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Created 18 Oct, 2022 13:31 by Snowpin


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November 5 2022, 3:19am

How about Achievements for all gaps in a level?

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These achievements are incompatible with the PAL version of the game, which really disappoints me, as that's the only one that I own.

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April 15 2023, 2:43pm

Great set imo, love the ripped textures for the badges too.

I was wondering if you considered doing achievements for the secret areas/"transformables" (made that up right now) in the competition areas? The only reason I ask is because there are a couple that do not contain stat points or decks for any skater type. The ones that come to mind are grinding the sign in Rio that causes it to collapse and the secret area in Tokyo.

Thanks again for the set!

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Very fair set!
Would it be possible to implement a leaderboard for all maps (without cheats)?

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October 17 2023, 8:20pm

Just a small thing, the Steve Caballero achievement spells his name incorrectly.

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February 19 2024, 7:29pm, edited February 19 2024, 7:39pm

do I have to use the Rev 0 version or the Rev 1 (Greatest Hits) version?

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February 19 2024, 7:54pm, edited February 19 2024, 9:28pm

Golbi2654 Rev 0 and I think it's only USA region rom file would work as for PAL (Europe) version compatibility Jack5 tried and that wouldn't be detected for Cheevos.

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