Is there a documentation thread on PS2 achievements?

Bobbythegreat3424 Nov, 2022 14:49
I noticed that Retroachievements now supports ps2 & just couldn't find any info on what emulator it uses. What version of the emulator, rom types etc. I'm running Pcsx2 through Retrobat and nothing was triggering so just not sure if I have the right rom types or what not. Thanks in advance

TheRealBillHicks24 Nov, 2022 14:59
Info about PS2 compatibility can be found on the downloads page here

It's currently only available for the standalone version of pcsx2. Follow the link for the correct version.

As far as file types, im using ISOs but I've seen others mention support for CHD files as well. Not sure what else is supported but all that info should be in the documentation.
Bobbythegreat3424 Nov, 2022 15:01
Oh ok nice thanks. I usually just check individual game threads to find out what file type I need or emulator but I guess since pcsx2 is so new I couldn't find anything. Really appreciate it Thanks

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