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Official Topic Post for discussion about Truxton (Mega Drive) Truxton (Mega Drive)
Created 11 Jul, 2015 07:32 by celsoaffini

Tatsujin ~ Truxton (World).md
Truxton (W) [!].bin
Truxton (1989-12-09)(Sega)[AKA Tatsujin].bin
mpr-12752 r87.ic1
RA Checksum: 75a42b19e5503c72b21018699314db0b
CRC32 Checksum: 5BD0882D


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August 11 2015, 7:45pm

No trophy for this game? Follow my tips...

End Game on Easy Difficult
End Game on Normal Difficult
End Game on Hard Difficult

Get Truxton Weapon
Get Thunder Weapon
Get 5 Power Up
Get 10 Power Up
Get Maximum Speed
Get 10 Truxton Bombs

Kill Fisrt Boss without loose a life
Kill Second Boss without loose a life
Kill Thrid Boss without loose a life
Kill Fourth Boss without loose a life
Kill Fifth Boss without loose a life

Loop game One time
Loop game Two times
Loop game Three times
Loop game Four times
Loop game Five times

Someone aproves?

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If nobody will be interested, I can take care of it after my present priorities.

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September 7 2015, 5:05am

Salsa, bring s the achievements for this game!

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October 7 2015, 10:20am

Done. Go get them.

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Heavy Weaponry (3)(3)
Armada of Borogo (5)(5)
Expert Arsenal (5)(5)
No More Power for You (5)(5)
Jtank (5)(5)

All being given during demo/attract mode.

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July 10 2019, 7:38pm

I'm preparing the set for rescoring and during the process, I have demoted achieveements, which are no longer compliant to developers CoC (Unwelcome Concepts: Require perfection all game).

I've planned revision for this game, and the plans will be brought later.
The demoted achievements will be tranfered to Bonus set, along with all triggers.

List of demoted achievements:

Tatsujin Tatsujin (25)
Tatsujin (Hard) Tatsujin (Hard) (40)

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September 1 2019, 10:30pm, edited September 2 2019, 6:21pm

Reported errors from 2 achievements. I did a test with the core 'Pico Drive' then one of the achievements worked. Most likely the next achievement will work. Good I hope.


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Stop disturbing the dead. If something isn't working open the ticket from emulator and try to write down what you did during gameplay. "Not working" is "not helping".

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September 2 2019, 1:53pm

Hello JAM! I was not aware of the 'ticket' option, now I know. Thanks for the information :)

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June 25 2023, 3:45pm

I'd like to request support for a graphics/sound hack that makes the port more faithful to the arcade original. It even fixes the sped-up music bug when played in 60hz. No gameplay changes were made, AFAIK.

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