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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

TeddyWestside01 Dec, 2022 05:27(Edited 07 Mar, 2023 12:03)
Official Topic Post for discussion about Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (PlayStation 2) Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (PlayStation 2)
Created 1 Dec, 2022 05:27 by TeddyWestside

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Battlefield 2 - Modern Combat (USA)
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Mooseh08 Jan, 2023 11:29
I'm not sure if certain Medals are achievable through the single player campaign.

Every Vehicle Repaired - you can only repair vehicles available in missions with Engineers present.
Team Player - Swapped through 5 units - this doesn't seem to work in Single player.
Kill using every weapon - I have tried every weapon.

If anyone gets these medals please update.
TeddyWestside09 Jan, 2023 01:56
I thought I was misunderstanding the requirements for the Team Player medal, as swapping through 5 units is incredibly basic and can be done within 5 seconds of starting a mission. Maybe "units" means something different than what I'm thinking, otherwise it's simply broken. It can't be anything to do with multiplayer, as there is no hotswap mechanic there.

I'll see if I can find any memory for the kills or repairs, to see what guns or vehicles they are checking for. If it turns out that they're impossible to progress, I'll remove them from the check for the medal row achievements.
Mooseh09 Jan, 2023 14:56
The swapped through 5 units medal is part of the hotswapping medal. There isn't a mission with 5 different infantry units available to swap between or a mission with 5 different vehicle units. I can't think of any other way this would unlock.

There is only a handful of vehicles available to repair as a mechanic, some 4x4s, a few tanks and boats.

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