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Site News Update 3/3

StingX203 Mar, 2023 22:28(Edited 05 Mar, 2023 02:26)
Friday NEWS
This is a new segment approved for weekly release to make sure that site only users are still informed on what's going on. This first issue will have a small bit of backlog.

PSA: Update your emulators and cores, be a hero!

Events You Can Still Earn Badges In ATM If You Haven't Started
Achievement of the Week 2023 (Ends 12/31)
Challenge League The Top 100 (Ends 12/31)
The Unwanted (No End, Monthly Reset)


-Set of the Month voting until March 8th
-The most popular emotes on RA Discord this week:
-New Discord Emotes:
-QAMaintain added StingX2
-Events Team added minibt
-RAWeb Update to 2.9.0
Big highlights include front page layout changes

Contact Us Page

Author names on individual achievements when viewing unofficial
-GCN/Wii is being looked at but nothing concrete as of now
-suspect15 made a trailer for one of his sets


-Month 3 Challenges in Challenge League Top 100 are ongoing
-LOTM still ongoing
-Simply Month Mastery accepting entries if you hurry
-RA Awards ended, Set of the year Was Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King (PlayStation 2) Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King (PlayStation 2) by TheMysticalOne who also won Dev of the Year


-New Dev ZamArch who graduated with Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller (Nintendo DS) Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller (Nintendo DS)
-Current Stats: 8 Developers have graduated in 2023 so far
-150 Sets released in February
-RA Integration Beta adds Pointer Finder
-New Devquests! Introducing yearly editions you can earn of some Devquest favorites
[DevQuest 001-II] Ticket Massacre II (Events) [DevQuest 001-II] Ticket Massacre II (Events) - Solve 50 More Tickets!

[DevQuest 002-II] Retro Renovator II (Events) [DevQuest 002-II] Retro Renovator II (Events) - Fix 3 Sets from the DQ2 list

[DevQuest 013-II] II (Events) [DevQuest 013-II] II (Events) - Complete 3 Sets from the DQ13 list
-CoC Update
```As per a DevComp vote, the following have been added to the "No Need for Approval" section of the revision guidelines:

- Adding a standard "beat the game" achievement if one is missing and there are no active developers on the set. A standard "beat the game" achievement is an achievement for completing the game at its normal/default difficulty without additional requirements.

- Adding new achievements to a collaborative set if you are one of the collaborative authors and all other authors agree. Plan for adding the beat the game achievement must still be posted on the forum. If uncertain how to proceed, please contact DevCompliance```


```Additionally, the following was added to the "Claims" section of the Subset guidelines:

No revision vote is required to add a Subset of a collaborative set if you are one of the collaborative authors and all other authors agree.```


starlite approved Subset of Final Fantasy Final Fantasy [Subset - Solo Class] (NES) Final Fantasy (NES) SubsetSolo Class
Bahamutvoid approved moving SSSavage I SSSavage I (50) | SSSavage II SSSavage II (50) | Rest In Red Rest In Red (50) | Rest In Blue Rest In Blue (50) to the core set Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening - Special Edition (PlayStation 2) Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening - Special Edition (PlayStation 2)
ThatAmericanSlacker approved subset for Maniac Mode for Daytona USA
Kiutgh approved Bonus Set for Mega Man Zero
Schengo approved revision of Whomp Em
Suspect15 approved revision of Top Gear (SNES) Top Gear (SNES)
Guinanhas approved Bonus Set plan of Super Mario Kart


Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Rescore
TMNT Arcade Rescore

Polls, What Does Discord Think? With the Top Answer of Each!

What genre of retro games is your favorite? (RPG)
Do you ever just browse the site... (Yeah)
When making instant ramen, do you use the entire flavoring packet? (Yes)
do you guard in kirby? (YOU CAN GUARD?!)
who would win in a fight (Wario over Mike Tyson)
who would win in a fight (Wario would beaat Wario and Wario)
Do you consider PS3/360 Retro? (Yes)


Episode 6 is out its about Events! Guest Star Bendyhuman


RA The Game

See the first sneak peak here of Scott's new game:

Upcoming Key Dates

March: New DevQuest
March: 1 Event?
April: 2 Events

Call to Arms
Eat some vegetables

PS. Happy birthday to KingS1zzle
KingS1zzle03 Mar, 2023 22:52
Thank you StingX2! :D
TimeCrush03 Mar, 2023 23:11
...I will eat some vegetables.
Raix04 Mar, 2023 03:34(Edited 04 Mar, 2023 23:42)
Happy Birthday to KingS1zzle! Great writeup, wonderful changes.

"-Current Stats: 8 Developers have graduated in 2023 so far"

This just makes me more and more tempted to jump in...
gschleser04 Mar, 2023 06:53
I ate a couple of brussel sprouts at dinner with a bit of vinegary bbq sauce. they were pretty good.
ROJOX04 Mar, 2023 08:21(Edited 04 Mar, 2023 23:43)
On the general it says GCN/Wii... are they getting achievement support soon??
StingX205 Mar, 2023 02:29
Being looked at but nothing concrete at this time
HolyRayne05 Mar, 2023 03:32
Thanks again for the write up!

I think I need to sit down after reading that the majority of respondents consider the 360 and PS3 retro though...
LordAndrew06 Mar, 2023 20:58
The intro for this feature still says it's the first weekly update. You might want to update the template.

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