RetroAchievements Podcast Episode 2

Scott02 Jan, 2023 15:59
Happy New Year! Are you ready for the second episode of the Retro Achievements Podcast? Please check out episode number 2, starring TimeCrush and gollawiz and also Scott as we sum up RPG For You and Me

Please drop a comment for what you liked and didn't, what sounded great, what sounded rubbish. Thank-you so much!
NewWizKid12 Jan, 2023 22:12
Alundra has definitely moved up on my list of games to play. Thanks for the podcast.
Fizzwidgy14 Jan, 2023 00:39(Edited 14 Jan, 2023 16:14)
Both episodes 1 and 2 were superb; I'm excited and really hope for so much more to come!
alegoicoe24 Jan, 2023 21:45
Just subscribed

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