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Console Wars I

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BahamutVoid09 Mar, 2023 19:30(Edited 18 Mar, 2023 00:12)
What is the best console RA supports? It's up to you to decide!

Welcome to Console Wars, where freedom is our game of choice. Maybe a set recently released that you just need a little push to play, or just continue playing something in-progress? Perhaps you'd like to double-dip with another event, or you could even play something entirely new!

Every week will feature 3 random RA supported consoles; earn enough points from a single set to qualify. You can choose any game you want to play. Developers can also participate by promoting achievements!
The most supported console will remain in the running, but the losers will be eliminated each week until only one remains.

Week 2: 18th March - 25th March
Atari 2600 (53 points) | MSX (75 points) | Nintendo DS (179 points)

The event will begin on Saturday 00:00 UTC, just in time for the weekend! Posts made or edited after the week ends will not count.

Posting your supported console in this topic each week earns 1 point. Choose which to support by earning enough points from one of its sets.
Developers may also participate by releasing achievements during the event - whether a new set or a revision, these must be for a single set and meet the same point threshold required for players. Release when ready and redeem your point when the console is featured!

What an upset! After the week is over, if the console you chose ended up with the least amount of support, you will gain an additional Underdog Point. These will count towards your total, allowing you to make up for missed weeks or for bragging rights!

This season will last a minimum of 22 weeks. 11 points will earn you a Completion badge, 22 points will earn you a Mastery badge. The Top 10 scorers will also earn an additional Bonus badge, so start hoarding those Underdog Points! No badges will be softcore.
BahamutVoid09 Mar, 2023 19:30(Edited 18 Mar, 2023 00:24)
You can contact me on Discord, using the #console-wars channel, or via site message if you have any queries, but please check the FAQ further down first.

Post Guidelines
A new forum post is needed for each week you participate and should clearly state which console you have chosen.

New Game
You only need to submit a link to the set you have chosen.
If you have prior unlocks, please submit a link to the set and on which days you were playing. Alternatively, you can link your history for those days.
Whether it's a new set or a revision, you'll only need to submit a link to the set you worked on.

1. Can I get the needed points across multiple games?
No, each week's submission should be for a single set.
2. Can I play Subsets, Hacks, Homebrews and other non-official sets?
Yes, as long as they meet that console's point threshold.
3. Am I able to use Softcore to participate?
No. Due to the numerous advantages this provides, only Hardcore is allowed.
4. What happens if consoles tie?
In a tie for most popular console, both would continue to future rounds, extending the event. In a tie for least popular console, both would qualify for Underdog Points.
5. Will new console rollouts be included in this event?
Yes, but only after a 1-month grace period to allow time for a range of sets to be released and any issues to be found and fixed.
6. Why does each console need a different amount of points?
To better represent the content that is available in that console's library. You can see how they were calculated here.
7. How do I know how many points are needed for a console that isn't currently being featured?
The second tab in the Current Scores spreadsheet below lists the needed points for each console
8. Do I need to wait until the relevant console is selected before promoting my achievements?
No, release them whenever they're ready and just post in the forum to claim your developer participation when the console is featured.
9. Can I use an alt?
A. As a player you must use only 1 account for the entire event, either your Main or an Alt. If using an Alt, you can request that the badge goes to your Main.
B. If you are otherwise unable to participate because you have already mastered every set or don't have enough points left in any unmastered set, a second account will be allowed for that week.
10. Can I play all 3 consoles in a week for more points?
No, you need to choose one in your forum post, but you are free to edit your post to another console as long as you've earned the needed points.
BahamutVoid09 Mar, 2023 19:30(Edited 18 Mar, 2023 00:25)
Current Scores
Updated every weekend.

Console Standings
Spoiler (Click to show)
3DO Interactive Multiplayer
Amstrad CPC
Apple II
Atari 2600
Atari 7800
Atari Jaguar
Atari Lynx
Fairchild Channel F
Game Boy
Game Boy Advance
Game Boy Color
Game Gear
Magnavox Odyssey 2
Master System
Mega Drive
Mega Duck
Neo Geo Pocket
Nintendo 64
Nintendo DS
PC Engine
PC Engine CD
PlayStation 2
PlayStation Portable
Pokemon Mini
Sega 32X
Sega CD
Sega Dreamcast
Sega Saturn
Virtual Boy
Watara Supervision
43rd - WonderSwan
44th - Arcade

Bananas73109 Mar, 2023 21:10
I can already sense the mind games people are going through for underdog points
BahamutVoid11 Mar, 2023 00:05
The event has now officially begun, have fun!
multonic11 Mar, 2023 01:59
Kaizard11 Mar, 2023 02:28(Edited 11 Mar, 2023 11:06)
Blazekickn11 Mar, 2023 05:59(Edited 16 Mar, 2023 20:27)
kmpers11 Mar, 2023 09:22(Edited 11 Mar, 2023 09:23)
Kaizard11 Mar, 2023 09:48
donutweegee11 Mar, 2023 09:59
Piccolo11 Mar, 2023 10:54
jerbq11 Mar, 2023 12:44(Edited 11 Mar, 2023 12:44)
Sines11 Mar, 2023 12:50
BahamutVoid11 Mar, 2023 13:05
All caught up to here. Self note: jerbq needs more points so check back later in week
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