Site News Catchup 1/13

StingX213 Jan, 2023 18:15(Edited 13 Jan, 2023 19:58)
Januarys half over?! Well its time for Friday NEWS
This is a new segment approved for weekly release to make sure that site only users are still informed on what's going on. This first issue will have a small bit of backlog.

PSA: Update your emulators and cores, be a hero!

Events You Can Still Earn Badges In ATM If You Haven't Started
Challenge League (Ends 2/1)
Daily Distractions (Ends 3/1)
Achievement of the Week 2023 (Ends 12/31)
Challenge League The Top 100 (Ends 12/31)
The Unwanted (No End, Monthly Reset)


-The most popular emotes on RA Discord this week:
-New Discord Emotes Courtesy of Scott:

Site Features + Emulator Updates

-RAWeb 2.6.0 has been released
Hide game progress if game has no achievements
Use cards for game award tooltips

Revoke mastery badge when resetting achievements for a set (RIP Snow)
*Quick Cosmetics*
Fix progress bar completion icon alignment by
Make stylized tags use game title text color
Move stylized tags to end of game title
Apply stylized tags to mature content warning page
Apply stylized tag to breadcrumbs
Theme aware main menu
Add box shadows to main menu dropdowns and tooltips


-Events Team has added 4 new members
-Devquest Team has added 1 new member
-Art Team has added 2 new members


-All PS2 Launch Event Badges and AOTW 2022 badges have been awarded!
Achievement of the Week 2022 Stats
29 Champions (64 points)
13 Gold winners (48-63 points)
13 Silver winners (30-47 points)
49 Bronze winners (12-29 points)

PlayStation 2 Launch Event Stats
87 Gold winners (15+ points)
22 Silver winners (10-14 points)
113 Bronze winners (5-9 points)
-Of the 87 Gold winners, 29 utilized the bounty system to reach their goal!
-A total of 393 extra points were given out across the players who took on these bigger sets.
-Of the 48 bounty games, only the following remained unmastered by the event end:
* DreamMix TV World Fighters
* Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life - Special Edition
* Simple 2000 Series Vol. 81: The Chikyuu Boueigun 2 | Global Defence Force
* Twisted Metal: Black
-RA Awards 2022 is running and here are the awards that have been voted on so far
Best PCFX Set of 2022? Last Imperial Prince by televandalist Last Imperial Prince (PC-FX) Last Imperial Prince (PC-FX)
Best Code Reviewer of 2022? Searo
What was the best Dreamcast Rollout Set? Sonic Adventure by GalacticSpear and SlashTangent Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast)
What was the best Fairchild Channel F POST Rollout Set? Alien Invasion by televandalist and Soulsderfuchs Videocart-26: Alien Invasion (Fairchild Channel F) Videocart-26: Alien Invasion (Fairchild Channel F)
What was the Best Gameboy Non Retail Gameboy Color Game of 2022? ~Hack~ Pokemon Kalos Crystal by affftedio ~Hack~ Pokemon Kalos Crystal (Game Boy Color) Pokemon Kalos Crystal (Game Boy Color) Hack
Who is the Help Me Hero of 2022? Fridge
Best MSX Set of 2022? YS III by malasdair Ys III: Wanderers from Ys (MSX) Ys III: Wanderers from Ys (MSX)
Best MSX Homebrew of 2022? The Sword of Ianna by guindev ~Homebrew~ Sword of Ianna, The (MSX) Sword of Ianna, The (MSX) Homebrew
Best Wonderswan Set of 2022? Lode Runner by WanderingHeiho Lode Runner for WonderSwan (WonderSwan) Lode Runner for WonderSwan (WonderSwan)
Best Fairchild Channel F Rollout Set? Videocart-4: Spitfire by TheMysticalOne Videocart-04: Spitfire (Fairchild Channel F) Videocart-04: Spitfire (Fairchild Channel F)


-The new CoC wording has gone live from last week https://docs.
Wording in this section that was added:
If a user with either Developer or Jr. Developer status changes accounts, achievements and tickets under the old account will be re-authored and reassigned to the new account.


-A Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped revision was approved (
-A minor Road Fighter revision was approved (
-A revision adding achievements to Alex Kidd in Miracle World was approved and added (
-A major revision approved for Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 which will keep the merge, add achievements, and revitalize the entire set (
- was demoted for being an unwelcome concept you can unlock by pressing start
-Ghal is doing a major revision to Crusader of Centy (
-Shmelyoff has performed a revision to Battletoads and Double Dragon Genesis (
-Excessiveiser was approved for a revision of Police Bust (
-Deng was approved for a Pokemon Red Oak Subset revision letting players do Gym 5-6-7 in any order (


-FbernkastelKues got a rescore approved of Pokemon Sapphire Oak (
-TheJediSonic got a rescore approved of DK64's final boss damageless achievement raised (
-xnaivx got a rescore approved to balance the scoring of Santa Claus Saves the Earth GBA (
-TheJediSonic's rescore for Spyro 2 PS1 was denied

Polls, What Does Discord Think? With the Top Answer of Each!

-At what age range do you plan to retire? (I don't think I'll ever be able to comfortably retire)
-Do you think Nintendo will implement an achievements/trophies system on their next console ? (No)
-When you perform some really hard achievements or set mastering, you go through a lot of frustration in the process, in the end, do you feel like you really achieve something? (Yes, i feel like i'm in the seventh heaven from happiness, a lot of positive emotions )
-Do you believe AI will replace jobs that require working with people (psychologist, Emergency Response, police, doctor, etc.)? (No)
-Who is your favourite sidekick buddy from Final Fantasy? (Steiner)
-Of these Sega puzzle game protagonists, who would win in a fist fight (Arle from Puyo Puyo)
-how do you mash? (arm vibrate)
-Which of these scenarios would you rather be in? (Stuck in a mall with 10 aggressive gorillas for 16 hours)
-Who would win? (50 million hamtaro)

Upcoming Key Dates

Soon: Bizhawk Testing
1/15: Unwanted's Televandalist Month
2/4: RA Rouletee 2023 Begins

Call to Arms

Can we 100% knockout all missing boxart left in the Arduboy system?
LeftyGuitar13 Jan, 2023 22:10
So Bizhawk will be the next supported system? Interesting. Also, I always wanted one of those colored PS2s.
mantop14 Jan, 2023 18:29(Edited 15 Jan, 2023 13:09)
achei legal
Scott18 Jan, 2023 13:51
Best tetrimojis ever

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