Crusader of Centy

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Joined Nov 2, 2017

August 12 2021, 5:18pm

Greedy boy don`t unlock for me.I played Us version and tranlated portuguese version in retroarch genesis plus gx 1.7.4.

Joined Jun 25, 2015

August 12 2021, 5:22pm

A fairly common problem in general is that you've taken all of the bags at different times in the game, but there are some that you died a short time later without saving.

Achievement for this bag of gold has been unlocked, but in the active save you don't have them all at the same time. If you send me your save, I can see which bag has not been saved. :)

Joined Nov 2, 2017

August 12 2021, 9:21pm

Finally unlocked the achievement.Thanks for the attention Selldell.

December 19 2021, 11:23pm, edited June 19 2023, 8:57am

Why no work the achievements with the Europe rom or Spanish rom?

December 20 2021, 1:18pm, edited June 19 2023, 8:57am

Seldell & hypernono, Can you please add the Spain version?

NO-INTRO: Soleil (Spain).md
RA Checksum: 6CBBB5D870CA386075A96BC727068EC2
CRC32: 9ed4c323

Joined May 29, 2020

January 23 2022, 3:23am

Yes please, add the spanish version


Joined Jul 20, 2014

March 10 2022, 7:21am, edited March 10 2022, 11:33am

Going to go ahead and work on fixing this one up for Dev Quest 2. Have no plans to change anything, just add save protection, tighten up the one condition achievements and add RP. Also going to fix up the minor grammar errors while I'm at it.

I'll also see if I can link the Spanish version, but no promises there. I'd have to test it out and my ability to read Spanish is nonexistent. I'll give it a test once I have everything else fixed up.


Joined Jul 20, 2014

April 21 2022, 7:49am

Haven't made much progress on the fixes here and am just having trouble getting into the game. Going to have to leave this one to someone else to fix up. Sorry!


Joined May 19, 2020

October 25 2022, 3:57pm

I guess I will pick this up for DevQuest 2 then :D This game is a favorite of mine, giving off vibes of LttP and all. Will be good to tidy it up.

My revision plan mirrors for the most part what ladynadiad had stated above: not really considering any changes/additions at the moment, instead just adding save protection, tightening up the one-condition achievements, and adding RP. Any grammatical errors or improved titles will be considered as well.

Joined Jun 25, 2015

October 25 2022, 4:13pm

Thanks for that :)

If you can add the [m] for the missable achievements, it would be great too. At the time (2015), I didn't know that there was a way to say it in the titles of the achievements and I had to put it in the description. And sorry for the grammatical typos, I'm not native english :)


Joined May 19, 2020

October 25 2022, 9:38pm, edited October 25 2022, 9:39pm

Seldell No need to apologize :) glad to assist in ironing the set out. Let me say thanks so much for your work on this game. It introduced me to this and it was a lot of fun.

Will add such a change as I think doing so is just putting it in line with the intended logic and will not need a further vote or else. If there are any ideas you have, feel free to let me know :)


Joined May 19, 2020

December 24 2022, 4:49am, edited December 26 2022, 12:21am

To update...things are coming along, have all the save protection and tightened logic ironed out and ready to add and RP has been added.

However, after requests from some users and finding other addresses in memory to make them work, would like to propose a revision to this set.

Firstly, the majority of this set focuses on progression, with Super Crusader Kart Super Crusader Kart (10) being the only true challenge included. Aiming to add different damageless challenges for all the boss fights, with restrictions included where appropriate for either limited usage of animal buddies or certain movesets. I'd also like to add similar restrictions when involved in traversing certain areas of the the Tower of Babel, tests at the Rahlesia school, or the inside of the Mother showcase alternative ways to getting through them. Many of these are already ready to go, so should only take a bit of tweaking to finish up if approved.

Next, when it comes to the different progression achievements, I feel that many of them really aren't related to progressing through the game. Reaching an area for the first time, while noteworthy in some instances, can also be received by the player just arriving somewhere and then leaving. I think it'd be better instead for such progression achievements to actually be tied to collecting the different power-ups or abilities that can be unlocked during gameplay.

Therefore, I would aim to demote Welcome to Rafflesia School Welcome to Rafflesia School (5) , Welcome to Dahlia Valley Welcome to Dahlia Valley (5) , Chilly Weapon Chilly Weapon (5) , Welcome to Hot Daisy Welcome to Hot Daisy (5) , Rebound Cecil Rebound Cecil (5) , Inspiration Worm Inspiration Worm (5) , Unhindered Mind Unhindered Mind (5) , Loch Ness Loch Ness (5) , To Grow Beyond To Grow Beyond (5) , Creature of the Seas Creature of the Seas (5) , Metamorphosis in Technique Metamorphosis in Technique (5) , Temporal Footwear Temporal Footwear (5) and Grendel Horn Grendel Horn (5) and replace them instead with different achievements that are focused on either getting the various animal buddies that join your party after beating boss fights, and finding different powerups for the hero like the Magic Shoes or the Horn after clearing certain areas. These I believe would be closer to showing the progression of gameplay. Would also like to repurpose Welcome to a New World Welcome to a New World (25) to instead be on completing the game rather than just the final boss since there isn't much of the game left after the final fight anyway. As it is usually the final cheevo to be unlocked on the set, best to tie it to playing on the credits in my opinion (already have the logic ready for that if approved).

Made of Money Made of Money (5) is one I feel is largely unnecessary as it currently sits. It doesn't take that much time to run back and forth to get at the Rahlesia school at the very beginning of the game, and there is already an achievement that involves spending 800 malins to get a particular golden apple. I propose to increase the threshold to 1000 malins, which would not only make it more of a challenge to get but also be outside of the aforementioned item collection.

For the different collectahon cheevos (golden apples, money bags, or animal buddies), many of them are on the way as the player goes through the game, or also quite easy to find with a guide. Instead of each individual cheevo being between 5 or even 10 in worth, a point total of 1 to 5 I feel would be more appropriate, while those cheevos that tie to all of a certain item being found be at the most 10 instead of 25. Also would like Noah's Ark Noah's Ark (10) to be ironed out with logic that allows it to not have to involve unequipping animals for it to unlock (have the logic for this, but not sure if that would technically involve being outside the intent of the cheevo so awaiting approval on this)

Will await the outcome of the vote, and then will implement changes as allowed.

EDIT: To add on, instead of demoting all achievements that involve getting to an area for the first time, propose to instead repurpose where appropriate some toward collecting the different power-ups or abilities that come from finishing those areas in question. So in theme from previous, just now involving repurposing instead of demotion where possible. Could still involve some new cheevos if involving things far enough in gameplay, but we'll see.

EDIT 2: Revision proposal has passed, will begin work on the changes soon.

Joined Jun 25, 2015

December 24 2022, 1:01pm

Thank you for the work in preparation. :)

Regarding the addition of challenges, it would be nice. As much as adding constraints to bosses might be fun, I have more doubts about hitless. I have the trauma from Beyond Oasis, where if you miss the fight without getting hit, you have to start the whole boss dungeon all over again. The closest save brings us back to the very beginning of the dungeon, which sometimes represents more than ten minutes knowing the dungeon by heart to reach the boss again.

And unfortunately, this will be the case for Crusader of Centy too, even if the dungeons are shorter overall.

For the regions hitless, if going out and back in again works, that's fine with me.

Regarding the progress achievements, it seems to be nearly the same. If we can access an area, we have done what is necessary to free it. But I hear that in general on RetroAchievements, we give an achievement for having defeated each boss instead. It will at least block these achievements for people who take a 100% save and just come back to the place.

I'm a bit hesitant to add in the revisions the achievements to kill the bosses because for another game I made in 15 hours, that there was a revision that involved killing every boss. My save was at the very end of the game, so I had already defeated all the bosses except for the last one. I was told that I had to redo the entire game even if I had all the achievements that proved that I had done the entire game before. But I imagine it will be different here anyway, with the addition of boss challenges, you will have to completely redo the game anyway.

For the final achievement on the credits, I am for. I had continued in the logic of the discoveries of the places at the time but it is better as you propose it effectively.

Regarding the 100 money, it is the person who had made two achievements on the game at the time, so we can effectively delete it given the lack of interest yes.

For collectahon cheevos, I'm not sure that using a guide for the position of the objects justifies a reduction in their value at 1 point ? I regularly had people asking me privately where to find certain items. So because some people can use a guide, does it have to be lowered to 1 points for some ? Some elements are easily missed and the achievements concern the entirety of certain areas.

So in summary, I'm in favor of all the suggestions except eliminating hitless bosses, which is a type of achievement that doesn't seem to me to correspond to the spirit of the game.

But I leave you the final decision on all the proposals anyway. Thank you again for the work done to improve the set. :)


Joined May 19, 2020

December 24 2022, 1:39pm, edited December 24 2022, 1:50pm

Hey there, appreciate the feedback :)

When it comes to the boss fights, when the player saves the game in the main menu, this allows them to re-start the file at any time a room before when they face the boss. In most cases, this means they are within a minute of whenever the fight starts so re-tries usually are pretty quick if they place them strategically. There are a couple of times off the top of my head where the room before might be slightly larger such as Anomene Beach, Root Temple, or Black Night...and in the first two cases involves between 2-5 minutes of backtrack which isn't unheard of from similar games that have challenges like Zelda games for example, and with Black Night that only applies to facing the first boss in the final gauntlet. If the player saves after whatever fight they have, they restart at the point where that boss door was so the final boss will always have a close respawn.

Yes leaving the region and coming back works for hitless if that applies, did test that.

When it comes to the addition of more streamlined progression achievements, indeed it would involve playing through the game again to unlock, but since the challenges are also strewn through the game they are basically the same in concept to do as you state. They would unlock alongside players doing the new challenges anyway since they are tied to getting through the game. Given that they would tie to actual events instead of just arriving at area, which as I stated isn't always tied to achieveing progress, I also feel they would just be better to have. There is the possibility that I could always refocus the area cheevos to those new concepts, but I'd have to check to see if a new poll is needed for that. We'll see.

I had considered removing the 100 malins cheevo, but its not unheard of for similar collecting of money in similar Zelda games so just decided to move it up to 1000 instead so as to have more challenge of it rather than just something a player can get in like a minute or two at the beginning of the game.

For the collectahon ones, again I said where appropriate. Some might remain where they are in worth, like the hidden one in Burn Daisy near the end of the game. That is honestly the only one that ever stumped me in getting through the game.

Once again, thanks for the words. Will do my best :)

Joined Jun 25, 2015

December 24 2022, 2:12pm

Yes you are right about the bosses. I had in mind only the dungeons consisting of a single giant room, but there are not that many in reality. :)

And I had understood for the collectahon that it did not concern all the groups of elements to be found. I only have the feeling that even for the simplest groups of objects, a single point seems like little to me. I had the image that single-point achievements are ones that are pretty ridiculous or joking, like doing an action in the menu or naming your character in a certain way. But if you think it's better, go for it ! :)
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