Site News Catchup 1/20

StingX220 Jan, 2023 18:46
A cold week in January has brought many top tier sets and some news

Friday NEWS
This is a new segment approved for weekly release to make sure that site only users are still informed on what's going on. This first issue will have a small bit of backlog.

PSA: Update your emulators and cores, be a hero!

Events You Can Still Earn Badges In ATM If You Haven't Started

Challenge League (Ends 2/1)
Daily Distractions (Ends 3/1)
Achievement of the Week 2023 (Ends 12/31)
Challenge League The Top 100 (Ends 12/31)
The Unwanted (No End, Monthly Reset)


-The most popular emotes on RA Discord this week:
-New Discord Emote:
-Playstation 2 crossed 200 sets in under 4 months

Site Features + Emulator Updates

RAWeb 2.7.0 has been released
-Stylized [m] in achievement titles


-Playtesters Team is seeking new members, send a message here if you want to get involved
Test out up and coming sets from both Jr. Developers and full Developers!
Catch any issues and help new sets get launched bug-free!
Even better: Earn an AWESOME Playtesting badge! See here:


-Unwanted is having a televandalist month
-RA Awards 2022 is running and here are the awards that have been voted on so far
Best Gameboy Non Retail Set? ~Homebrew~ Elden Ring by Cadaxar ~Homebrew~ Elden Ring (Game Boy) Elden Ring (Game Boy) Homebrew
Best Starboard Meme of 2022? The Juice Massacre Saga
What was the best Atari 2600 Set? BMX Air Master by AfroRyan BMX Air Master (Atari 2600) BMX Air Master (Atari 2600)
Best RANEWS Cover of 2022? Vol 122: Okami
What was the best Gameboy Set of 2022? Kirby's Block Ball by Fridge Kirby's Block Ball (Game Boy) Kirby's Block Ball (Game Boy)


-RetroAchievements Podcast Episode 3 has been released


-Guinea has graduated Jr Dev School with a set of Sled Storm 17042
-RyudoSynbios has graduated Jr Dev School with a set of Azure Dreams GBC 4100
-Current Stats: 3 Developers have graduated in 2023 so far
-A Jr Dev Forum on discord has been created
"a new channel to help organize the jr-dev requests. Whenever you have a request, no matter if needing help with coding, game page updates or getting added to the review queue, you can now create a forum with the tag and we can easier help you. Additionally we added some guides for a few features with more coming if requested."


-Approved plan to revise Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle but leave beat the game at 25
-Approved plan for Jr Dev Orph to revise Wizardry for PC88


-Xnaivx has a rescore proposal in vote currently for Prince of Persia Gen


-We have a viewer submission from GameZone showing off his lovely property

Polls, What Does Discord Think? With the Top Answer of Each!

-Is Pokemon Gold/Silver the best Game Boy RPG? (No)
-What is the best RPG for Game Boy (No GBC or GBA, just GB)? (Pokemon Gold/Silver)
-Do you like hitless level cheevos in action platformers? (I like it for bosses but not whole levels)
-What is best color combination for [m] tag? (Black and indigo)
-Least favorite reoccurring Phoenix Wright original trilogy character? (Officer Meekins)

Upcoming Key Dates

Soon: Bizhawk Testing
Soon: New Devquests?!
2/4: RA Rouletee 2023 Begins

Call to Arms

Find a set that you feel is scored poorly and submit a rescore plan in the forum
Kaizard20 Jan, 2023 19:29
This missable update is really cool!
MrBird22 Jan, 2023 06:32
"-Is Pokemon Gold/Silver the best Game Boy RPG? (No)
-What is the best RPG for Game Boy (No GBC or GBA, just GB)? (Pokemon Gold/Silver)"

AleKing3122 Jan, 2023 16:48
MrBird I also didn't understand this
LordAndrew22 Jan, 2023 17:12
Gold/Silver received 13 votes. The remaining options received 23 votes between them. No single option beat Gold and Silver, but more people voted for games other than Gold and Silver. The second-place option was Final Fantasy Adventure, with 12 votes.
dizzykei23 Jan, 2023 16:31
Nice redesign you have here, guys!
Digifiend26 Jan, 2023 23:56
Looks like one of the updates in the last few weeks fixed an avatar upload bug - I was getting a confusing error message (which wasn't actually telling me what the problem was, I thought it was a server error), but tonight tried again and got a different message - that the jpg file I was trying to upload was NOT a jpg file (Windows could see it just fine). I resaved the file as a png, uploaded that and it finally worked. So I finally have my Red Dragon Thunderzord avatar instead of the generic control stick one.

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