the lightning thing without an -or- feature in the editor, since there's 7 opponents to keep track of.

2nd idea: The AI is tracked as AI 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and the characters are randomly given one of those positions. I can't target a specific character in memory, only "Enemy 1, 2, etc.." One more thing, no way to tell if the enemy did that to another enemy or if you did it to the enemy.

3rd idea: Half of the problem as above, we can target one enemy BUT we can not say you hit the enemy and another enemy didn't hit them. It just simply says 'they got hit'.

Cool ideas though, but can't be done.

Adding cheevs for Time Trial times is seemingly not possible.
Seconds and minutes are separated and cannot be in one 16-bit address.
The entire clock system is 32-bit, which is not supported in the editor.
If I want to make "Beat X in less than 1'02," I can't.

How they appear in memory:
-xx- -Millisec- -Sec- -xx- -Min- -xx-
-Millisec- -xxSec- -xxxMin-

If I were to say <=1 for 1 minute or less time then <=2 for 2 seconds or less, I couldn't. If you were under 1 minute, that would require that you also beat the track in less than 2 seconds, not possible. So you try to solve it with one 16-bit value, but you can't because they're separated. The -only- way this works is with 32bit support in the editor. So.... no Time Trial cheevos.

Edit: If the game stores the time to the in-game leaderboards, then it could be possible to check if the 1st rank score is not the default.

Edit: There aren't pre-set times. I was just seeing my own scores.
So.. no Time Trial cheevs.

Posted: 25 Dec, 2013 21:21
, & popped as soon as the ROM was loaded

The ROM was the (U) version

None popped using the (E) version

Posted: 25 Dec, 2013 22:09
also popped when I passed the line normally on Bowsers Castle 3 stage.

Using the (E) ROM for that

Posted: 25 Dec, 2013 22:15
Hasn't popped after finishing the Star Cup 50cc.

Using the (E) ROM

Posted: 25 Dec, 2013 23:54
PAL version probably has different trophy addresses, I'll check to make sure.
Edit: Nope, PAL is the same, aside from it being 50 FPS instead of 60.

Edit: The game gives you random trophies on game load sometimes, you get the cheev for them cuz you're supposed to. I don't know why the game does this or if it's loading a 'save' from a previous session.

Edit: Clumsy Victory didn't pop for me on Time Trial BC3

Posted: 26 Dec, 2013 22:18
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