Simple 2000 Series Vol 116: The Nekomura no Hitobito | The People of Cat Village


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Menu Translations


After selecting New Game

Most of these are picture based, though I will note that you can press triangle in the crafting menu to bring up a list of any recipes you've found, and the start button will begin the crafting after you've selected a recipe.

Options has some text, though:

Other useful bits of Japanese to know:

はい - yes
いいえ - no
二, 五, 十 - 2, 5, and 10, respectively. Can be combined; for example, 十二 is 12. (There are a few other numbers in the game, but you don't need to know them.)

General game help/controls

Circle: general action button - confirm in menus, attack, pick up, etc.
X: cancel, stop attacking, drop, etc.
Square: jump
Triangle: eat (while next to something edible), fire (while holding a cannon)
L1: formation change
R1: Use crafted food item
Select: Map
Start: Return home (note that you won't keep any spoils when returning with the start menu, you'll need to use a level exit to take things back)

Important stage features

These will take you out of the level, with anything your cats are carrying.

If you lose any cats, these statues will revive them.

These items that look like coin stacks will unlock new cat types; you can switch to them in the Formation menu at home.

Extra Guides

The game guide linked below should help with locating enemies or materials. I also made a list for how to get each crafting component, to be used with that guide.

Spoiler (Click to show)
The number in parentheses matches this page, for easy location reference.

wood [twig(12), log(13), bonfire(28), lacquer box(36), deer scare(37)]
paper [love letter(5)]
cloth [brocade cloth(26)]
iron [broken machine(22)]
fur [some fur(29), fluffy fur(30), ultra fur(31)]

glass [children's toy(39)]
plastic [children's pool(38)]
earth [boulder(7), muddy daikon(20)]
flower [kanmi(15), karami(16), funmatsu(17)]
water [moist rock(2), children's pool(38)]

fire [campfire(27), bonfire(28)]
ice [snowman(8)]
electricity [electrical(35)]
rice [rice ear(3), rice bag(4)]
vegetable [persimmon(18), cabbage(19), muddy daikon(20), square daikon(21)]

fish [salmon(9), salmon with roe(10), wrapped salmon(11)]
meat [roast loin(23), better loin(24), fine loin(25)]
egg [salmon with roe(10), giant egg(32)]
spice [kanmi(15), karami(16)]
flour [funmatsu(17)]

nail [chestnut(6)]
thread [spiderweb(14)]
gear [broken machine(22)]
square [square daikon(21), lacquer box(36), electrical(35)]
circle [boulder(7), snowman(8), giant egg(32)]

triangle [chestnut(6)]
black [lacquer box(36)]
red [campfire(27), bonfire(28)]
white [snowman(8)]
refreshing [moist rock(2), deer scare(37)]

memory [ragdoll(1)]
strong [boulder(7), rhinoceros beetle(34)]
soft [ultra fur(31)]
sound [deer scare(37)]
star [yellow star(33)]

Game Guide


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Story and in-level message translations


Spoiler (Click to show)
Once upon a time, there was a gentle cat.
"Cat" started a cat town and served the cat princess, who was loved by all. There, they lived happily.
But, one day!
The cat princess suddenly disappeared.
If something happens to the cat princess, it's an emergency!
And so,
The cats searched all over town
But, they couldn't find the cat princess
"Princess, where are you nyaa~"
In the end,
the princess was nowhere to be found.
After 3 days and nights had passed
A letter was delivered to the cats.

I'll help you find the cat princess.
You should come to the magistrate's residence right away.
From Pug Magistrate

The cats, with nothing else to turn to,
Decided to accept the Pug Magistrate's aid.

Before level 1

Spoiler (Click to show)
Cat: Excuse me, Mr. magistrate.
Pug: Ah, welcome. As I said in the letter, preparations to search for the princess can begin right away, but... there's somewhere I can't go.
Cat: I'll do anything, nyaa.
Pug: That was a fast answer!
Pug: Anyway, the peaches in Peaceful Prairie should be ripe about now. If you can bring a peach to satisfy me, I can lend you a hand.
Cat: Got it, nya. I'll bring you a giant peach.

In level 1

Before the boss
Spoiler (Click to show)
Keep your balance so you don't fall into the river as you fight off demons and carry the peach downstream!

After level 1

Spoiler (Click to show)
Cat: Mr. magistrate, I brought you a peach, nya.
Pug: Wow! That's a big peach!
Pug: Well then, without further delay...
Baby: Japan is #1!
Pug: I can't eat this...

Further reading:

Before level 2

Spoiler (Click to show)
Pug: Listen quick, I heard a rumor. It seems the princess went for a walk to Twilight Mountain.
Cat: Really, nya? I'll go look there.
Pug: While you're there, I hear there's a sparrow basket on Twilight Mountain. I'm sure there's something good in it. Bring it back here.
Cat: Got it, thank you nya.
???: Nyaa...
Cat: ? I feel like I heard the princess' voice?

In level 2

Before the boss
Spoiler (Click to show)
Drop the boss demon into the abyss!

After level 2

Spoiler (Click to show)
Cat: Mr. magistrate, it seems the princess wasn't there, nya.
Pug: I can't wait to see what's in the basket! Hurry up and bring it here!
Pug: Something came out again, somebody save mee~

Further reading:

Before level 3

Spoiler (Click to show)
???: Save me, Cat~
Cat: Princess, why are you here?
Princess: The magistrate captured me, Cat.
Cat: Is that so?
Pug: I-I didn't! The princess wanted to be here, to see me! She and I have important things to discuss. In the meantime, go and get the Tamatebako from Fishy Castle. Hurry up, now!

In level 3

On the panels
Spoiler (Click to show)
Panels of the same color work together. When the heavier one sinks, the other...

After level 3

Spoiler (Click to show)
Pug: There should be something good this time around! Hurry up and bring it here!
Pug: There's another box inside the box! It never ends~

Further reading:

Before level 4

Spoiler (Click to show)
Cat: Mr. magistrate, is your discussion finished? I want the princess to come back.
Pug: N-not yet! What I want is still... yet... The princess doesn't want to go back yet! I'll persuade her, so you should just try to pass the time! H-hey, there's a crane cloth in Everfrost Village, you can go get that!

After level 4

Spoiler (Click to show)
Pug: Wow! What a beautiful cloth!
Pug: They took it baaack~!

Further reading:

Before level 5

Spoiler (Click to show)
Cat: Excuse me, Mr. magistrate.
Princess: The magistrate is lying, Cat! Save me, Cat!
Pug: The princess is a stubborn one! Alright, enough! Go to the Village of the Witching Hour next and defeat the spirit there! Then I'll say I was the one who got rid of it! The princess will be fine here!
Cat: Guess I gotta, nya...
Pug: Now then, where did I leave that prison key...

In level 5

By the straw wall
Spoiler (Click to show)
This straw looks like it could be set on fire with a ghost's flame.

By the castle wall
Spoiler (Click to show)
This wall with purple stains looks like it's going to crumble at any moment

After level 5

Spoiler (Click to show)
Pug: W-where did you find t-that prison key!? Give it here!
Cat: This is the key to the prison, nya? I'm not giving it to you, I'm going to save the princess.
Pug: Don't come any closer! Insolent cat! You want a fight, I'll give you one!

Further reading: It's not directly related to the level, but here's more about 'Ushi no toki' -

Also, this level has the third sleeping person in it; these are a reference to "The Three Year Sleeper" (and the one in this level is called just that, Sannen Netarou). There are a bunch of variants of it, but this is the one I heard first -


Spoiler (Click to show)
...A few days later.
This is how the cats and the cat princess lived
Peaceful life had returned.
The pug magistrate also learned his lesson
Lately, he seems much more well-behaved.
The cats spent their time relaxing.
From now on,
It seems like these happy days will continue.

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i may be blind but you said that all missables were marked, i cant see any?
my guess would be that beating the bulldog in 25sec or less could be one of them, not sure about the other levels related achievements.

thanks for the set, its a relaxing set so far. i love exploring collecting stuff


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It's just a joke; there are no missables, so they're all marked :3

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Wow, i've should had know! i was worried so i was using all my 3 saves slot in case. Thanks for the fast answer :)

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Thanks for help from wholee, otherwise I'd be much more delayed from playing this.

I'm dumping the textures in PCSX2 and will use MelodyAsh's translations above to try to make a crude replacement.

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Many thanks for this quick little guide MelodyAsh ! Really helpful to get you started when there's no translation or guide available.

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